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Nothing and Death

"Nothing and Death" (2002)

1. Capitalist Perversion
2. R.I.P. Mankind
3. Sickly Dogmas
4. The Earth's Dance
5. Massive Infection
6. Evil Ution
7. Legal Atrocity
8. Save.Our.Souls

1. Capitalist Perversion

creatures addicted to might their insane will practicing the

crowd's despair

masturbate yourself watching the others pain!?

perfume yourself with the others blood!?

coward cleric protected by his submissive dog's army that kills those

who have no more strength to fight

billions appart of their justice!!

billions appart of their truth!!

2. R.I.P. Mankind

living in a world of a real hipocrisy

surviving in a world of a false democracy

looking at a time bomb of the human race apocalypse - we will explode!!

self-destructive mechanism bringing failure to an end!

we are the people of demographic explosion

we are the people of death promotion

sowing cataclysms to the future

as the primitive societies we will disappear!

3. Sickly Dogmas

sickly dogmas have been used as justice oder

condemn mankind to the bloddy banket of exploitation

slavery flag colonizes misery and despair realizing on earth the terror

in the name of progress

cathechizing under brutality order your cristened with blood all those

whose freedom you couldn't tolerate

imprerial savagery!!

4. The Earth's Dance

passive war against the brutal true reality is leading the mankind to

the next holocaust!

under evolution's propaganda prostitutes of technology rapes the earth

with insane tests!

justice is like a weak body needing cure!!

there is no god salvation that will save us from ( the ) earth's dance

of vengeance!

silence will come and in a fear mankind will feel alone

5. Massive Infection

false speech of prosperity

diffusion of misery

fake emotion for the helpless

humiliation of dignity!

philosophies of war

suffocating the reaction

obssession for a fallen power

evolution of nothing!!

sterile need exportation

globalizing the chaos!

modern perversion spreading

ilusion and freakness

genocide of the natural beings

procriation of death

6. Evil Ution

the massacre has been watched by all..

progress of a curious indiference turns reality a macabre fantasy

as a trophy brutality is raised to the top

the people have been slaughtered by the shadows tha are on command

self-appointed leades are slaves of dangerous forces!

the attempt of peace was done but

the pacts have destroyed them

no chances to return - nothing will stop the chains of reaction!!

there is fight on each cell!

billions desperate screaming in one voice!!

7. Legal Atrocity

huge excluded mass supporting the small freak specie that claims their

false superiority

despotic monarchy bleeding their purulent influence turning

indigestible lies into rules

guides of despair reduce existence reason to this blind capitalist


and billions die without the chance of being born - insane pride for

human suffering!!

8. Save.Our.Souls


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