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"Messiah" (2000)

1. The Ides of March
2. Messiah
3. Vengeance Attained
4. Mysteries Of Iniquity
5. Dawn Of Man
6. Earth And Sky
7. Goddess Arise
8. Unseen
9. 07/03/47
10. Rapture
11. Ghosts Once Past

1. The Ides of March

Caesar, beware these days
I pray thee, beware these days
A vision, comes to the seer
It fills my brain
I see your pain
The nineteenth, nineteenth of march
I see youíve marked the ides of march
Kiss of the queen, bite of the snake
I see your treachery filled fate

Go, run and fly free, your future I see
Dark blades you must flee
Go run and fly free, bad magicís to be
fly free

Your friends, you thought so dear
They plot your death, your deathís so near
In the dark, I see their faces
Such twisted faces, I see their faces
The magic, once strong and true
It seems to fade, fade from you
The strange ones, have now come
Theyíve come, coming for you

I see them gathered all around you
You sense their greetings false
The smell of treachery sears the air
I see you lying in your blood

2. Messiah

We look, into the skies
Weíre searching for a sign
Something to find
We need to find reason to be

Send us a sign
To know youíll come
send us a sign
Your faithfulís here

We donít, believe you're here
We donít think youíve come before
Your coming has, been foretold
We need something thatís real
I need, a new master
Gods of old, seem no more
A crutch, I need to find
A god to destroy our enemies

The stars are all set right
Alignment is in the sky
I whisper the arcane rites
The prophecy will come tonight

Solo jp

3. Vengeance Attained

Your story starts so bitterly
An act no one should see
I hear your tale unfold
It makes my blood run cold
The dark side of the human race
Makes me sick, spits in our face
The filth pollutes our minds
I crave relief from these ties that bind

As you speak I form a plan
Of just revenge upon this man
Iíll make him pay for all to see
Heíll suffer much until he's set free

In a flash it all comes clear
Disease is passed from him to me
Thirst for revenge builds in me
I shake with rage vengeance weíll see

Avenger-thatís what I am
I know the dark in you
Avenger-I exact the price
A price thatís paid in pain
Hero-To the weak
Evilís sworn enemy
Avenger-youíll pay whatís due
youíll never get away!

Solo JP

Your debt has been paid, but what have I lost myself
Punishing the evil, whatís changed in me

Bloodthirsty soul, have I become, I donít trust myself
Vengeance is mine so sayeth the lord, God strike my poor soul down

the lord, god strike my poor soul down

4. Mysteries Of Iniquity

Accosted with temptation
She pulls me to the floor
Hypnotized by idols
I lust forevermore
All flights of fantasy
And pleasure I do seek
Now thrown into the realms
She knows my flesh is weak

Maidens I lust for endless time
Damning the souls of all mankind
Ingesting poison from their wine
Ripping the harvest from the vine
Succubus seducing me
Engulfed in infidelity
Perverse erotic reality, mysteries of iniquity
Desire beckons me, a thousand regrets it shall be

Sweaty bodies fill the room
Their shadows on the wall
Indulging their desires
Heeding to their carnal calls
I waste no time the pleasures mine
To taste all through the night
I feel the heat take over me
Penetrating with its might

Intoxicating scent of women in the air
Animalistic instinctive fornication everywhere
Like serpents in a pile writhing all around
Muscles tense about to climax, wailing eerie sounds
Iím drawn into this ecstasy, knowing guilt will soon follow me
In bondage to my lust
As my soul fades into dust

5. Dawn Of Man

Since the early dawn of man
Up through the corridors of time
We have searched deep in our souls
Into the caverns of our minds
An empty space inside
A void within our hearts
Difference in cultures
That set the world apart

A need to return our energy
Towards all nature in harmony

As we evolved our spirits grew
Gave names to gods we channeled through
Into the earth we planted seeds
Providing food for our daily needs
In the fields men hunted beasts
They honored pan with mighty feasts
Winter fell their skin gave warmth
Gathered all resources upon the earth
The whispers on the wind
Or the setting of the sun
The lunar stages of the moon
Its gravity pulls us on

Repeat chorus

6. Earth And Sky

Sometime, when I look up at the sky
The night sky, night sky so vast
I wish, I wish upon a star
Your star, it burns so bright to me

O earth and sky, I wish upon your star
Your starís still there
Youíve gone away, it seems eternally
Your starís still there, it burns inside of me

Long ago, you broke the chains
You traveled on, you sailed the stars
I was left behind, the tears they burned in me
I long to be joined again

My time here, seems like empty years
Waiting to see you again
I believe, Oh I do believe
Our circle will start again

7. Goddess Arise

I saw her, rising up
Alive from earth, flowering in the sun
I had no one, would it be this way forever
Afraid of her light, power from above

Frozen in trance, grasping the chance
Night would soon fall, weaving the spell
Our paths were woven, cloth of our souls
A feeling complete, a need for her shine

A bonding is formed, the joining as one
Iíd never release, the charge that was stored

Darkness sweeps up from within
She wonít be freed, there despair begins
Alive with fire that spreads throughout a soul
It wonít be tamed, youíll never gain control

solo jp, sk

A cold winter fell, an icy pull on the land
I could feel the spell, had come to an end
To possess her soul, was foolish to try
Youíll lose, before youíll begin
When the dried leaf, blows away to die
Youíll remember her soul
The one you couldnít control

8. Unseen

Why are we breeding destroyers of life
Where have we gone so far wrong
Nature or nurture sparks the debate
It's gone on and on so long
In our minds we search for the cause
But when we reach our own brains we pause
I ignore my aggression, I can't seem to see
That driver is in you and me

Hid from the light, blinded from sight
The pressure is built up inside
Hid from the light, mind knows only night
Atom by atom they're formed

I almost lost my way there
It would have been easy to snap
They always said don't hold it in
Don't bottle your feelings inside

(repeat chorus)

9. 07/03/47

Its not hard to fathom that we've been deceived
By those in power who deal in greed
Intelligent beings unable to breed
Hold technological secrets for humanities need
Sleeping victims this planet in slumber
Unaware of perdition they've fallen under
Audacious their actionís, attrition we fall
Vaguely enslaved vexation to all
How long can they be in constant denial
Deluding us all in default we're defiled
Contention is high as we stake our claim
Conviction is strong and it burns like a flame
How can this be of cosmic conspiracy
Unknown event of abysmal euphony
How long will it be until its exposed
Like the cover up of Kennedy is never disclosed
You skeptics wake up, their excuses are lame
Balloon and a dummy, their stories refrain
Evading questions they canít explain
Recreants continually lie

Inert its too late
They've dug our graves
Indignant fate
Hybridized prototypes
Eventually will arise

10. Rapture

Here is wisdom and forgiveness
Repent yours sins and be of witness
Retribution into madness, tribulationís years of sadness
Inquisition against Christians, eminent is their persecution

Unholy ruler, man of sin, shall force us all to worship him

His globalist plans for a one world government
And its assault on our privacy
Personal freedom will soon disappear
Under surveillance we all live in fear
Bio chip implants in the wrist or the head
Resist his orders, you'll end up dead
Spiritual warfare now has begun
With the light of his coming the battle is won

Holy spirit move in me, sanctify us eternally
Help me father understand
To keep the laws that you command
Now the last days are at hand
Then you'll judge the souls of man
Many wonders deceive our eyes
As he blasphemes with splendid lies

Final choices, final destiny,
In the valley of decision awaits humanity
So many lies and nothing to believe
Tear down the veils, we have been deceived
Eternal life in prison, imagine if you can
No bars or guards to save you
From the torments you'll withstand
You think that evil's in your control
You cant deny that the beast possesses your soul

Solo jp

In the final hour call upon his power
Donít hesitate you might be late
You'll be left behind with the flock of the blind
Life is too short to die in your sin
The earth is hell bound so let Jesus in

Watch therefore, for you do not know
What hour your lord is coming
Matthew 24:42

11. Ghosts Once Past

"The first will visit you when the clock strikes one"
"heed them well, they are your only chance"

He knew it was strange, that December eve
Was it the drugs? His senses took leave

Brought out by the ghost of past
I was but a boy here

My heart was locked up here
My ruin was made this way

His greed shown in detail, his love drove away, hard as steel was his way

The three ghosts, taught that night, a lesson harder than steel
If these be but shadows of what can be real
I choose to change my ways, a better soul Iíll become
The spell was broken by a kiss of light forever changed in his heart

Solo jp, sk


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