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Your True Self

"Your True Self" (2004)

1. Exile
2. Your True Self
3. Rainbow
4. Existence
5. Viginia And The Wizard
6. Crystal Heart
7. Draft
8. Revelation Of Our Malice
9. Merciless Faith
10. Cryptic Epistle
11. Labyrinth Of Spleen

1. Exile

Sometimes I'm so tired
to be right and to get higher
over faults and troubles.
When all the things are double,
how to have a full control,
wondering which way to go.

I ventured to get loose
even when it's possible to lose
all I've got and love.
But there's a heaven above
the iron of my mighty will.
I'm stronger than the pain I feel.

Fantasy and nothing at all...
No help and signs to show,
to save me from being in two minds.
May I reach you or I'm blind
to see the real picture of my life
and the profit of my cry.

Deep traces of my own decision
build the beauty of this vision.
It reminds me of you and me
in past life... Be born again to see
this empty room and smile
to defeat the loneliness of your exile.

2. Your True Self

Call them for advice,
for salvation from your vice!
And subconscious filled with fears
till you see the queen of the spears...
She's looking for the knight of chalice
beyond the envious people malice.

Angels compelling to bend!
"Tell him, you won't offend
the honor of your dream -
sign of spirit so supreme, so supreme!"

Bind all the demons splendid!
Find the way to defend it -
heart wavering mislead
in sliding reverie to the death
of reincarnated truth
and a revival of his youth...

I'm an angel and you're me
feel the spell, the melody
are carrying on the new
faith and light for you!

3. Rainbow

- How I know, you can build a rainbow
- Tell me witch, how can I build a rainbow
- See that girl...
- ...her smile is like a pearl,
her lips are a bloody red -
sensual and drive me mad.
Her hair is black...
- ...just like the death!
- Her eyes - a madness...
Oh! She is a goddess!
- So you have to break her heart!
but it will be so hard.
She must fall in love with you!
Forget to do it too!
Then leave her and she must be hurt!
She's gonna cry because of your lie
and the tears will rain,
and the sun will shine,
and with the power of her pain
the make-up's gonna fall
and she'll forever go...
So you'll have a rainbow.

- You fell in love with her...
- Now it so much hurts!
My sorrow's gonna kill
me... I shouldn't feel...
- The happiness doesn't exist
- One thing's always missed...

4. Existence

Even my shadow
has been gone...
Let it run out!
What have I done.
So many questions
I shouldn't ask
There is no face
behind the mask!

Time now is sleeping,
crime now is creeping,
calling to me,
coming to be
piece of mind,
eyes of blind...

The clock now is broken -
freedom fills all my soul!
The words are already spoken.
I don't need a home.
You want all or nothing.
Anything's not enough.
Why are you losing
all that you've got?

Finding the answers -
is always hard.
Losing your temper -
it happens fast.
Never stood quiet -
lived on run.
It was for the lost cause -
all that you've done.

5. Viginia And The Wizard

Majestic voice and vision...
Years of tears and oblivion...
Saved the lonely soul of
The princess as a ghost
Innocence of rising dream
Calling wizard... What does it mean?
All the signs are ordered when we'll
Live the next time, may be then...

Falling broken figures
Out of space. He's coming as a beggar.
Return again into a heat!
Circles around her... It beats - her
Enchanted heart and leads her
Out of darkest psycho hell
For search the matter in his spell

Dawn of passions rises wisdom
And her fantasy has mighty kingdom
Riding fire queen Virginia...
King of mystery -her chasing mania.
Miracle she's waiting for,
In dreams wants more and more...
No secrets for the wizard's eyes -
Dissembled feelings, noble lies...

Falling broken figures
Out of space. He's coming as a beggar.
Return again into a heat!
Circles around her... It beats - her
Enchanted heart and leads her
Out of darkest psycho hell
For search the matter in his spell

Fast as lightning, you
Read this story with no
End. You will be amazed
Eternally hungry friend...
Do you believe - the queen
Of queens and the wizard, they are
Me, because I'm absolutely free!

6. Crystal Heart

How could I think it could be too late
to spread my wings, to see an angel alate,
If you wish we both can fly away
to touch the stars, knocking on heaven's gate.

Crying for an angel,
facing brave the danger,
you picked up the crystals
to make me so blissful.
My broken dreams will disappear
with my loneliness and my fear.
It was broken in a million of parts.
Do you, master want to take my heart?

You lightened me, my inner at one fling!
You said those words I've always wished to sing.
You found the magic key, I took the hint.
When the night comes down, in my bed you'll slink...

7. Draft

Time is drawing on my skin
paintings of horror,
I'm just a queen to fight with him.
Even the energy of my sorrow
can't help me to win.

I envy the time never goes back.
that's invisible and lives
forever when it's always dead.
And it's pervert profanation
is dwelling in my madness. That's a fact.

My loneliness I'm realizing,
becoming a famous face
of times' romantic advertisement.
And all my love is wasted,
waiting for the rainbow rising.

I am kneeling in the mud
as nobody's phantom
on all my reverie's tomb.

8. Revelation Of Our Malice

Whenever I gaze
in the deep dark of your eyes
our sorrow I can face
as a wall between the crowd
and our tears frozen.
Don't you feel yourselves alive
and close to me
when your pain I wanna share
and your despair?
The souls we'll give into the dark!
Will the apathy fall apart?

the speech:

Mankind! So pitiful you,
gave birth to my malice!
You told me grinning,
my holy dreams are children
of illness and illusions!
But you'll scream for mercy,
punished for the oblivion!
And your spiteful bliss
we will change with fear!
And we'll create new world
made of dreams!

All gods and lack of understanding
call the power of our hate!
She's a witch beautiful and mighty
more than Love and Death.
As a ghost of our malice
she will range the human souls.
It will unify in revelation silent
the aggression and despair.

9. Merciless Faith

Pulling up to me,
you face again the wall.
I can feel it and see
your lorn and longing soul.
Only words reminds of heat
instead of a burning fire
The heart of my lion bleeds
for a distant passionate desire.

The road is long...
The king is strong.
This fairy-tale has a happy end:
We both shall climb up hand in hand
to the top of the highest rock
and in the clouds we'll walk...
But merciless illusion is my faith...
In the golden world my dream must wait!

Pulling up to you,
I face again the wall.
And I can't break on through,
but you're the one - comfort my soul
Can you see me watching over?
Close your eyes and try to sleep.
In your dream you'll meet a rover
It's my passion and my weep.

Magic circle where we are.
There's no way and exit to get out.
Burning flame will take my pain
The ice will melt and I will stray
my memories stricken with my grief.
Give me little piece of your belief!

10. Cryptic Epistle

Where the rocks are sicked
into the morning sky,
where your whisper's mixed
with the echo of my cry...
Where the mountain waterfalls
are the tears of the beast,
who will save the suffering souls
of the rich, the poor, and the priest...

Where the nature is so cruel
to kill the sinner and the fool,
it is written on my stones
with human dust and bones -
I will be the queen of stars
when Venus reconciles to Mars.

Where the gold has no price,
I will need no words
to speak no wrongs, no lies,
I'll fly with other birds...
When the roses stop to fade
and the madman is the king,
there won't be blood on the blade
and your freedom I will bring...

They live their life in vain
the ones who are insane!
This din must die away!

Where I can drink the rain,
the secrets of my spell are kept
away and saved from pain,
from the past we might regret...
An oracle of mystic runes
gave me providence and faith
to fight and see them soon -
the things we'll change
to a better way...

11. Labyrinth Of Spleen

Veil of night falls tenderly
upon my shameless bare spleen.
Passion awaits your eager touch.
Bring me a star - I'll give so much
more than in your secret dreams...
Forgive my fiery timeless sins -
to catch and keep you in my web,
never to feel a pain from now to a death.

I'll be aside and far away
from their evil masquerade!
I'll always be lonely there,
waiting for the king to share
what the queen is longing for -
the one who can unlock the door,
to guess the riddle of the queen,
to live in labyrinth of spleen...

To watch how the lace caresses my skin
tonight the noblest knight will win.
Whispering poetry in the dark,
following my shadow in the park,
he'll see a candle - hint for games
and my lyrics burning in the flames.
A bird will bring them in the night
when my eyes will be your light...


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