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"Leviathan Awakes" (1986 Demo)

1. Demonifuge
2. Freedom's Fall
3. Death Machine
4. (Apocalypse Warrior!!*?*!!@)

1. Demonifuge

Hungry eyes, Cry tears of ice,
Anicent Sigh, Demonifuge
Your children bleed, Whispers in a faded dream
Rising high, The stolen heart in his hand

His Lord awakes, While at dawn they sleep
Hear the scream of the unborn child
The shackles break to release the beast
Born of death, Freedom for My Lord

Voices Whisper - As Victims Cry
Time Of Darkness - Time To Die
The Slayer Calls - Sacrifice
Praise Of Death - Pray To His Lord

Diabolus, Father of lies
Takes your soul, To the netherworld
Pagan Heart, Voices in the wind
Assasin, of a Childhood Dream

2. Freedom's Fall

Deep inside the Citadel, The Wizard casts a spell
To summon undead warriors from beyond the gates
To aid him in his conquest of this fine, enchanted place
By the power of Anicent Evil to enslave the cursed race

The sorceror with his spells of war
His undead Hoardes bring Freedom's Fall

The Legions of the Wizard, To the Citadel they stride
At their evil Master's bidding, On the dream of death they ride
The baragin of the Wizard, To a peaceful race begins
The destruction of the City, To the undead brings new life

(Dedicated to Asterix the Gaul!!)

3. Death Machine

A tower of blackened scaffold reaches towards the sky
Hung with skulls of victims that were only born to die
Crawling slowly onwards through the dark and lonely lands
Reaching out to touch you, it's cold destructive hands


Mindless evil crawling through the nightmare towards you
A wake of death behind it, Moving onto victims new
Spreading fear and pestilence, A soul of blackened steel
A mind that boils with hatred and a heart that cannot feel


4. (Apocalypse Warrior!!*?*!!@)


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