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Count the Faceless

"Count the Faceless" (2003)

1. Feel the Pain
2. Count the Faceless
3. Scars of a Wasted Life
4. No Relief
5. Hellucination Spiral
6. Black Season
7. Terror Dynamix
8. And When the Rain Begins to Fall
9. Where No Stars Shine

1. Feel the Pain

Come to me, meet your master

Feel the pain, drown in your blood

Without connection, without sense

Heavenly bastards, rot in mind

In the dark, beyond all life – this ancient might evoked to life

So step back, enjoy the show – see the world go down to hell

Come to me, meet your master

Feel the flames burn out your life

Without your god, without help

Fucking losers, you shall die!

Weakened rotted angels standing before the gates of heaven

burned to ASHES!

2. Count the Faceless

Stand in line, waiting for a life

Without soul, faceless, haunted pride

On the shelf by the live you hate

Pang hunger for a new day

Take me out of this pain

The life is calling me

Let me die and be reborn

The time has come to be

Throw me down for another ride

Give me strength and give me pride

Change my shape and call me God

On the path of the weak

Side by side into pain

Follow the blind

Count the faceless

Waiting to drop in another life

Count the time, growing from the seed

Without heart, mindless, haunted breed

Far away fom the fate you’d hate

Slow dying on this new way

3. Scars of a Wasted Life

Time…the time is wasted

Scars…the scars are running deep

The deeper that you fall, the more you fall alone

And all scenes that you saw will return, hurt you more

With ravens you did fly, heard your own silent cry

Give me the pain of a thousand lies

I don’t care if heaven dies

The hourglass still hunting time, ringing in the last goodbye

My art is pain!

Core…the core is rotten

Soil…the soil is bloodred

Cold…it makes you shiver

Fear…you fear the mirror

Cry, cry my angel

Your soul is mine

Die, die my sweetheart

It’s me, your old friend

Do you now see

My name is pain

4. No Relief

Cold…my heart

Dark…my soul

Black…my world

Dead…my dreams

Finished…my hope

Lost…my life

Sorrow’s my guide

I wish I’d die

No relief from this pain, come sweet death

Please let me go to where I belong

Catched by fears

I drown in my tears

Forever to fade, I’m bound to hate

Death…so near

All…is clear

Nothing…is left

Chained…I cry

5. Hellucination Spiral

Opressed emotions – the suffering

Depressed our senses – another world

Meanless living – time is out

Life in stasis – the idiot world

Deformed existence – the gathering

Defyed all ethics – another shame

Infracted borders – laughing stops

The glory is empty for the idiot world

Life is short and meant to fade

Our souls are closed to hellucinate

Embrace the spiral, forever lasting

Join with hate our dark parade

Destroyed resistance – a fading I

Beloved abhorrence – another sigh

Sinful dwelling – you are lost

Lies are ruling the idiot world

Prepared ignorance – a pestilence

Embraced illusions – weakened world

Depraved messiah in disguise

Blessed in rapture on the idiot world

Exist enhanced in a dying flame

Pressed into a coloured frame

Our will is taken, forever weak

Obedient watchers, black-eyed freaks

We shameful servants of non-exist gather our names on the chaos list

We pray for rescue from this cage, lying helpless in lifeless rage

6. Black Season

I share my life with sorrow and pain

In blackness of delight

I feel I’ve lost the stream of life

Black raven’s cry

Sun will nevermore shine

My heart forever turned black

The demons gather around and drink my tears away

Black season, shatters within

Burning cries of pain

Whispering shadows lurking for souls

Vanishing tears aflame

I drown my life in sorrow and rain

The darkness at my side

I fell I’ve crossed the seas of life

Black raven’s cry

7. Terror Dynamix

8. And When the Rain Begins to Fall

9. Where No Stars Shine

When the old wounds bleed

cause of lies you had to keep – forgotten pain

So the clock turns back

and the knife in your soul starts to hurt again

Shattered world, bitter life, more shadows

Twisted earth, empty eyes, more lies

Watch me now: where stars don’t shine

I feel the pain of desire

And once more I burn in pain

Watch me now: my world is lost

When the old scars ache

cause of truth you had to fake – forgotten shame

So your heart still mourns

and the shades in your mind start to rise again


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