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Tonight We Ride

"Tonight We Ride" (2005 EP)

1. Tonight We Ride
2. Disembodied Voices
3. Spiritual Inferno
4. Insurrection
5. Born Into the Grave

1. Tonight We Ride

Let's go!!
Alright, it's time to load up this wagon again
And take this fuckin' show on the road
It never stops, perpetually rolling
Racing toward the unknown, there's no controlling

On we're runnin' through the night
Burning up the highway 'til the dawn's early light
Another city, another stage
Lay 'em to waste in an alcoholic rage
48 miles to hell and we're flyin'
On the edge and this carnage ain't dyin' down
And so we take what's ours again and again

Get the fuck out of our way because
On into that big, bad black with the devil at our side
Trust no one but ourselves along this long, lonesome road
'Cause you can never fuckin' tell
But we'll see you all in hell, tonight!!

Explosions in the air and murder in our minds
No thought to give up tryin', no!
'Cause they're never gonna stop us, we're always gonna conquer
The desperate cries of the masses drive us on forever

On we're runnin' through the night
Burning up the highway 'til the dawn's early light
Show no mercy as they run and hide
A call to arms, tonight we ride!!
24 miles to hell and we're flyin'
On the edge and this carnage ain't dying down
And so we fuckin' ride on and on yeah, yeah, yeah

Chaos riders burn through the storm
Withholding nothing as the plan takes form
Fire throwing madness, adrenaline's flowin'
Tear away the boundaries, 'cause we ain't going down

2. Disembodied Voices

I've looked at my dreams, visualized it all
And woke up so cold
A true waking nightmare, I never thought it'd get this far
Fear chokes me, for the first time I taste the horror
Paralyzation takes hold, envisioning the end

From this moment on, I see things in a different way
Struggling to find why these voices stay

Forever haunted, forever torn
Internal voices of accusation and scorn
Nocturnal hallucination or mental war
What will the final price be to dream no more

The face of fear, the spectre of my mind
A morbid fantasy, unique in it's kind
Something I did not conjure, something born of sin
Originating from the outside now and seeking it's own way in
Insomnia will be my only safeguard on this night
Held captive by the machinations of an enemy of the light

Approaching, enclosing, invading, subverting

3. Spiritual Inferno

And alone I stand again
Burned by the sorrow of another end
The pain never seems to subside
Left in only myself to confide
Lost in the shades of my own regression
Mired in a hellish mass depression
Now left only to wonder why
Or is there a reason to even try

Lo these days of glory and pain
You- you threw it all away
And I can't forgive, not one more day
My soul ablaze, my blood's on fire
Destroy the human curse of desire

A warm wind caresses the wound too often re-opened
Your image forever burns in my memory
What began in purity degenerates into a twisted, sordid lie
Alone with my thoughts, the torture of silence
Removes the hope that begs to remain

Contemplations of a suicidal mind
Washed away by tears of the past of this kind
For in this life we're so easily bled of our trust
So tear out my blackened heart as the consequence of our lust

Filled with fucking hatred I feel nothing but contempt for you
The face of deception becomes clear again
There are no happy endings only broken hearts and empty promises
This hell that you've put me through
Only feeds my hatred for you

4. Insurrection

It seems so insanely surreal today
The world that we live in, such strange days
An authority constructed to keep freedom intact
Abuses its power, it tightens its stranglehold everyday
The ongoing abridgment of our liberty
In the name of safety, in the name of protection
Just paints another face of the mask of corruption

A nation in fear brought to its knees
Trades its freedom for security
A careless decision, we welcome the fall
As this broken utopia buries us all

It's time to rise up and take back
The nation that gave us the right to speak our minds

A culture of fear spread throughout society
Fueled by the media's irressponsibility
Far too focused on entertainment, shock and gore
A self-appointed detrimental whore
Lies, half-truths, and misinformation
We're divided by a wall of affiliation
How can we stand by as the powers that be
Tell us all what we can hear, think and see

Face reprisal
It' s time to overthrow
Face your judgement
Your power will be no more

5. Born Into the Grave


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