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"Seaquake" (2000)

1. Seaquake
2. Rusty Machine
3. The First Mile
4. The Second Mile
5. Victory Act
6. Without Truces
7. Vital Blood
8. Love in Vain
9. Friendly Hand
10. Dance of the Seeds
11. Every Pain II
12. Inside of the Eyes
13. Faith in the Arena

1. Seaquake

Diving in my ocean
in a time of seaquake
facing to never again
be as it was before
prisioner of nature in fury
prisioner of the routes of the past

lost in mirros of waters
of a storm on the high seas
disturbed by memories
that take me outside
crew tells me...
how to escape of the seaquake ?

look! you can walk on the waters
and arrive at a safe wharf
look! you can face that sea
and arrive safe by the morning

cramps in my legs
and a fish spine in my throat
(and I'm) tied in a child's chair
and there is nobody here (to help me)
(now) cramps in my body
and an ice cube in my sou
I'm a prisioner again (are you here?)
inside this seaquake (dad you can help me, I know)

2. Rusty Machine

Cauterize what makes you fell
Will of finding live answers
Cauterize what brings you here
Then be your own torturer
The life will be corrupted
Each one on its way
You jam the gears of the soul
Far away fro god

Why? Why? You ask me...
I show you the way
Why? Why? You seem to be
A human machine

I understand that we are not
But it's a way
Of making you understand
That the time destroys
The life is more than the metal
The grave will come
But this is not the end
Then ask yourself

3. The First Mile

Let my hand free, leave me alone...
I met the hate
I lost my temper when the storm came...
I live like this
I cant't fell this pain, I'm confused
I'm stuck in my hate, tell me
Prove me, show me another way

I don't fell and I don't want...
To walk, what I can I do?
I suffer alone, it's good for me, get out of here
I wanna be here and toast to my lapses
Judging what they told me...
Angers, hate, there is no way out

Call me, call me... Echoes in the grave
Show me, show me... Shadows in the grave

Following the first mile...
Call me when you have a way...

4. The Second Mile

I don't care about your way
I don't believe in normal feelings
Leave the time just set your soul free
The second mile is a road of life

Horizons, we've got to choose just one
Gray clouds darken the whole sky

I only miss you, I have to go
You can try, look ahead of you
Let the rain flood our soul
We can try to walk on this road
Leave the time only free the soul

It's really a new road this mile
You felt didn't you feel ?
It's new we can feel!

5. Victory Act

Deep silence flees from light
Deep silence the life dies
Three days as a grain
Three days sowed in the end
Resurrection, resurrection
Victory act nailed
Nailed on the cross
Victory act... perfect love

6. Without Truces

The giant smile in the arena
He has in his hands
A death sentence
The game will begin

Present your weapons
Millenarian enemy
Agel-light dressed break
The curtains of the time

Your voice invading my desert
Mining my weakness
Trying to destroy me
Your eyes they follow my walk
They stare each step
Wanting my tripping

To struggle to win
The faith is enough and giants will fall again

I present my weapon a eternal friend
An army of angels to get rid of the death
My voice invades the throne of God
Exposing my weakness
I get strengthen myself

My eyes they seek for a safe place
To firm my steps
Get ready for the battle

7. Vital Blood

She doesn't know what happened
She is stuck in the concrete
She only hears her baby's cry
She is hurt, sad, desesperate
Her body is weak and fragile
She calls out for the lord

The blood can save... She waits
And knows that she will make it

We know the way it is
We are stuck in our logic
We are dead in our sins
Lost, hidden in the darkness
With our weak and fragile spirit
Alone everywhere

He gave his blood
Spilled his the power on the cross

He didn't die for some of us
He died to give life for all
Her blood saved the baby
His blood saved the world

8. Love in Vain

Silence ... a distance glance
only... a sad face
words... said in the wind
tell me what happened

I Know your glance never saids forever
an now the wind moves in the mirror of the past
I Know that we lacked say a prayer together
I Know that was a love in vain

feelings pass as the clouds
memories livi in the sky
traces the desert wipes out
however, love was forever

Silence ...

9. Friendly Hand

I see the escape, I notice the lies
I see the shadow to cover your face
I break the ice, I speak of love
I show the light, a lamp fro your highway

A shelter friend, a voice that guides
A sefe road a friend's letter

I point the end, I explain the beginning
I dont't care if it's day or night
I travel in time, I spread love
I'm shield and safe fortess

And now I'm flying I'm loose again
Flooding as rain the dead land
You can only hold my hand

Walls faliing in the dark of the night
People reaching God's friendly hand
Great call for the wonderfull light
Friendly hand feel a friendly hand

Hold a friendly hand ...

10. Dance of the Seeds

Sacred seed thrown in the land
Thorms and stones, sun and the birds
They impede that we see
Sacred blood spilled on the cross
Dancing in the time, crossing the fog

The innocence
Songs of mercy

The dance of the seeds
In the human mind

Human tragedy watered in the death
Daring and insults, shame and money
You crazy... And your soul?
Innocent blood, the true sacifice
Perfect love cut in the pain
Allows the soul to find

The innocence
Songs of mercy

The dance of the seeds
In the human mind

Dance of the seeds

11. Every Pain II

Every pain I felt for you
on the cross I thought of you
heavy bale I had to carry
taking the pain in my body
taking the death in my spirit...

naked of the glory for you
distant of the father for you
from the man I saw your fury
death desire in the glance
I was killed in your place

your heavy cross on my shouders
your pain was mine
your metal chains on my mind
every pain in me
every pain was the price
every pain for me
my blood the price
the price of the sin

there is nothing else to do
today it depends on you
don't ignore my death
don't ignore the own life
you need to take a step oh

hey!!! I'll returm covered with glory
fast like a streak covered with glory

12. Inside of the Eyes

Inside situations that take you to doub
Inside contemplations that dance in that orbit
Inside probations that reveal the fragility
Inside tribulations of a hollow course

Inside the dead scenery disguised of life
Inside of one mask yellowed by the time
Inside the thater amazed in a tragedy
Inside the mirage in the mirror... No...

Don't lie that is a drop in the rain
Don't live your silence tragedy and fear
Don't paint of blue what is gray
And never again: say never again

Forgive, be forgiven to conceive the mercy
Don't kneel down if it's not a tru prayer
Speak, simply speak to the omnipresent
What happens inside of your eyes

Outside syntony with the spirit frequency
Outside palne roads and of the calm waters
Outside days of glories and great conquest
Outside ecstasies an miracles...

13. Faith in the Arena


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