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"Younique" (1998)

1. Not With Me
2. God's Funeral
3. Nothing
4. Think
5. Stop
6. Be Mine
7. Amok
8. Free Minded
9. Detect : Myself
10. This Promise

1. Not With Me

You just don't like
You just can't stand
I guess you maybe
Just can't stand yourself

Don't need your well meant orders
Don't need your sweet control
Don't need your compromises
I don't need you to make
My mind up for me and to
Speak for me cause you
Can't even speak for yourself

Who do you think you are and who am I
To follow all your rules and why would I care
Not with me

Try to change me
Waste your time
Waste your whatever
As long as you're not wasting mine

I sure don't need nobody
To teach me right from wrong
And I sure do not need you
If you want me to
Change my own personality.

2. God's Funeral

A rainy day
A silent procession
Dismayed faces
And empty stares

Beside the cross
A hole in the ground
The preacher tries to speak
But not a word comes out

And now down there he goes
He goes

No sense in praying
The bible - worthless
The one who led you dropped your strings

Now that he saw there's no day without sorrow
Your father threw his life away
You'll have to pray to a new god tomorrow
Think twice about your choice
Because there's no life to borrow
You will pay

The churches raped
The bibles burned
The sup_songs died away
A new one came

And you adore him
Just like before
You give him all you've got but still he calls for more

You see his powers grow
They grow

New holy houses
New sacred books
A new religion built of fear

Now that he saw he can live without sorrow
Your new father made you live to pay
You never know what he'll want from you tomorrow
And nobody cares for the tears that you swallow every day

Come to me my brother
I wash your conscience clean
I am the solution, the fulfilling of your dreams

Soak away your power
Eliminate your brain
All that will be left: A nameless servant for my game

Listen to my sermon
Your mind is where I dwell
Out there on the streets there are a million souls to sell

Fall into dependence
Too late now for distress
Pay for all your sins and make me rich while you confess

I promise you'll live in the sunshine
I promise your dreams will come true
It's all up to you

3. Nothing

Cold has come to fill my heart
To numb my head and bones
Paralysed and torn apart

Thick and heavy feelings flow
Through my body turned to stone
Stiffened mind thoughts running slow

Dead man's image I can see
Had been killed so silently

Always been first to admit
But the very last to know
Didn't even know a bit
Couldn't see the foe

How could I have been so blind?
Says the man stabbed from behind

Every lie I had believed
Everything you misconceived
Every sign I didn't see
The mirror showing me

And what a long lying
What a wrong trying
And I knew I had to go
Like it was the only thing to know
And I know it was the only way
Not a single word left to say
So without a word I turned my back away
Silently I shut the door
To end the conflict stop the war

All that was it will be nothing
There is nothing left to say
Not a word not a single word to say

All that could have been it won't be
Here comes the final day

Nothing's like it was before
Just no connection anymore
And what a long dying
Such a wrong crying
And I knew I had to grow
Had to never let a weakness show
Had to push the memory far away
Had to try to find myself a better way
Every tear I didn't hide
A tiny little suicide
Every second by your side
A minute more of giving up my pride

Cold has filled my heart again
And turned my blood to stone
No sun so warm to warm you when
You're naked and alone
Pictures in my head again
That never will be shown
I'll return a stronger man
Stronger than the one you've known

All that was it will be nothing
There is nothing left to say
Not a word not a single word to say

Nothing there is nothing
Not a word no alert

You might change the way you dress
Change the color of your hair
You'll always change your mind I guess
Just like the clothes you wear
So if we ever meet again
A different time a different place
Don't forget I'll know by then
You will never change your ways

Nothing will be nothing
Not a word not a hurt

You might have to wear a coat
Weighing on you heavily
You might have to share the load
The load you put on me
There ain't no way now to disclaim
You'll always be the one to blame
So make a profit on the loss
Be a party take your share
Nail your conscience to the cross
To the cross you let me bear

Nothing will be nothing
Not a word to be heard

By the way I honestly
Thank you so much for teaching me
I've learned a lot you made me see
You are what I don't want to be

4. Think

I present your new life
Polished blank and clean
Now you can forget the one you've been

Be the first example
For perfect surgery
The brain-controlled messiah that we need

No more rusty dreams inside
Your stainless world
The mind-remote-control is your best friend

Switching off emotions
You're acting pretty cool
Powered by the calm-reaction-tool

24-Bit Love-protection
Coolness guaranteed
Shyness is the least that you will need

Television useless
Guess what you will get!
Now you can receive the pictures

Inside your head

Silicon magic
Download your dreams to the fool-check-link

Brain-Dump arises
Scanning your crises
Are you able to think?

Nightmare turns to lightmare
Sleepless nights are gone
Nothing will disturb you having fun

Contact to your best friends?
No problem anymore
That's what the phone device is for

Solar plates deliver
All the energy you need
Just a little chip you have to feed

Scientists are working on
The only bug it's got
They've got to keep you cold inside 'cause
This chip gets hot!

5. Stop

Lost independence lost in dependence lost

Was a time of pleasure
Was a time of joy
Life so great and love so big and true

Seemed to be so easy
Seemed to be so clear
You belonged to me and me to you

And the days went slowly
But the days went by
Suddenly a change out of the blue

And I lost control
Playing a minor role
The play was tailor-made for you

Such a common story
Such a common tale
Circumstances change and feelings too

And your feelings changed
And you became estranged
I became a plaything in your hands

Captured in my distress
Longing for your caress
But I don't get what I demand

Stop hurting my pride
Playing games fucking up my mind
Stop doing me wrong
Can't you see I am not that strong
Say is it a thrill
Is it fun breaking up my will?
Who gave you the right
Who allowed you to take my light?

Now your time has come
Now your will is done
My will I had long since lost to you

Can't get away from you
Can't stop needing you
And there is nothing I can do

Stop hurting my pride
Playing games fucking up my mind
Stop playing with me
Satisfying your vanity
Say how do you dare
Treating somebody so unfair?
Stop taking my pride
I just can't stand this hell inside

6. Be Mine

Such a beautiful feeling
Being by your side
On a summer evening
In the golden light
Of the sun that's leaving
And starts to hide
From a starry night

Hold me closely and make me stay
Lay your heart down next to me
All my worries are blown away
When I know you stand by me
All I've ever been longing for
Can be reached so easily
And so all I will ever be asking you for
Is to let your heart - let your heart be mine

Still a beautiful feeling
Being by your side
When the darkness is leaving
For the morning light
Comes shining bright

Hold me closely and make me stay
Share another day with me
All my troubles are washed away
When I know you're next to me
And so all I will ever be asking you for
Is to let your heart - Be mine

Hold me closely and make me stay
Tell me sweet things silently
Let me take your heart away
Say that you're a part of me
All my sorrows are far away
When you're holding on to me
All the obstacles in the way
Can be passed by easily
And so all I will ever be asking you for
Is to let your heart - let your heart be mine

7. Amok

Sleepless I am walking through the lonely streets tonight
I can't await the sunset when the town becomes alive
My hell will be your hell you will pay me back with your pain

You'll have to face it soon
There's nothing you can do
The pain inside your heart
Will tear you apart

And now you have this path to follow
Turning your life around
You'll have a bitter pill to swallow
I'll bring you down

Now that I have shown you all the power in my hand
Your tears have quenched my thirst but what I can't understand:
There is no satisfaction just the need to hide away from you

I'll have to face it soon
There's nothing I can do
The guilt inside my heart
Will tear me apart

And now I have this path to follow
Turning my life around
I'll have a bitter pill to swallow
You'll bring me down

8. Free Minded

Thought agglomeration
To be swallowed whole
Brain constipation
Intolerable overload

Periodic heavy thinker
Addicted to the truth
Sent to the head shrinker
Bad case of sense abuse

Make sure there's not too much of mental fuel you drink in
Cause you might break the recommended speed of thinking

Free minded
Hold your head high
Not blinded
Open eyed
Wanna see it?
See the lie
Gotta look behind it

Time is money
Life's from eight to five
Money is the power
Determining your life

So if you're searching for a different situation
You oughta know sometimes there's only one occasion

So don't you Break it
Be blind
Just take it
What you find
Don't leave it
Feed your mind
You can make it

Take it don't break it - salvation's hard to find
Take it don't break it - regenerate your mind

A spoonful of spirit
Easy to digest
A mouthful of meaning
Flavoured by request

Soul food diet
Brain meal porridge light
Don't you want to try it?
Fat free state of mind

Clowns play kings
Leather office thrones
Pull your strings
Trying to break your wings

So if you're searching for a different way of living
Make up your mind and use the virtues that you're given

9. Detect : Myself

And storm replace the sun
As dark replaces light

Facade replaced my soul
As agony replaced my joy

But now I see
How time has veiled
The mirror to my mind

Ease replaced my self-esteem
As lethargy replaced my life

But now I feel
Time may have chained
My deepest point of view

Will be on my side
Will be my guide
When I realize
Who I am

Fallen frontiers
As narrowness fades
I will be there
To receive my amnesty

Into myself I'm falling
Entreating for a sign
Into myself I'm calling
The fears that take
- My sight

But now I know
I can unveil
The mirror of my mind

Will heal me again
And I won't look back
'Cause I realize
Who I am

No cage inside
No fence can hide
My way of grace
My release true absolution

Into myself I'm falling
Entreating for a sign
Inside myself I'm crying
The tears that clean my sight

To find myself I'm leaving
The claw of mind-control
Inside my head it's calling:
'Be free'

10. This Promise

You came into my life when I was drifting in a daze
And a sanctuary seemed to be so hard to find
A captive of my bitterness
Directed by my restlessness
Trying to stand aloof from things I couldn't leave behind
Just unable to express my fears
And still too sad to dry the tears
From a time I tried to get out of my mind

Then you took me by the hand
And soon you made me understand
That I had to look behind the clouds to see the sun
You gave my feelings time to grow
So patiently that I couldn't know
Our time would end before it even had begun
When I realized you'd go it made me see
How much you mean to me

I knew you had to go one day
And hoped you'd soon come back and stay
Because I surely know
It was way too good to let it go
I still trust in you
And I never thought
That you'd be gone forever
Yes I still believe
If we hold on to each other
And we don't loose faith
Then love will find a way

Take this promise
Take a promise from a wiser man
I would never
I would never let you go away again

From the bottom of my heart
I wish we had a second start
Now I surely know
I should have never let you go
Because deep inside of me there is a place
That you left an empty space
So don't you be afraid
If you don't know where to go to
There will always be
A place for you in me

Take this promise
Take a promise from a wiser man
I would never
I would never let you go
Take this promise
I've been missing you much more than words can say
And if you don't miss me
You should know that I will miss you anyway


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