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Danger of Fire

"Danger of Fire" (2005 Demo)

1. Danger of Fire
2. My Revenge
3. No War
4. The Hacker
5. Another Day
6. Heavy Metal is Painful
7. Lady of Steel
8. Metal never Rest
9. Lord of Darkness
10. Foxy Gaze
11. It's only Rock
12. Lines of Madness

1. Danger of Fire

You’ve Felt The Danger
But You Couldn’t Turn Away
There’s A Risk
You’re Willing To Take
You Can See The Sparks
All Around You
Is A Burning Rock That
Wouldn’t Make You Cool

You Are Begining To Doubt
If You Should Be Here
Every Forethought
Hasn’t Been Enough

Danger Of Fire

This Is ‘Bout To Bang
And You Can’t Run
It Gets To Your Heart
And Makes It Pump
You Can’t Help It, Fire Is
Inside Your Head
Boils Your Blood
When It Start To Extend

2. My Revenge

Lonely Nights Shut In A Dismal Room
I'd Only Felt Emptyness By My Side
I'm Working Hard To Fulfill My Dreams
Carry On, Nobody Believes In Me

And You Are Laughin’ In The Meantime I'm Alone
But I Don't Waste My Time, Someday My Time Will Come

Day After Day I Was Deaf To Your Comments
My Life Has Been Only Sacrifice And Pain
Now I Feel Strong, I've Turn My Dreams Into Reality
Get Out Of My Way, You Can't Change My Destiny

And You Were Laughin’ In The Meantime I Was Alone
Today I Look Down On You 'Cause I Am In The Top

Revenge… …I Have No Friends
Revenge… …I Have No Friends

I Won't Hear More Advices, I Wanna Be Myself
I Wanna Choose My Way, And Put Right My Mistakes
I Wanna Enjoy My Goals, I Wanna See Their Faces
I've Waited Too Much Time, I'm Ready For Revenge

And You Were Laughin’ In The Meantime I Was Alone
Today I Look Down On You 'Cause I Am In The Top

I Just Wanna Choose My Way
And I Bear Envy And Pain
I've Fought For My Dreams To Come True
I Finally Got Them
However I Can Not Seem To Get Rid Of My Grief
'Cause I Still Haven't Satisfied My Thirsty

For Revengeeeeeeee!!!!

No!, I Have No Friends!

I Have No Friends!

It’s My Revenge!

3. No War

no war!
no war!
million people must die
due to your interest
men, women and children cry
all inocents
your money is stained with blood
but your hands are clean
you will sacrifice the world
'cause only you will win
we don't share your point of view
we don't wanna die
cowardice of a few
hidden behind lies
you will pay your debts in hell
sooner than you think
you don't fight but you are fell
'cause you will never bleed

we don't want more blood
we don't want more war

no war!

you're only a son of a bitch
you don't want the peace
a treaty can not be reached
'cause harms your objetives
we cannot allow this war
you'll fuck us no more
you are true enemy
of humanity

4. The Hacker

Relaxed and watcher in the day
Becomes an evil hunter in the night
Master of technology
You feel he's running in your chips
Docile and furtive
Half machine, half evil mind
He’s ready to get your heart
Digital love to overcome

Can see in darkness
Can read your mind
He knows the other's secrets
He claims for your lifes

Full of power full of hate
He knows every door
He has every key
Walks into your circuits.

Angry and Hungry
You know well you cannot hide
Judge and punisher
Like an angel looking for revenge
Masquerade in the crowd
Like a god who plays to be a human being
Has his own moral code
Imposes his order from the dark.

He stalks in the night
You can't run or hide
You lost every thing he took it
The cybernetic monster is coming.

5. Another Day

6. Heavy Metal is Painful

We Were Born To Live Forevermore
We Don’t Stop, We Come To Fight The World
Our Trail Is Full Of Sadness
In This Life We Must Fight To Survive

We Can Fall But We Are Forced To Raise
We Don’t Lose Our Place Anymore
We Walk Against The Tide
We Have No Fear
Because Courage Is By Our Side

We Have The Strength That We Need To Bear
But We Must To Cross A Trail Of Tears
We Already Know…

Heavy Metal Is Painful!!

What We Feel Nobody Understands
We Are Free To Choose Our Way To Live
We’re Not Gonna Follow
Their Intentions
Although We Have To Fight And Die

7. Lady of Steel

8. Metal never Rest

9. Lord of Darkness

Lord of darkness punish them
will make they suffer 'till the end
Lord of darkness save us all
and let to see their fall
we live free by your side
expel them from our life
forgive our actions and give us strenght
they'll die under our flame

Lord of darkness
Bring them terror
Lord of darkness
Take away our pain
Lord of darkness
Don't leave their error
Lord of darkness
Forgive we kill in your name

Bring destruction to the earth
Spreading evil in blackened verses
Blows off death from hell
a long time prophets tell
we're called the sons of the Hate
for those who live without fate
give glory to your sons
we'd die before we're born

10. Foxy Gaze

11. It's only Rock

Purple said there was fire in the sky long time ago
today sunfire come
from the asshole of the world we bring ya a bit of rock
that’s all you want
we’ll make it for you all

can you feel the fire
burning in your ears
can you feel the power
that sound spreads

It’s only rock all that you want

my dog’s going crazy when I scream my guitar
if you feel the same I’m gonna rock you all the time
I don’t want a standard life I am living for today
they can’t understand
I just wanna lose my mind

12. Lines of Madness

the moment you badly were waiting
tried to make the hours pass quick for
and now you pretend to stop them
the evil dress on white tonite

and there's no way back
you just can bewail
lines of madness
nailing in your brain
white insane you feel
will shake but never end

has rotten your soul and scared your friends
has filled your life with sorrow
you look but you can to see the end
you fight with the devil in your own

now you don't have to where to go
you only meet those who wants your fortune
i pray for your life i pray for your soul
please break the chains i wait your return


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