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"Ultraviolenc" (2002 Demo)

1. Impotency Stuck The Stereophallus
2. Reality Breaks A Leg
3. The Opposition of Anti-Gravity
4. Serpent Circle Serpent
5. Drunk Medley Of Virus And Lampshades

1. Impotency Stuck The Stereophallus

Oh see and hear
Hail and fear
Look up high:
Two towers forming

Come to think
Think to Fill
Fill the Will
Of Samuel falling

Load your toilet-case with plastic razors
and smile gently at the not-knowing flight attendant

Think of all the things waiting for you
Promised by your dad flying at level with you now

With you I excell
With you and my fried brain

Fall, Fall, Fall, Penis of Zion
Come, Come, Come, spew your sperm
Rise, Rise, Rise, I'm so thirsty
This is my End

When you see my dad and me
Flying right into your house

(I am...)

Oh see and hear
Hail and fear
Look up
No towers more there

Feel the thrill of the kill
When Uncle Sam fucks no more

2. Reality Breaks A Leg

Would you ever beleive me
When i say: what we see
is not obliged by what we feel

By the things that come by our ears,
and make the void seem exit light
when the light meets what we hear
is when reality breaks a leg

To witness a presentation of a man or woman
Projected through a vision in a square subliminal eye
Feeling a truth through vision, feeling mind-controlled
Sensing you are imprisoned, "reality" takes control

People held in a house with bombs
Stormed by the feel of red and cold

All the things you see are chewed by sheep
And the things they say are pestered with woll
All the thoughts you think are sold to you
And the sheep can see every thing you do

Feel eyes melt, when reality breaks a leg

3. The Opposition of Anti-Gravity

We all have seen the aether of life,
Flowing down the leaves

But have we ever wondered from where that life then came
Universal propechies from mankind scorn

("Sheep", thought eye)

Alas! for the sake of You
Ponder before you do

Salted by the abscess of Daemons
One was welcomed by empty shoes and bright eyes
Just like that, next in line
Was given a gun; to get it done

...And all they thought was nonsense
All their cells were pestered by sheep
All their minds flowed empty rain
And hence they drowned

Imagine harvest and in the sky
Being extinguished by a lie
That all of which comes from above
Is Polarized

4. Serpent Circle Serpent

Consumed by serpent dust I dwell on this blurred path inside my mind,
I feel blind, inside my mind I see them come alive
And as my eyes are closing the senses stir up more, now I can see,
All those faces become real

When in the garden where matter follows not rules
It came to knowledge that people are but fools
And after dwelling without limbs
The light of the sun, the sun of our kin?
(Breathe like the wind on your chin,
but as the heat increases and heart pounds
you see yourself drown)

So now I walking in a circle
On a slingering snakeskin-trail
I let the serpent lead me
I merely stand and gaze
On all the people flashing
With golden blinking heads
This ride is more than knowledge
This is the realisation of The Self

So on the path again I stood siliently wondering why people were
such fools that by submitting themselves would salvate their stupid rules
Oh those fools...
Life is fullfilment of lust and desire
Not trusting in entities that tell you how to be and how to ponder
For ye all trust to find the answer yonder
But have you in the mirror downunder ?
In the Serpent Circle free Will is The Law

Walking on the back of the serpent for times beyond
Still trying to realise that what lies up and what there under
And so by this with closed eyes, I take a knife and slice the lies
I spit upon the sheep and shit upon the people
That walk around with answers for all

See, laws by gods, other than stars
Do not suite well into our life
Preferring lust and life before lies
In The Serpent Circle Free Will is The Law

5. Drunk Medley Of Virus And Lampshades


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