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"Behind" (1996)

1. The Truth Ain't Kind
2. Why
3. Dial 911
4. Tomorrow's Eve
5. Hades
6. Escape From Reality
7. Dreamtime
8. Tainted Silence
9. Total Void
10. Until the End

1. The Truth Ain't Kind

The truth ain't kind

Undeserved pain,
people proclaim,
"All will be good some day"
Try to forget,
cease to regret,
Hide all my fears away.

Turn out the light,
restart the fight
inside my head again.
Can't I bring it to an end?

And here comes back reality.
Pushing my hopes away.
Leave the dream,
the dream of true security
and break down the same old way.

Don't use your brain,
Why go insane?
The truth ain't kind.
Live in a lie
Are we all too young to die?

Confess my sins,
Treatment begins,
The cross coming down on me.
Have to repent,
father has sent angels.
Now evil flees.

Now back at home
TV has shown pictures of lies and war.
Father tell me, what's this for?

Can't you tell, tell me please!!
What's it for?

2. Why


I can't fall asleep.
My visions make me cry
I ask myself.
Why am I here
Left in despair - no light
And there's no change

Why do we love
right at the start and then -
We end in hate
Why do we have
Way enough food for all
But we don't share

Why does the sun end up in rain
Why does the shadow fall into the light.
And why is god out there
Where are his leading hands.

Why do we trust a godless church
Laughing at those who really seem to care.
And why is god out there
but no leading hands

Why am I here Can't close my eyes
Questions without answers to find.
Why am I here - lost in my fear
and no saving walls behind.
Why am I here
Can't close my eyes
Why am I here
Lost in my fear
Where is the healing hand
Embracing me and giving me the answers that I need.

Why am I here
Can't close my eyes.
Questions without answers to find.
Restless mind
Not willing to surrender
Never find solutions comprimised
It's just an endless game

(Whisper: "When will I close my eyes")
Tell me ways to find Give me peace of mind.
Tell me ways to find Call me now!
Close my eyes!

3. Dial 911

Dial 911

You are welcome to the show
Have got new actors from the streets
Brand-new pictures, quite the best we've ever done.
We were glad to get your call
Soon we'll head out to find you.
We'll make you famous right before you die

Come on fear, you're on screen.
Give the viewers what they need
It's sensational.
Blood is running everywhere
Pictures filled with agony
Scream your last words now.

Call me now
Call me here
It's your chance,
we'll be there
Don't you dare to die alone
The show begins to send your own farewell.

Many people come tonight.
Staring at your famous face of pain.
Waiting for your final heartbeat
Tell them your impressions now.
How does man feel right before his end?
You don't have to act, just be yourself.

Let your howling fans freak out!
Make them feel superior
It's reality.
They possess you for a while
like a picture on the wall.
Be their mirror now!

A million people pay tonight
staring at your face of death
and I'm waiting for my cash my friend.
Tell you my impressions now.
This is not the end, it's quite a show.
Good for me is bad for you, that's life.

Yes, we all have fun tonight
with a legal drug we call:
I possess you for all time
I'm the dealer, you are mine-

4. Tomorrow's Eve

Tomorrow's Eve

Where are you now,
where time chokes on madness
The truth is gone, a lie became real
You play the clown but people still trust you
The end is near and your grin fades away

Where is the light
(There's no light in these days of grey)
Where are you now, what do you feel,
There are you now, can't hide,
no wall of your lies.
Now you'll pay - No escape
Pay forever - and ever - and now
Hear the silence all around you.
Even your time has come.

The world is blind,
just millions of phrases
Smile is hate, and features cheat
Your suit decays
but your mob still adores you
Your scummy slime, it fills human brains

They talk and talk till it's too late
with foolish words that veil our fate
but we shout with joy 'til the eve of life
Today is past, tomorrow's now.
Dream 'til the end and fear the row.
So what - Keep smilin' with your crazy faith

5. Hades


Here comes your brand-new feeling
Life turns round.
Dark confusion kills your thoughts
And break you down.

There he lies in peace
folded hands
His skin is grey and pale
So here it ends

There's just another heart to break
another tear to cry
No one can help you in these days
When the ticking of the clock has passed you by.

When it's time to share out
True face shows.
Greed is turning inside out,
and friend to foe.

There he lies in peace
His name on stone
Grief's forgotten now
They sold his soul

There is just noones heart to break
No single tear to cry
You've got to help yourself these days
When the help that you have prayed for is denied

6. Escape From Reality

Escape from reality

Paralyzed brains
And anemic eyes that stare
At pictures so real
The visual banquet's near

There's no doubt: You taste it, you see it,
For the first time in your life
You hold the key to unknown pleasure.

Surrender and escape
And feed your mindless view
Submit your will To unknown dreams
-How pretty your life turns out
-No more recurring doubts.
And unholy thoughts on your mind-
are left in the past

A world made for you
Superior life at last.
The cyberworld turns into real life
No more tears In a soulless land -
your unknown world of pleasure.

The game is played so welcome back to reality.
But you won't see the difference any longer.
Did your will kill the fictions or did they kill you.
Don't mind - at least for a moment life's been your own.

The past... Past for you. A world made for you.

7. Dreamtime


Let your worries fall away.
Turn off your mind and calm down inside
Now feel all the pictures you see...

Can't remember yesterday.
All I really know is the fear I felt inside.
And no hand to lead me through life

Look around Victim's found
Take it out on her

Why don't we have time for dreaming?
Restless live - A prophecy?
When sometimes I wake up screaming
Will my fears survive when I fall asleep again?

Fall asleep
Won't you dream with me - dream with me
Share this dream with me

8. Tainted Silence

Tainted Silence

Same truth, same belief
One youth that chases many dreams,
of peace and of eternity.
Then the world starts to rage
and life wants to rule -
their love away and a void
comes to spread all despair.

Then, when cries steal their dreams
And lies drink their tears
Then doubt rapes their faith

Ice is their way
When tainted silence surrounds their mind.
Life does not pay
For broken faith that's been raped by fear.

No truth, no belief
What have we done to our birds
of hope and of eternity.
In a world full of rage
Where lie means success
Where hope must die.
And hate comes to blind their bright eyes.

"Close your eyes and dream with me
Far away from now;
(Now) can't you feel the pain inside
Your cage of sadness and rain "

"A one way train Turn into the past
The only choice - to escape - from now,
from tears - into the land of silence"
Again, again...

9. Total Void

Total Void

Switching on the lies,
flickering the truth now dies.
Taking what they can,
does not matter where we stand.

Listen to them, hear them say:
"Pay, then bad times go away!".
Don't believe, don't close your eyes!
Don't give another sacrifice.

Inside me shadows are veiling my mind.
(My) hope in the future will vanish behind

Nothing new today,
places change but pictures stay.
All signs point toward storm,
but still another lie is born.

Can't you see it, are you blind?
There's no good sense left to find.
Powers allocated wrong.
Men are weak and money's strong.

We're under "thoughts-control",
don't see the pictures lie.
Open your mind to see what's going on

10. Until the End

Until the end

When I hear your whisper
(Then) my stomach turns into a heavy wall
My head is like an empty hole.

When I see you smiling
Flames of sadness burn me down.
(And) you can hear me cryin'
'til the end of time.
'Trust in you and trust in me'
Just empty phrases falling -- down.

If I just could hate you.
If I just could make you cry like you have done
to me, so cold, so merciless.
I can't even find out
how to throw my thoughts away.
'Cause I just can't forget your face
when you turned away.
My mind is bleeding. Eternal fate.

Rain until the end of time
and no more reason to believe
In you and me - A killing tale.
Forever gone. It's over.

Waiting at my window.
Looking at myself to watch how thoughts can eat
a mindless soul away from you.
Not that I would miss you.
You're with me much more than all the time
before you left me
And still your words are haunting me.
Too fast for me to comprehend - this fatal change


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