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"Ultima" (2006 EP)

1. In The Outer Space
2. End Of Days
3. Chainsaw
4. Deadly Alliance
5. Beyond The Grave

1. In The Outer Space

Face the threat from space
You'll find your enemy within
will grow inside then it will devastate your skin
and start again
hunting its prey
they'll aint no stop til they can feed
themselves with the human nests
where once was put their seed

lives with me...
grows in me...
acid spit...
I will die,
no escape

other than death

here in space
none will ever
hear you scream
i'ma a cocoon
this is my doom

got to find another way

My way out, I'll leave'em in space
before it will destroy us all
they will never take control

i will fight to save my race
alien brood is hunting for me
i'd rather die than take their seed

how could one man face
a legion of demons
in a spaceship
how will i seal them?
i'll make explode it all
this way they'll never get
our mother earth
they'll never follow follow me

lost in a maze
of steel and smoke they're hiding where
i cannot see, and they're out to hunting me,
i got to run
fast as i can
i'm gonna escape by you,
i'll leave the ship
and leave you in,
so starving you'll die soon

2. End Of Days

Death is cruel, just like an empty promise..
you can be crushed in unexpected moments,
now everything you've done within your life is
just guided by your thirst of filling your pockets!

..NOW, what do you think you will do with
your fucking money your life has come to an end!
Your fucking power means nothing to me
Judjement day has come for us all,
this life as we now it will be nevermore..
what you will here is the sound of the bell,
and what u will do is BURN IN HELL!

bright light of god cuts the sky,
and everything that u've done
is drowning into a sea of tears...
To save yourself there's no way..
and we'll be all washed away!!!

no fucking way to leave this planet
you can't avoid the incoming mayhem

In your life, i have seen it from you eyes, everything has been meaningless
Now it's too late you can't do it anymore, you can't give all the love you've never had!

So you find you've got nothing to die for
As the fall's approaching you're too blind to see
The end of days just as it has been foretold
All at once your treasures they don't mean a thing -

3. Chainsaw

Fell back almost a thousand years i find myself surrounded by fear
guilty of something i didn't do, condamned to die in the pit of doom
one by one they're falling down, a monster kills them (hear the sound)
now's my turn, so starts my round, lookin'up they're throwing down my

chainsaw, that's my sword
please me, i'm your hero, i'll save your world
my shotgun, my fire rod.
twentyfirst century war machine against ghosts

tonight i'm gonna save this world, is the only way to go back to my time
i'll send the witches back to their holes, 'cause i'm a twentyfist century child
blinding by fear all those who don't know, i'm just an employee that works on a mart
gone too far studying necronomicon, i use this chainsaw, the hand that i've lost

down, falling through time
i have lost my way
now i want go back
cause Ash is my name

i've awaken sleeping powers, 'cause i forgot that fuckin word
now is raisin the army of darkness, they proceed to take control
keep the undead back, we're preparing, they must not reach the holy book
the defense is settin up, time to warm up the engine of my

4. Deadly Alliance

People of the earth is sure this world will never end..
They think we're protected, they think we are safe!
But every thousand years a cold quake twists this universe
and the forces of good fight the evil menace

Using our faith, using our powers
as many times before
for this world we must stop this madness

Join into deadly alliance, fight beyond the pit,
use your power show no mercy you must kill to live
step into the arena now and leave the world behind.
fear noone now it's your time nobody fears to die

they will wake the beast, the mayhem will take place
the earth people's going to fall from their grace
the prize is high: who will dare to join this endless fight decides
the fusion of earth with the realm of outworld

Looking through your enemy's eyes, your blood is frozen now..
and fear inside is rising high..because you're just a man!
but now you have to fight again, or he will take you down..
fight for yourself, fight for the earth, for all the things you have!

5. Beyond The Grave


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