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The Scream That Tore the Sky

"The Scream That Tore the Sky" (2005)

1. ...of the Sun
2. The Scream That Tore the Sky
3. One Will Always Feast
4. Insomniate Vortex
5. Harbringer
6. Ye Olde Magicks
7. Pale Brethren
8. Tongues
9. Scribe to the Forsaken Mother
10. Viral Spears and Shades of Moonskin
11. All That Is...

1. ...of the Sun

2. The Scream That Tore the Sky

The bronze star of sin
Cried in years amass blackened twine
Light bane
Steroid driven glimpse
Intense millenium

Alien pulse riding the skies

Marred by the tranquil
Yield to the endless swamp
Fit for mystic mules
The waking is yore

The sullen diamond masks
Mirage despoling the madness
In which we will be
Ultimately consumed

Despoling the madness...

3. One Will Always Feast

Great ones, abort thy power unto me
Come, bring your taintless, might machines
Of star-like composition

I am pure, I am nature
That is truth
You do not believe?
Then you shall not ride
Take me

They are left bloodless by my hand
We stand strong
Our children shall be stronger
In display of my peoples
I devour thy wretched
Slavery bonds, hatching sores
Broke the cattle in
Languish feast on the fallen

Coming to understand substance

Earth may shake beneath its sun
Stand firm until

4. Insomniate Vortex

I interviolate law, through the star
Execrate to a sanctuary aside cores
Of immaterial nebulae
Swarming and bloated with crystallis

Obscure thrushes suffered
Reside on opiate dreams
Dream beside
Plant of dawning kabalah

Infected inside out with hormonous tar
Reject into demons of the bleeding tattoos
For there, the alien artifacts
Hold secrets, encompassed in un-oxidized membrace

Chaotic, undefined proverbial guidance
By which all prophets die
By which all written laws
Falter in presence

Learn thus; order is petty
The sane exit through
Their will and own
Hated expectation

5. Harbringer

6. Ye Olde Magicks

harbringer, carrying thy holy burden
Un-worked stones of time

The grass tall on the hollow hills
Sorrowed faeries ceased to fast
His circles and symbols, attracted the spirits
Of whom thought lost

His prayers to them and summons
Drew the moisture from the ground around him
The lids of each his eyes, malformed to his forefingers, left and right
His voices, a parody of gibberish

The catalysis began with the rising of the seas
When the powers made the material descent
His melting torso showered the children
With conditional understanding

Creatures that dwelt in the clay
Upheaved the ocean floor in clouds
Billowing red sand

They have awakened to cleanse
And heal the spiraling worlds

Claimed long forgooten ages ago
He spoke of nightmarish malice, but the beauty

Incomparable, these aliens brought this planet life
Purifying in graceful slaughter

7. Pale Brethren

Meajsty, broke the bread in two
Etched in it a caricature smiling wickedness
Frothing vulture leering from the fire

Miscarriage of phoenix!
Rises on pallid wings
Pray be the air that taketh it

Divorced from beyond, spun from silt
Foul breath, stringent
Be cast and dispel

Lest distraught the blooming fields
May thy bowels rot

Poison what is left of thy insipid fetish
The burning smoke of it
Raise me to the outer

Circle the moon and be forever in search of the true brethren
My trail, ashen in wake, a path for all to see
Return will I, my cycle is tenfold
Yet to be seen here

They are to come
Dispatch thy monarch
Burn thy altars
We are, they are...

8. Tongues

9. Scribe to the Forsaken Mother

Airing art tranquil bells
Stand, turn, gaze upon oceans adrift
Within, uplifted to the breast of the sphinx

The mediation of day to nightfall
Casts a crimson phenomenate

Unrest, broke stirrings
Of whose death agonized from extinction

A transition to nature
Nor even the dead at peace

Poetic words of shrouds and hearts
Riding fantastic deities
As was truth afar from saviourists teachings

Thee god-spoken
Will fall prey
To the mothering figurehead

A transition to nature

10. Viral Spears and Shades of Moonskin

Swill crystalline waters
From the daughters that haunt the mountains
Weaving their skin over the sun

The reflection was stunning

Trees hum their lustrous songs
Wish to ride the greenest leaves
When rains bring the rainbows and earth's energies collide

A dawn of reckoning
Language will reassume splendidity

Deepest oceans will teem with abyssic beings
Escaped the sharded glaciers

Truths will be foreseen

Exchanging solemn bows to the fiery hearted goblins
At peace, the earth rises to greet me

11. All That Is...


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