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"It's more darker than you think..." (2004 Demo)

1. Warm-up
2. Enter-in (welcome!!!)
3. Lord of the flies
4. Beauty complex
5. Dirty sounds
6. Chicken Butchery
7. Morbid
8. Insert the god-mode
9. Burn the witch*

1. Warm-up

2. Enter-in (welcome!!!)

3. Lord of the flies

A present for the beast to keep it subside, further the edge
No one canít hunt it, no one canít kill it
You canít think to stop it, the beast laugh to us
Donít escape, iím a part of you, donít run away
On this island we will have fun
Inside itís big mouth, the darkness that spread
Itís open, enter its mouth, we will have fun
The flies are all around their lord
Something to do? NothingÖ

The dance of the pork
Pulsating orgasm
Cries of pleasure
The blames that the sea pushes away
Hides the dead inside my subconscious
Nothing has happened letís pretend we havenít been
We remove, forget, compromisesÖ

Catch him Ė kill him Ė butcher him
Offer your head at the lord of flies

4. Beauty complex

More and more
I will inflate, i will dig i will model my meat until the perfection
My insecurity continuously whispers to my ear
A law dictated and written from the useless means
My body you will be elevated until the total wonder
An alive doll with a forgotten soul
Lost like a object
You will die for the beauty
You will die you consecrate
You consecrate you body and flesh
Gain you body lost your soul
Dance for me beauty, dance for me

5. Dirty sounds

My will is furious
Untameable like my will to go further
Now the voice of my soul goes outside my throat
Echoes outside from my viscera
Starting from the deep of my being
Projecting what i am
I feel pagan and a large hip mother son
From Gaiaís abdomen i born like a warm
I die and i return in its abdomen nourishing your new sons
These are my heresies
Because my instinct wants to take me back to my mother
My expressions are losing their shape
I feel more and more close to the chasm
Where everything has begun
My sound are undefined
Because i want to be a part of this chaos
Because i want to unite with the mother
To reborn myselfís god and demon
For a new right order
For a new begin
For a new vital circle
For a new end

6. Chicken Butchery

Death is near - the last minute - before she comes
Candid waiting - in imprisonement - in corious silence
The hand arrives - firm and secure - take the chicken
The twisted neck - the breathís cut - the last spasm

The violent hands on the immobilized victim
Twisting the neck they remove his life
Without hate neither malice neither desire to kill
The spasm without life pf a dead body

The pluck starts little by little
The unfledged body now is ready - i take the tools

Open the abdomen discover the bowels
By threading the hand you tear them out
Eliminate every organ, completely empty herself
And throw everything in a basket

Hang the meat on the washbasin to bleed
Now itís ready bring it on the table cook

Prepare the dough with eggs, grated bread and milled meat
Insert everithing and fill it well, after suture with a needle

In the oven to 250 degrees with onions, butter and spices
With roast potatoes is more tha good
Savage butchery without no mercy
Oh my god!!! How much itís good!!!

7. Morbid

The flesh
The flesh is alive
Pulsating under the skin
Contorted by morbid desires
I want to satisfy myself, i want to satisfy my instincts
In the foetid embrace of a perverse union
No one can no more tell me what i should not do
I want it, and iíll pretend i never had heard you
I want it, and i will no more ask respect for nothing
No one tends me, no one oblige me
Iím discovering my real nature
Now iím really naked and iím showing my plumed wings
Lascivious and morbid to become a new creating force
I inebriate myself with your intimate smells
I will use every part of my body to touch you
Like a snake that clings its fatal coils on its prey
Our vitality will flow inside our bodies
And we will sing from the deep of our viscera
No one has given the apple to me, iíd want to taste it

8. Insert the god-mode

I am weak because i have not needed to become strong
Till i have lived in the garden of eden where everytinghave been born for me
Even if now they have chased me the tree of snake still there
The tree of the illusion to be
Now i will become an invincible machine
Insert the god-mode
And i will defend myself from my weakness
I will be strong (weak) as the world around me
At least today i will be in paradise again
Where everything has been born for me, at least in my immagination.
Now i am over of all.

9. Burn the witch*

Cursed like the gangrene that slowly putrefy the flesh
Vendors of illusions and beatyful worlds,
Hidden in the swamps that the ignorance wraps and protect like fog
I will dig you from your lairs, my name will be your fear
Tied in the yoke i will drag you to the place,
Call your god for help
You haven previewed my arrival,
You will not save from my judgement
I am the judgement, and for your blame you will burn in the pyre

To the inquisition
Burn for your lies
Burn the witches

Escape from my legions, now that you feel the terror
I will chase you in every corner of the earth
Your power doesnít protect you,
Your prophecy hasnít previewed this
Your sorceries have no effect on me
Where has all your magic gone?
I judge in the name of god, i judge you sinner
And you will be burned by the purifying flame

Burn mentor, burn sinner on the inquisition pyre
Burn plague spreader, burn wizard in the purifying fire
I will burn your filthy flesh in the name of god
I will burn you and new dust you will return sinner


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