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Once and For All

"Once and For All" (2007)

1. Intro
2. Freezing Embrace
3. Abhorrence
4. The Veil on Our Eyes
5. Dark Clouds Coming
6. Murk
7. Örökké
8. Mood of Darkness
9. Once For All
10. In Memory...
11. Funeral of Trees
12. Ortni

1. Intro

2. Freezing Embrace

Freezing Embrace (Vágvölgyi Viktor)

The time's bloodhound: the ruthless cold
straining me, enchoate to bitting.
Tearing my flesh; blood coloring
my clothes, and the white scenery.

Aspirating my blood;
the body is cold.
"I will die soon"
blow it into my ears.

Aspirating my blood;
the body is cold.
"I will die soon"
Blow it to me.

The hope to survive is seems dimmer.
The warm shelter is vanishing to distance.
Snow embracing me, and cover in
my body with eternal snow of winter.

Refr.: Aspirating my blood with it's freezing embrace.

3. Abhorrence

Abhorrence (Szecsõdi Boglárka)

What's that? Mutiny in Earth. In the absense of noticeable order.
WAR! Around the world. We have no fear. We mortify the morals.
Let's kill the humanity off! Dozens of people are killed in every
moment. Killed in action, but who notched up a victory? Firstly we
mutter a threat to each other, then we breathe down their neck, in
unison. Mark my words: the victory will be in malefactor's hands.
Power got in abjectly way. Morderous leaders, but lots of us follow
them. Abhorrent days come soon. But cheer up! We will have the
best way of death we deserve. We perish for our sins, and we can
be disgusted.

Nor hate will help
Neither abhorrence
Man is mortal
All men must die
Nor hate will help
Neither abhorrence

We perish for our sins, and we can be contented then because we
destroyed our species, we killed ourselves.

Behind my hate, from behind my hate...

4. The Veil on Our Eyes

5. Dark Clouds Coming

Dark clouds coming... (Vágvölgyi Viktor)

The sun is earily heaving above me,
It"s splendor dazzle, bright sheen is this.
Pleasant feeling as it's stroking my white skin.
This is God's gift, which cheese to human life.

But dark clouds coming, and the sun is hidden,
The sheen unable to shine more.
My mind just now turns clear,
I have it straight just now.

I know the true
face of the world:

God is dazzling, bilking
me with the splendor,
don't shows me the real
face of the right-down world.

6. Murk

Murk (Szecsõdi Boglárka)

The gloaming slid through on Earth. What it has left is terrible!
Fog, murk, darkness, screams. Awful wails everywhere. A killer
instinct control us. We will suffer after every

But man is not
it hurt itself

the most. We are gonna live at night. Imagine: You'll escape from
watching your shadow. Black spot on stones, fear is in your face.
We'll kill each other soon. I hope it'll be spectacular for every
people. Welcome ending! See you soon night! Death is here...
It lurks somewhere. It is waiting for the right moment. Then it will
emerge ,look for you and you're dead. You can't destroy anymore,
man! You perish as they, who fell to dust because of you ever.
Every alive an dead will vengeance, every screams will be in your
ears! You keep calm nevermore. Murk and darkness! Do you feel the
smell of death? It's in front of you, around you. Do you hear the
sound of death? Be an intelligent human who thinks. Driven by killer
instinct. It's our destiny. Dying world. Who can save us? Nobody!
Let's die today, and we won't suffer anymore...

7. Örökké


Holnap egy új hajnal lesz, egy új nap
de az emlékek megmaradnak.
Fiatal tested már rég megpihent,
az évek nélküled telnek.

Még a bús harang sem tudja miért jó neki,
hogy a hangját a szél messze viszi.
Színes virágok közt, fekete ruhában
várnak egy másik világban.

A neved a szél simítja egy táblán,
az örök kék ég alatt az örök magány.
De mégis bennünk élsz tovább,
mert az emlék erõsebb, mint a halál.

E dalban élsz tovább,
hallgasd odafentrõl a dallamát!

8. Mood of Darkness

The mood of darkness (Vágvölgyi Viktor)

The mood of darkness
is my desire.
My damned darkness
gives my ancient power.

Powers of darkness
land me down to the deeps.
But if I want
they heave me to sky.

The candles will never
burn more. All stars on
the sky will fall down .
...And now it has begun...

There's no light.
There's no more
shines the bright sun.
There's no lore

of the Lair.

The mood of darkness heave me high,
I will catch the last extant star

9. Once For All

Once for all (Peti Géza)

A green bush
has grown up
in the greyish forest
it was the dawn of hope
But it also turned grey
Evil trees murdered it
worms of lies used up
It has none once for all
but someone doesn't forget

I will vengeance against the worms of lies
I will destroy the evil trees, roots and branch

Haunting a fire
driven by hate
glorious war
in my soul

desert of the emptiness
Where I am wandering now
instead of fighting
I get to away alone

inspite of my unshuttled soul
I don't there to fight.

10. In Memory...

11. Funeral of Trees

Funeral of trees (Vágvölgyi Viktor)

Yellow leaves coloured the dark land,
All the trees weary in fall.
The forest turned brown, the nice voiced
and plumed birds aren't chatter.

Funeral of trees,
this is autumn.
Funeral of trees,
this is my sap.

Limb cracks up under my feet,
This soft vioce, this is my all.
The hour of passing is the fall,
which the winter cover over.

The scent of fire,
smoke bates my nose,
Dead trees body have
cremated somewhere,
The rain will graft the
fire, and the
wind will raise from the ashes
and heave them high.

12. Ortni


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