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Assembly Of Flowers

"Assembly Of Flowers" (1994)

1. The Love I´ve Bereaved
2. The Swan Song
3. Memorial Prayer
4. Behind The Wreath
5. Verse Of Sorrow
6. Assembly Of Flowers
7. Crowned Seclusion
8. The Promise

1. The Love I´ve Bereaved

Even a plaint ode couldn't recite
The feeling of a mourner who bereaved his love
And the golden mansion of the sky
Slowly withers
As I regard at the waves
Flowing from the serene oceans
And I shed a tear for thee
As on that disconsolate day
When I laid a thousand roses
On the white marble thy
I'm dressing the tomb with flowers
I will never cease crying (over You)
My tears are watering like the dew
From the leaves, when I recall at her
Wherever I You are I will always remember thee
Oh, how could I forget
The night is weaving the longing... in my heart
My tears are...
When I bereaved You my...
Now a lonely star is lightning
In heaven for her memorial

2. The Swan Song

All the things that my eyes saw
You will keep to see tomorrow
Through tears
Let me remove your tears

I enter to this life with a tear
And I depart with one
I didn't want to leave
But it's the will of god

It's the will of god
Lord !!!

I wither quicker than the rose
And I know that it's all over
And already past
You know and didn't say a thing
Why you invert our joy to a grievous

.. farewell
Is it the final farewell?

So let those I've loved
A will to keep living without me
While I'm lying on the bed
... on the bed of earth

But the days still elapse
The more, they're passing slower
Your place within my heart overgrow
Try to hold the memory of you
Worth tall keep undying

Oh, please outcry your tears
And bring back the smile
that was almost forgotten

Father !!!
Why, you didn't say
That I will never see

... never see them again

But I hope

That one heaven receives us
... receives us all

All the things that my eyes saw
You will keep to see tomorrow
Through tears

Let time remove your tears
Your tears !!!

So let those I've loved
A will to keep living without me
While I'm lying on the bed
... lying on the bed
of earth

How long shall these things be?

3. Memorial Prayer

At downcast head I'm standing between
Speechless rows and sentiment how my eyes defer to cry
I'm watering the ground with my tears
And deliver a prayer
For the one I lost...
Memorial prayer
For those dears that we've bereaved
Death hacked them
Every beloved to his lovers
Oh, the losses that are coiling around us
Abide alone with all sweet memories
That are growing within my depth
Oh, why those we love are (to be) taken first?
The splendor of their life wilted
Like flowers at derelict field
They've left us...
Pile of farewell tears
Cries out into the void
Drowning at vast sadness
A limdids memories as spring
Memorial prayer
All that we have loved
Now passes through our damp eyes
Memorial prayer
For our dears that death erased their shades
One by one like leaves at autumn... falling and lust
I didn't know will I ever be able to outcry
My tears?
I'm still waiting at unending nights
Await for thee to return
Oh, all in vain
And we hope to find comfort at cry
But the drawback is too fierce in order
To over come about the...

4. Behind The Wreath

And the scarlet line traverses the horizon
While I was carried behind the pall
With cry and tears around me
Towards the flowery field
Beneath the solemn stone I lie
Attempt to see the golden light of the sun
That seeps over
The skies cover one self at scarlet silk
And the morning entwines the light upon the grass
Where autumn winds whipping at scarlet fields
Where the flowers around the stone are crying
Why did You take him
I can not lock (no longer) the tears
The soil is oversee over You
The soil that absorb my tears
God even You couldn't find a comfort
I hear You when You weep beside me
At the green carpets
Thou caressing the silver words that are
Ingrained at ebony cliff
Oh I want to see You once again
Together we wonder if a new day
Will shine through our tears
Bur still at this field (where love is lost)
One heart is locked under the
Assembly of flowers
Oh here I lie forever more
Behind the wreath (I wait for thee)

5. Verse Of Sorrow

Attend to the quiet dirge
It's the descant of life
With mourner I weep
The grief is plucking on the chords of his soul...
As a tear is sailing on his pale skin
Through downcast eyes
The wells of water overflow
This cry a constant harmony
Oh god hear the verse of sorrow
Still the tones of the bleak
Solemn play in his ears forever
More cry turns to quiet dirge
All that's remaining
Is a downhearted silence
Earth to a repository
Of mourners turn
But the verse (of sorrow)
Still carries on

6. Assembly Of Flowers

The flowers on the pall
Were have to keep growing
And don't pass as You
Why did she leave so quick?
I still retain the vow
To remember thee
Remember and never forget You
She was the crown that was taken
From me without permission
Without asking if I'm willing
To concede over You
She lives in every breath, every thought
Therefore her drawback is harder
And when she's gone
I wanted to cry bur I couldn't
I scream out Your name
Into the night
The memories against my eyes are passing
Memories of love that will never return
If I'm able I'll give You
Several years from my life
So that I won't live them without You
But I still remember all
Like it happened again
So hard to forget
Where are You now?
There is nothing to comfort me but You
All I want now is a heart
Made of stone
For (the sake) I will never
Long for You
All the flowers on the pall wither
Death blew at tem too
All that left for me
Is to remember You
Remember and never forget

7. Crowned Seclusion

Immersing in ocean of tears
Only my eyes will show the pain
Of untimely farewells
We swore that we will be together forevermore
But we always break the promise
Tear after tear like a fountain of dew
Flows down at the sound of silence
At dawn I'm standing over the extending sea
My tears are streaming down the tones of their
Fall are returning as echoes...
Crowned seclusion
My image that stands there alone and cry
While the waves of the cold wind
Are rising me with their coldness
My love in the stream of the ocean is drifted
To the sky I aspire seek for my love...
But I can't block those bleak emotions
That are growing inside me
The golden flowers at spring
Blooming in the breeze
Sunlight slowly declines over me
Now the curtain of silence rips with my sigh...
But my heart becomes as hard as stone.

8. The Promise

I'm with You
I'm within the depth
Of Your soul
For You
I will never die


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