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The Goddess Principle

"The Goddess Principle" (1995)

1. Reign Of Christ
2. Souls Without Honor
3. Devoid Of Logic
4. Ruby Dreams
5. Prophecy Upon Us
6. The Inner Voice Silenced
7. To Grasp Eternity
8. Fatal Euphoria
9. Penance Of Guilt
10. Parthenogenesis

1. Reign Of Christ

From the sun out of the east
A Brilliant light arose
A thorny crown upon his head
Cut from a branch of rose
Through blazing eyes I saw within
A peace I'd never known
An aura of color from his head
A magi of great renown

Turbulence and war begins
Death and torture in his name
Decadence and deceit and lies
Abjured by him the same
Trials inquisitions of witches
Dogmas blighted scars
But if they could only see within
The consciousness of the stars

The trunks of trees he carried
Up tp this place the skull
With vehemence and hatred
The spikes were driven through
Blackened skis cracked with storm
Through fears and mocking laughs
With his death and ascendance
The reign of Christ begins

It is written god so loved the earth
He sent his only begotten son
To die for mans sins upon the cross
Repent unto him or be eternally lost
Damned are the souls enduring tribulation
History will turn the final page
The priest and scribes pervert
The ancient teachings
In the name of Christ they preach
In blasphemy
Soon the seven seals be broken
And the prophecy come to pass
And the angels of death and darkness
Fall to the earth upon which they're cast
Man will fornicate and worship idols
The queen of harlots will ride the beast
The gates of hell will open tribulation
And the second coming of the reign of Christ

2. Souls Without Honor

Visions flash across your T.V. screen
Synchronized within society
Scenes of hatred and bigotry
Engulfed in bloodshed and agony
Distraught emotions of a weakened mind
Initiates violence through the media's eye

Hell only knows what possessed them to strike
Contorted reality rules their life
They long to be heros in a fictitious world they've created
Their wrath unfurls
Seek victims of an innocent nature
A tragic story of a child in danger
Seeking attention in misery evil thrives
Through a killers eyes
Death takes it's course through genocide
Then they take their own life
The consequences lies not behind
For now the gates of hell they soon will find
Their acts of malice are dramatized
The media renders us mesmerized

Signs of the time they lead us to believe
We are damned for which we do not understand
All justice is behind a system of confusion
Crime corruption, disease is omnipotent
Demand for blood and violent entertainment
We're lost in a void of hopelessness forsaken

I view the world and I'm not surprised what I see
As Armageddon unfolds on T.V.
Confined to flesh in this world of pestilence
Forever unrest the media has their audience
Blindly we fade into oblivion
Enter the new age of babylon

3. Devoid Of Logic

I know your not evil or wicked
And yet we let this evil breed
The flesh that dressed our table took
From a beast that feels pain like you or me

We enslaved people of different races
Until we knew it was wrong
Now we raise and kill entire species
Inhumane if dog or cat

You say they're weak of mind, exploit them as
We please, the retarded weak of mind shall
We dispose of too?
Starving people need the grain,
That's fed to the herds as they die in vain
The main user of the water we need, more
Than half by the butchers of beasts
25 gallons make a pound of wheat
25 hundred for a pound of flesh
Thousands are left dead on the plains
Our cattle get fat out ways are insane

Who are we to decide which species may
Live or die
Who we breed to serve flesh lust
Betray their lives and call it just
We are not above them all, as we believe
Since Satan's fall
Experiments to dastardly, poison beasts and make
Them bleed
Hitler was a holy Jew, compared to what science
does today
If you think them to be right, torture your
Pet and drain it's life
Slaughtering life brings high rewards to he who
Slays, but the blood's on our hands
Illogic twists it's way as we seek to find
That we are not wrong

When a thing suffers needlessly, a rage wells up
Inside of me
Who gives you the selfish right, to treat the
World as you please?
We are all not here for you to abuse us

4. Ruby Dreams

5. Prophecy Upon Us

Vigilante warrior champion
Battles of unseen forces that dwell among
The earth
Mystic seer of wisdom in solitary trance
Through divination foresees our future
In ancient tongue he chants

Vision of sorrow unfolding
An apocalypse closing in
Pestilence devours the realm of flesh
Humanity engulfed in sin

Beyond the gates of wisdom
Received by the chosen few
Embrace the chalice of knowledge
Awaken the awful truth

The wrath of the beast upon us
In the depths of our soul we feel
Instinctively within our hearts
A prophecy engraved in steel

Lead us not into temptation
Deceive us not into desolation
Unleashed hatred in our atmosphere
Upheaval of war Armageddon is near
Experiencing changes we can't understand
We hold onto faith while we still can
The earth is quaking
Our cities are breaking
Disaster will claim many lives
Murder and scandal
A burning black candle
Controlling the spirit of man
The earth now exists in a deadly abyss
Darkness has swallowed the light
Many addicted, seduced by the wicked
Join the flock of the damned
Salvation from sorrow
Deceived they will follow
Eternally in hell!

Now is a time to decide
To search our hearts and to realize
Our existence is not all in vain
There's a meaning to life it's not just a game
We were left behind, now we're caught in the middle
The future hangs in the balance like a riddle
So we live our lives for material lust
Awaiting judgment prophecy upon us

6. The Inner Voice Silenced

Dawning is now a predicted age
We're overpopulated rats in a cage
Slowly our freedom begins to erode
Governmental hypocrisy is bestowed

It is often said art imitates life
It seems now we're denied that right
Only confined to what they want us to see
They mold our minds to how they want us to be
Limited creations a fragment of the whole
Stifled expressions the truth untold

Freedom of religion, freedom of speech
So it is written, so practice what you preach
Contradicting our beginning they disregard the law
Exploiting all the violence as people watch in awe

Preference of eroticism
For individual taste
If you don't like what you see
Then get the hell out of their space

Declaring art obscenity they exclude you from their race
Slander you in the media they label you disgraced
Indifferences in all of us and intercrossing paths
Segregated by bigotry evolutions final wrath

Do you believe we're really free
If we can't reflect the world we see
Reality only black and white
Does freedom lie between wrong and right
Who decides what laws will change
Will liberty and justice still remain
If this is what the future shows
We'll all be slaves of mind control

Has America begun to weaken
Or revolution began to awaken
How can you blame us for being defiant
When our inner voice is silenced

(repeat chorus)

I don't know what this transposes in reverse
And if an evil word appears it's not intentional
Record our political leaders
And study their subliminal hates
Censor my words, censor their schemes
They drove me to suicide
(society shall sue them)

The media brainwashed me to love pursuit of things
And not to trust my inner voice so absurd they still defiled
Themselves and us by calling it the land of the
Free and the home of the brave

7. To Grasp Eternity

We seek for ways to connect
To a higher supreme source
Those that hunger for knowledge
Set their spiritual course

Just as a mirror points at another
Reflects an unending world
Aeturn divided makes waves of light
That spark and create all life

The never ending questions
Answers beyond our comprehension
That lead mankind to ponder through
The mystery of it's dimension

Time is a circle that measures decay
And points out change is at our hands
Can anything happen would seem to be true
As miracles sometimes do

Waiting for the Chakras to open our psychic doors
Of seven vital centers dormant deep within
The Kundalini will awaken and rise to
Enlighten us as we manifest through polarity
Escape this flesh reality, joining from the beginning
To grasp eternity...eternally

A soul is eternal, a fragment of the divine
As a circle turns on comprehend forever more
Do as thou will as long as it harms no one
Question all that you believe and know yourself
Inside and out

This concept is god!
Molecules are as one
All souls are as one, as psychic forces show
Your pain is mine, I wouldn't have it this way
So do unto others, our souls are as one!

Your pain is mine
I wouldn't have it this way
So do unto others, our souls
Are as one

8. Fatal Euphoria

Feel the rush as it tingles, tantalizing my spine
How many more times can my nerve endings explode
Jonesing again for that one last dose
Shove it in my veins until I'm comatose

When I'm gone I can't do anything
The beating of my heart consumes everything

Finding a cure for this never ending quest
I battle with the demon, he cheats me with his test
I have played the fool stuck pins into my eyes
My rage of hate attacked me haunts my soul and dies

Chorus - repeat

Why does it control everything in me
When I'm in control I know wrong from right
But when it's in my blood i can't put up a fight

Feeling weak and powerless I begin to cry
How could I betray myself to my loved ones
cheat & lie

Speed chorus
I kneel before the god that stole my life
I am still alive in here but don't know how to die

Emptiness and tortured awash in misery
My body craves another fix I just wish to die
All the things I've lost and ruined repentance can't buy
When I'm stretched out on a slab no rush forever more

Speed chorus - repeat

As my mind breaks/sweats and my body aches/
Pushed up are the stakes/ -- /
Will I live to see/my mind cleared of slavery/
My weakness cured by bravery/ -- /

Verse I - repeat

Chorus - repeat

Verse II - repeat

9. Penance Of Guilt

Forgive them father for they have sinned
Again and again
Pretending they know not what they do
When you know they'll sin again
Many people going down for the ride
On pedestals of fame in filth they hide
Use many words that cut like a knife
Stabbing the heart and draining the life

Lied and cheated on your spouse
Swore you never did
Your evil stays within you soul
From guilt you can't be hid

You and all you money, no charity
For the poor
Laughing at the crippled, you mock
And clam the door
No respect for women, they're just
A piece of meat
You steal a bloody profit on things
That should be free

Your capitalistic tendencies rot
Your soul within
The starving feast upon your blood
You disregard your sin

Remorse you will feel
And you must live with yourself
Repent your sins
In guilt you live your final days
In death free your soul

Preacher got busted and now he's not preaching
He is a hypocrite in prison who's weeping
In a lonely abyss of self pity and sorrow
Secret sins linger beyond our tomorrows
Seduced by temptation you taste the forbidden
Indulge in disguise to keep that side hidden
Now you are dying in disease you are stricken
Depression succumbs you near suicide you're

If you could only turn back time
Re-live your life and erase your crime
All the pain you've caused others before
To achieve your selfish gain
Now your soul is blackened
And your eyes are deranged
Your fate is sealed nothing can save you now
Your try to avoid the truth think you'll escape
Father please forgive me for life-long sins I've built
To avoid the fires of hell, eternal penance be my guilt

Sadistic Aryan fascist
Your mind is closed with hate
Burn in hell with your white supremacy
A bigot will seal their fate

Hunters of nature's creatures
That wear their fur with pride
You'll reincarnate as an animal
Hunted and skinned alive

Then upon your death bed
You'll confess your darkest of sin
A preacher recites your last rites
And your stairway descends!
No! No! No! No! Nooo! Lie! Lie! Lie!

10. Parthenogenesis

Begotten from an elder age
History had turned the page
Were they real I don't know
Change reveals itself so slow
They flourished in their temperate
Crime beyond the boundaries of all time
Their lives memories hadn't been kept
Eons past them as darkness crept
Changes came into their lives
The strangest feeling they'd never known
They came to fear their end was near
What lay around the bend for them

Virgin birth that they once known
Began to cease the seeds once sewn
Antibiosins sprayed their seed to fatal
Legacy that fathomed time
Fell prey to our temporal climb
Sacred Womb Contaminated
Each Embryonic Cell Mutated

Atrophy- sins of flesh
Wickedness- engulfed by darkness

So it seems the end of their race
Their organs can not be replaced
Evolution changes slowly
Now it's time for them to die

Atrophy- sins of flesh
Wickedness- engulfed by darkness

Degeneration taking place
They feast on gore
Their drives misplaced
Atmosphere of poison gas
Their lives will not last

Their virgin birth is now abstained
To never live again
Parthenogenesis is stained
With birth must follow death


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