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Planetary Destruction

"Planetary Destruction" (1992)

1. Planetary Destruction
2. Behind Death's Door
3. Cremation
4. Catastrophic Deed
5. Needful Things
6. Fall From Grace
7. Deadly Psychic Evil
8. Environmental Suicide
9. Preacher and the Politician
10. The Switch

1. Planetary Destruction

Everywhere you look,you see disaster
People have no thought,to what comes after
It�s not our problem, it�s the future not now
Future generations will hate us, for what
We�ve done

All the wetlands filling up with greed
Over population, where can we go?

The air that we breath
The land beneath our feet
The sea that washes to the shore
The enviroment�s for the rich and the poor
Fight to keep it for evermore

Nobody seems to care, why can�t we understand?
Soon we won�t have a choice,no way out

Our planet as we know it, will be gone
Stop this destruction while we can

Landfills started, one after another
There will be no more room, we�ll have to discover
We can be the solution, if we use our minds
Everyone must stop and care, out of sight, out of mind
Open your eyes,to the plight of the young
We�re ruining their future and all future time

2. Behind Death's Door

Heads in the freezer
Skulls in the drawers
Skins and bones
Deep beneath the floor

A twisted mind holds the key
Unlock the torture, solve the mystery
Sickness or hatred? What provoked this deed?
A massacre of man , satan has been freed

Behind death�s door
A chamber of horrors lies within these walls
Behind death�s door
Slowly they rot awaiting his feast

Cannibalistic,evil in disguise
Preying on the weak,laughing as they die
As the saw sears, deep into the flesh
A sick perversion, satisfies him

A twisted mind holds the key
Unlock the torture, solve the mystery
Capture at last ,but does it really matter
We�ll never get the answers that we�re after behind

3. Cremation

Ashes to ashes,dust to dust
You know your gonna burn
You know you must
When youre dead and in the ground
Who will give a shit? Who will be around?
Burial vaults and cemetery plots
It doesn�t matter,you still will rot

You lived your life,your time has come
Fire up the furnace,you know it should be done
Will people talk above your head who cares?
Youre dead
Green grass and flowers
Just let the flames devour
Cremation is the sign of the times
It will make you lose your fuckin� mind

Once youre gone, you really should�t care
Who needs a pillow to rest their head?
Cremation is the answer to your needs
You save lots of space and you don�t need a deed
Up on a mantle you rest in peace
Ashes in a urn, you don�t get fleas

4. Catastrophic Deed

Tearing down the walls
Raping all the life
Future doesn�t mean a thing
Can�t you see the signs?
We will die
If this continues on
This catastrophic deed
Soon nothing will be left
The end to mankind
Endless misery
There will come a day
Heat will soar
The flaming mass will burn a hole
Taking everything in sight
And death will run wild

No more time
Destruction runs its course
Illusions of a better life
Are slowly turning black
Centuries of rotting waste
Highlight our crimes
Its never gonna go away
Were all gonna pay the price
Lands filling up too fast
Theres nowhere else to go
All thought the watchful eye
Everyonebegins to choke
As we gasp our polluted breath

Everything you see today
Feel the pollution smell the decay
Rotting portions of a universe
Nothing you could do could be any worse
So as you look around your place
Think of solutions, its time to
Reality has struck you could ,this is your chance
You have been told

5. Needful Things

Out of the streets, nowhere to go
Alone in this hopeless situation
No place to call home
Everywhere children starve, women die
Men roam the streets with no answer
No hope in sight

Scattered about, aimlessy wander
Search in vain
No work, no food, no hope, no money
Might as well be dead

If only someone could provide me
I would do anything
All the lives , a living hell
It drives me insane
Were all needful things
We all need help to survive
Taxation�instant poverty
Dreadful lives

Will their hopes and dreams come true?
Or just fade away?
Will they ever have a normal life?
Instead of pain?
Wake up , don�t you see?
This disease
So many souls live in agony
Struggle to be free

Somewhere there is a solution
It comes from within
A nation so great it makes me wonder
Whos to blame?
Where are the leaders?
Why do they allow the suffering?
Cant they see?
Relaxed in their high priced mansions
Theyre living free

6. Fall From Grace

They came , they saw, they copied
We gave them every chance
We thought that we were rulers
But they had us by the ass
Exxon soiled Alaska, gas prices
Soon rose up
They say the U.S. cheted
So they took away the cup

The poor keep getting poor
The rich are staying rich
This thing call the economy
Is a real son of a bitch

The whole thing comes down to greed
Its easy enough to see
The country that has the wealth
Is the nation that will bleed
We conquer a dream in 69
Won the war in 45
Economically we struggle to survive

They make up all our stereos
Buy up all our land
But when it gets face to face
They need our helping hands
The loans they rape from our banks
Will never be repaid
Our cities suffer in poverty awaiting final fate

They make up all our stereos
Buy up our land
But everyone must live in peace
No need to die in violence

7. Deadly Psychic Evil

The pollution in the air
The scum that floats in the sea
There are so many solutions
Just lisent to me

Deadly psychic evil-preys on your soul
Deadly psychicevil-lose all your control
Deadly psychicevil-preys on your soul
Deadly psychicevil-lose all your control

You have a moral duty, just wake up
Open your eyes
Your planet is dying, and its time to revive

Everybody has control,everybody counts
Take a deep breath, was it really fresh?

Don�t you know, things can change
Have concern, live and learn
All our hopes fade away
Rain forests no more

Raw sewage in the ocean
Contaminates in the sea
Toxic waste in the river
Suicide to me

The oil , the coal, the gas
You know they won�t last
They cut down a forest, but do they plant a seed?

8. Environmental Suicide


9. Preacher and the Politician

Nail to the crucifix, travel across the river styx
Six hundred and sixty six religion and the politics

What to belive
Pray on your knees
You�ve got a disease
Be healed no guarantee

Promises promises
Money in their pockets
Plan to build rockets
Just elected pickpockets,living out to lie

Preacher and the politician
Who will win? Tell me who will sin?

Who�s the winner? Whos the sinner?
Is that a smile or a grin?
Does our future,does our future
Its look fucking grim

Nail to the crucifix,travel across the river styx
Six hundred and sixty six religion and the politics

What to belive
Pay your taxes
You gotta belive
In the unforeseen catastrophe

Go to the confession,fight depression
Vote in the election, living out the lie

10. The Switch

Down in your cell, a place you call home
No one to turn to, no one to call
Alone? You wonder,does anybody care?
I guess it doesn�t matter, this is the end

Shallow eyes bleed ,images of greed
The face of death,is clearly stalking you

Snap out your dreams,awake at once
And feel reality,reality

Sweat forms,fist clench
Stern looks ,no protest

Massive crowds,gather to hear
The sound of death,of�death

Strapped in a chair,locked in a room
Power kicks in ,feel your doom
Ruled insane,mind goes blank
Torture revealing your pain
The pain

Sweat forms,fists clench
Stern looks, no protest

I can�t stand the pain
I never thought it would be this real
You don�t seem top care, I feel you laugh
As you stare
My inside�s on fire,as my mind explodes
Everything�s going black

I can�t stand the pain
I never thought it would be this real
You don�t seem to care , I feel you laugh
As you stare
My inside�s on fire, as my mind explodes
Everything�s going black
Question number one, is he dead?
No, I don�t think so, let�s juice him again
The power of justice is set forth
To end your life


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