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The Eye Of Prophet

"The Eye Of Prophet" (2005)

1. Destroyer
2. Of Sadness And Grim Cyclones
3. Sister
4. Misfortune Of Those Who Deserve It
5. A Noite
6. Decaying Of The Horned Ones
7. Throne Of Misery
8. All Ends

1. Destroyer

Grim is the inside of those who shed no tears for the mourning
For them is all our might
And the dreams in which we havigate, for they hold the key to the night alm
For them is all our might
I've seen the message they sent.
I saw it's eyes.
The voice that scream inside my head.
Destroyer of worlds
Forever you have spoken through lies.
The one who devoured the sun
Can show no mercy when the time comes
For the flesh to the teared.
Hate will bring forth the new order.
The plain where I can find peace.
No tree,
No light,
No man.

Where all is none...
... within loneliness

2. Of Sadness And Grim Cyclones

Rapping the flesh with the wind
That blew the last candle.
And chaos rose.
Drowned in the sea of night,
Hidden it was,
The cancer of life,
Destroyer of frozen stars
Tearing all worlds apart,
"Foresee the tragedy of years to come,
Collapsed by Jupiter's dream."
Left behind where the waters of life,
-No hope-
This was finally her death.
Closed is the mouth of lies.
Through the holes of time and space
I travel,
For the image that possessed me.
For intense shapeless sigh
That shattered reason itself
The cyclone came
And his eye stared at me
Nothing it said...
Away came the starwind.

3. Sister

Come sister,
Come lay with me.
Share me your woe,
I will share you my knives.
In absence we have grown.
Through deliverance known death,
Black stars and empty souls.
I carry your wounds
You carry my nails
Come sister,
Come fuck with me
Make my stomage bleed from within.
I will share you my pain
And wipe out your tears.
Embrace our memories
And in madness roam
Seas of syes wide open.
Alone we stand

4. Misfortune Of Those Who Deserve It

Grim faces stare leaving me famished cold and empty
Their lies cut through me until I am an empty hole
And through their skin lies nothing
And through these empty vessels I roam
It makes me sick to see those people alive
To see their vacant laughter and wotrthless minds
To witness their faults and lack of life
Their fear of death and their own lies

Such misfortune, laughable misfortune
Tears as endless as the blackened sea
They shall taste my ill fortune
They shall die in misery

5. A Noite

O amanha nao nasce,

Mas os olhos estao mais abertos do que nunca.

Absorvem a vide que os rodeia para dentro do vazio.

E a indiferenca permanede.

E as merórias dilluem-se.

Entre a dor que purga das feridas abertas.

E as feridas nao fecham.

E o sono nao passa.

Mas os olhos estao mais abertos do que nunca.

Mais abertos do que nunca.

A sombra da morte continua presente

Mesmo no esplendor do sol.

Nao pedi a chave.

Nao pedi a noite.

Nao pedi as agulhas que me mantêm os olhos abertos.

O cancro alastra.

E as meórias infectadas.

Desprezo o presente que me dao.

A vida que me dao.

Quando os olhos se fecharem nao se voltarao a abrir.

E o demónio estará presente.

Por detrás da frontaira que os separa do vazio eterno.

6. Decaying Of The Horned Ones

Face the horns.
Face your own face.
Emotions fall as truth disappears.
For whom thir throne?
And on what values does it stand and was built on?
I pity those who believe and hide in their lies.
For the true satanist choses his path with pride.
And with honour shall it be tepped.
The wolves of hell will not run away from their essence,
But face the abyss with strength and might.
I walk with pride the silent path of eternity.
Do you?
Even though suffering forever loneliness,
And the never ceasing pain,
With honour I shall carve in me Death's name.
Not as a human in my flesh,
But eternally within.

Praise the destruction of the parasites of evil.

7. Throne Of Misery

I saw in the night
The coldest of eyes.
Down in the abyss,
So deep...
In the night,
You cold fucking night.
I saw the reflex of my shettered soul.
Like Narcisius drunken with the mirror's sight
He fell...
In the dream palace.
I twisted my eyes...
And drowned inside.

It is in this mountain that I find peace.
I... within loneliness

Storming, I run the corridors of past,
... all the memories of a time beyond...
All the grief once felt.
Life... under the sign of death.
Carrying the burden of a thousand lies.
Without you once dead.
In the throne of misery.

No words will ever disguise true nature
What once was, will stand in time.

8. All Ends

Once and for all
The pain will cease.
Once and for all
The light will cease.
No remembrance,
No remorse
These eyes will no longer see.
And will someone shed a single tear?
Once and for all
Only flesh will remain
No more sorrow
No more hate
All life ends in fear
For the deamons may swallow
What rests of decaying souls

I seek for comfort in these words


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