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Negative Feelings

"Negative Feelings" (2002)

1. Something inside you
2. Teen-suicide wave
3. Dead truth
4. Padre nuestro
5. Negative feelings
6. Behind my eyes
7. Self-dismember
8. In the end
9. Winter

1. Something inside you

Don't scare me please
I feel the rotten breathe
tomorrow will come back
Get down and just forget
Remember the day of fear
Remember your own scare
Dark streets are waiting forů
You'll go behind the wall
Paranoia eating me
Anger is faster then me
Revenge around all
My brain is broken By my life, by suicide
And rage for enemy on floor
Lighting in my eyes
I listen the silence
Silence is in my head
My blood has stopped and flows on a floor
I feel myself as dead

2. Teen-suicide wave

Tell to me slightly about death
What will be after we shall die?
On other party someone alive
Goes together, Goes together
Our world such dirty and dark
directly on heavens I want to depart
I call you with me and take me apart
I have my direction and my golden card
I shall take a cord, you take the razor
I'll go upward, and you'll go in bedroom
I like suicide because soul is free
Forget about all and follow me
Look around we are dying
Our parents will not cry,
All of us wanted own paradise
To die young can be better of life

3. Dead truth

Life in respect
Reality effect
Money now give rise
Try to open eyes
And see a big surprise
The animals everywhere
Ave Satan ? We'll go in hell ?
Jesus save us But He does not hear
Evil everywhere
The truth became so dead
Hell is paradise
Try to open eyes
Much better life
Promised paradise
It is under ground
Crop your respect
You need to reject it
Freedom without blood

4. Padre nuestro

Little church
Priest stands in complete silence
Maria's eyes
Look at him
Seven sins now are here
His hand under
The cassock shivers
What do we see ?
He just masturbate
He make it always But only before pray
Jesus closes eyes Again and again
This All MEANS LIE ABOUT The 7 sins
Now nobody trust
In my eyes is dust
Never talk to me About 7 sins
Holy lie everywhere
Priest - you'll go to hell
Maybe Jesus said
That you must just pray
Pray for me,
In depression
Woman needs confession
Priest says:
"Honey Give me a little money"
The Whore in head
The Priest in bed
Sin is free
You must believe
Heavens gate
Opened from 8
Gates of hell
For beggars and jerks

5. Negative feelings

6. Behind my eyes

You cross the street and see true life
Child smoking hemp but still are alive
Crime around town, around me, around you
Check the box with glue and go away from cure
Eye for an eye - this your bloody law
Bullet like jet in the head - you alone
Bloody Scum and people stay on cross to the cross
If you not are ripper then your life is lost
Can't you see in front of me Voice of war ?
Firing cars make you so blind
What's going on with human mind
Holy water falls from dirty sky
I wanna shut down the fire and madness of mankind
"Serve and protect" this words are not true
High technology makes something new
Law and order -is my manifest
Stop the madness and train of Death.

7. Self-dismember

I Think, it can't be - Endless in my mind
Four walls around me - Pressing me inside
I want to go out I want to run away
But when I'm coming back All steps replayed again
Outside all just died. There is no movement
I feel myself so tied To my own prison place
I scream, but no voice heard And lips are stacked together
All I see - is only bounds The bounds of my pleasure
I'm coming to my door And breaking the all chains
I reject all my locks And stretched all my shame
The ghost now disappears I see the perfect world
My prison now is broken I feel myself so cold
My soul is bleeding Behind my back is flesh
The morning never comes Four walls will never crash
Business is in you Built your walls yourself
You never will get out If anger will not be burnedů

8. In the end

9. Winter


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