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"Strawels" (2005 EP)

1. Tonight
2. No reason to die
3. Sleeping forever

1. Tonight

I cry myself to dreams and never wake again
The last leaf has fallen from the tree of life
The touch of your warm hand is only a memory now
Oh, angels come help me, Iím falling down to the shadows

I wish there were no tears, no pain
The shadows are moving closer to me

I see thereís no light
No light at the end of the tunnel
Stars fall from sky (I know that)
The love of ours had just died tonight

When I looked into your eyes, I used to see heaven
But now with my last wish, hope, you could open them
Oh, go to sleep my love and never wake again
The flame of our love had died somehow, or was it never there?

2. No reason to die

When were the last time you saw the stars?
And all the flowers, are they already gone?
How can you stand all this, have you lost your heart?
Youíre running out of time and you arenít yet so far!

What is the meaning of being forever young?
Your arms are bleeding, should you buy a gun?
Some people hide their fears and are so wise
You have heard the news so donít you tell me those fucking lies!

Youíre wasting your life
By living behind those lies
Open your eyes
Hey, thereís no reason to die

You are the one who never talks with someone else
But inside your shell you are living a real kind of hell
No, you ainít got nobody with whom walk hand in hand
Didnít mean to harm you, Iím sorry but youíre face in the sand

What have we done this time?
Arms wide open
Look at those tears we cried!
Our love canít be frozen!

3. Sleeping forever


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