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Thrashing Knights

"Thrashing Knights" (2007 Demo)

1. Riders Of The Sand
2. Retaliator
3. Under The Whip
4. Last Dance On Fire
5. Thrashing Knights

1. Riders Of The Sand

Your time has come, a storm is coming: our storm.
And when it arrives it will shake the universe. We come for you!

Keep watch the windtrap and hear the desert talk
Sharpen the white Crys blade and get ready for attack

Spread the prophecy
Obey the Sietch Naib
Dig holes in the moor land
Become the Riders of the Sand

Your eyes of the Ibad: the last sight of the enemy
The power of the dunes will hide ‘til the come of the Mahdi

Beat the sands to call the worm
Advancing with the storm
Sink the hook and hold the rein
You’re a Rider of the Sand

Fremen go!

We’ll smash the troops of doom under the teeth of Shai-Ulud
We fight for the paradise where Muah’dib will lead us to

Waters falling from the skies
Wash away heretic lies
Genocide in a vision of a man
By the Riders of the Sand

Long Live the Fighters!

2. Retaliator

Red blood screaming snakes impressed in my eyes
I can’t hold this killer rage and now it starts to ride
Tired to follow ethics I’m a beast behind disguise
The hole which drains your suffocating pit full of desires

Run and run and run away is time for me to catch
Cry and cry and cry again, no time for you to laugh
If you say forgive me I’d say I cannot
And when you try to say it again my sweet voice says hush

Oh Lord, please show me the way
The way to punish, the way to revenge
The insults I have received
Show me how not to listen the words of mercy
And show me how not to listen the words of falseness

I’ll recall exactly when your face desired my death
And I’ll forget compassion while I point to your forehead
Time for me to retaliate, hatred feeds my aim
A crushing burst of heavy load just blowing up your brain

Run and run and run away…


3. Under The Whip

Thrown into the furnace of mad despair
A road towards perdition
Torture is uprooting our dignity
Falling into oblivion

Full steam ahead
Over the wheels
And right off the rails

Breathing the flame, oh yeah!
Under The Whip!

Gods been quite merciless with us
Slavery’s not an option
Feeding the machinery with our blood
We put it into motion

Rage is the solution for the inner war
That’s boiling in confusion
There won’t be more lashes against our backs
Heed the revolution

Full steam ahead…

Howl now in pain, oh yeah!
Under The Whip!

Eye for an eye and my hate is blind
Time for retribution
Full clout nightmare delivering pain
Face your destination

Full steam ahead…

Under The Whip!

4. Last Dance On Fire

Wandering around the streets like a twisted maniac ghoul
Loneliness as only company
Cheap wine recalling roses and champagne
Long ago turned to dust

Grant me the ultimate desire
Please, Lord, please, just one last dance on fire

Love has evil ways giving/taking sense to life
Pulling out your heart like with a knife
And nothing numbs the pain of my soul
Long ago turned to dust

Grant me…

Is love always worth when my ceiling is the sky?
When dignity has been raped for artificial hugs?
Where the hell have you gone with my faith?
Eyes are dry when I drown into death

Grant me…

5. Thrashing Knights

Hunting high and low in search for deceivers
Banging the stage with hammerhead blows
Never get enough of metal invasion
Feeding the enraged and savage crowd flow

Thunder ride
In metal heights
Frantic pride

Thrashing knights

Leather, spikes, studs and blue dirty denim
Long hair, bullet belts, identity tags
Always cranking up, the engines are roaring
Blazing all the guns, spreading tough luck

Thunder ride…

You are the thrashing knights!

Thrashing knights!

Here on stage the amps pierce your brain
Ripping off your ears, your soul and entrails
Hell artillery, a merciless army
Come on, leave your fears and follow the trail

Thunder ride…

You are the thrashing knights!
All hail the thrashing knights!
We are the thrashing knights!


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