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Veteran Of Execution

"Veteran Of Execution" (2004 Demo)

1. Veteran Of Execution
2. Suffocated By Hate
3. Others
4. Spineless

1. Veteran Of Execution

Down the dirty alley
Shadow’s moving on
Weapons of pure massacre
Hunt the poor souls
Like a train he doesn’t stop
Until the job’s been done
Gunning, piercing, mutilating
No need to run

Eyes of evil tearing through you
The man will cry
Hear the sound of trigger
It’s time to die

Veteran of execution
No blood, no screams
Veteran of execution
Just clean one bullet deal

Messenger of death
Welcomes you to hell
Choking, out of breath
Your life’s been just spent
Doctor’s order lead treatment
With the full force blow
Slashing, stabbing, strangulation
Your end is slow

2. Suffocated By Hate

Torrent of violence, cutting you deep
Lies corrupting, misanthropy increasing
Dignity lost, just execute
Endless hunt, endless cry for mercy

Aggression raising its head
Anger, more arms, more dead
Disease called mankind
Searching for its demise
Virtues vanish in flames
Tragedy at the gates
Salvation in grave
You’ve been suffocated by hate

Prisoner of mind, prisoner of time
Righteous drowning, weaklings writhing
Nothing will release from these chains
Sacrifices made in vain

3. Others

Run, go, hide… Angel eyes
Run, go, hide… Devil smiles
Run, go, hide… Condemned to hell
Run, go, hide… Madness dwells

They come to take you down
Where all the hell is loose

Nothing but wretched men
No pain, no rest, just emptiness

Eternal darkness in their mind
Eternal hunger for your blood

4. Spineless

With great hopes he left
To cure this sick, twisted world
To face the evil itself
To build his dream unique
But he was forced to kneel
Backstabbed, betrayed by those
Who ask him to fight back
Who ask him to oppose

No more! Nothing to care for!

Spineless! Deny!
Vicious decay!

Wound so deep
Never heal
Vicious dream
Decaying all

Spineless one
Living in denial
Prepare for


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