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Book of the Dead

"Book of the Dead" (2001)

1. When Six Was Nine
2. Tragic Flaws
3. Escaped
4. Soleares
5. Church of Mind
6. Burning Into Blackness
7. The Chamber
8. Locked Out
9. Ruby Dreams (Faith and Hope)
10. Phobia
11. Anger Seething
12. Oleander

1. When Six Was Nine

As I fall in this floating box
My mind is back to that day
I had forgotten along the way
Now the time has come, I see itís time to pay

My will is prophecy, my own mythology, an oracle to be
The blood shed by my soul, the deal time controls, tears for
Gifts you gave-IF SIX WAS NINE

The days I woke with resolve
To do an act with meaning
Seems Iíve lost power
To change things for the better

When I was drawn toward you
I needed all you had
My instincts had been twisted
I learned it all too late

2. Tragic Flaws

How many times Iíve climbed the mountain, to look down on me
From this point I almost can see, the things that make me crumble down, run my world into the ground

The story always ends, with the stinging of eyes, defeat round the bend
It seems the tragic flaw, has conquered again, brought itís painful end

This time I ride out, proud to behold we take the queen, the enemy lies cold
But I gaze into the crystal ball; my follyís brought ruin to us all. Again!

3. Escaped

Leaving now, thatís enough
No one here, to call their bluff
For so long, Iíve had the dream
If I donít go, Itís a lifelong scream

Escape! Is calling to me, Iíve never, ever felt free
Escape! Life is wasted unless, I take this chance
And see another way

All my life, Inside these walls
So much more, Iíve never seen
It seems, I would never know
What could be, whatís my possibility

How's my story, going to end
I canít say, itís mine to live
I donít need, a lot of hope
This escape, is my mind set free

4. Soleares

5. Church of Mind

Welcome to, my church of mind
Step inside, and take the ride
All that's here, is my own view
No one converts, it's not your church

Now I can see we all have our own church of mind
All points of view can exist within my own point of view
As sacred is to me, you don't need to follow my way
We all have our dreams, philosophies in our own church of mind

My sacraments, and rituals
Are my own, my sacred zone
Don't pretend, to know my ways
Each precious life must find it's own Church of Mind

6. Burning Into Blackness

Wondering where the spark flies to when it's gone
The flame is fading, the candle burns low
So many years, they fade into the dust, the soul
I gave you, It needs to fly back
On that sun stained day I knew you were real
My spirit changed, I made it come back

Cause no words were spoken, no spells were cast
The lies were broken; I saw your face at last

Burn now into Fate, Your glory's fade to Black
Your fires burned my heart; your soul can't journey back

Given a hard life to this, now that it's done
My spirit can't roam
I never knew the price I'd pay, in sufferin' and sweat
Would I do it again?
I bear the marks the taint is in my blood, would
You set me free, and take me on home

7. The Chamber

8. Locked Out

Somehow I got locked on the outside
I'm trying to get back in
Can someone help me unlock the door
And welcome me back inside

Holding out for the answer
Seems like an eternity
Mysteries of the darkness
Concealed in secrecy

Help me I'm locked on the outside
The storm is pitching violently
Lead me in from the outside
Shelter my soul from the enemy

As people look right through me
Their amusement becomes my shame
In a synchronized society
Where the numbers replace their names

Karmic retribution it's a heavy cross to bear
Searching a lifetime for answers
Afflicted with despair

Somehow I got lost on my path
Distracted by deeds of the flesh
I can't silence this voice of oppression
Guardian angels lead my soul to rest

9. Ruby Dreams (Faith and Hope)

10. Phobia

Ever flowing streams of stubborn morals created to seal the gate
Mankind's biological time bomb, a must see comedy
Limits we place inside slows evolution to a crawl
The beast inside scratches and claws to be free

A cage of solid steel
A lock without a key
Weakened minds wither to dust
Strong words from blistered mouths

Parasites of myths and lies will eat your mind away
The multidimensional universe is gone forevermore
Scavenges your mind for unique patterns you can't conceal
The door to evolution is sealed eternally

11. Anger Seething

As you pull me through
This mental cesspool
Feelings of anger are
Seething all through me
My eyes burn red
And my blood is boiling
Malevolent forces you've provoked
In me

The blaze that lies behind my eyes,
Hatred drives, my muted cries

The tables turn you are now the victim
You scream for mercy but your just ignored
I burn with hate as my flames engulf you
My venom is cruel it's your just reward
Damn you all that laugh and mock me
You'll bear my curse when you hear my song

Once the calmness reigned and I would laugh
And sing, with everything
Darkness came to call, shattered around us all,
Stole the calm inside-replaced it with a crimson tide!

12. Oleander

*instrumental vocally*


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