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"Faithbringer" (2002)

1. Faithbringer
2. Devil's Dance
3. Firewalker
4. Kill Your Idol
5. Wonderland
6. Out of the Crowd
7. Save the Slave
8. The Crying Angel and My Fears
9. The Myth
10. Welcome

1. Faithbringer


Look at me - I`m the rising moon !
Now is the time to deliver from your doom.
You are not helpless bystander
`cause the key is - “Never surrender !”
poison your dark intentions with my scent
and your guardian angel will be sent.
Dreamer, you must have been told
what is out of their hunger for gold.

Refrain : I`m the faithbringer !
Your dream - I will sing her !
Set the planets in order
To divine spirits - you`re closer
After burn doubts and fears
Mix their ash with your tears...
Are you hearing the bell ?
You wish cast a spell.

You told me you saw trolls and vampires.
All around you - there are evil empires.
Frogs you are eating for saving from hell.
But malice is hidden behind the mystical bell.
Revenge is verging towards compassion.
Clear your mind in ominous confession.
The dark chaos disappears in the gleeds.
And justice for you - like invisible heat.

Refrain : ...

Fiery heart`s beating in flames.
Blood is torturing your veins.
Cold water`s throwing your skin over.
But candle`s burning in rain.
The ground is opening under your feet.
But you can`t fall in.
Air is turning into a storm.
You found out why you are born.

Refrain: …

2. Devil's Dance

Devil`s Dance

Break the rules !
Be lord of the night !
Shock the fools !
Take all the light !
Oh, you are right -
It`s nothing but evil.
Are you ready to fight
With my passion - to give all ?

Now, you, priest,
Tell me the truth !
Am I the beast -
My body needs food ?
Show me the sin
When I`m feeling well.
A thrill under my skin -
It`s cool down in hell !

Chorus: Chorus: So we gonna sing -
Dance with devil in the spring !
No distance in this season…
Tear me with your sting !
Don`t think ! No reason.

So frightened and angry,
Forget now the sins.
The witch`s teased and hungry.
Satisfy her dreams.
Take off the mask, I can see
Her in your arms and say proudly -
My body and soul are in harmony !
Rock me and shout, honey, louder !
Chorus: /twice/

3. Firewalker


Somewhere in a mountain oriental,
Where virgin places sacramental
Are forgotten worlds for you and me
We are looking for a fairy,
Speaking with colors of butterflies
And strange pictures of clouds in the sky.
If you find a magic flower -
Analyze its` mystic power.

Red hair as long as your dream -
Firewalker dances naked and sings
Barefoot in the glowing embers.
They are her jealous defenders.
Stretch your hand to touch her skin...
You can`t reach her because of your sin.
If you`re out of your body and fear,
You won`t be burned, you`ll be near
The truth and you`ll see
Real unbelievable dreams.

Dancing firewalker lonely and wild...
Sleeping you hear her voice searching and mild
Sending to you an allusion,
She waits for hearts` fusion.
Ride your horse through distant lands
To hold firewalker in your brave hands.
When you open your eyes in the morning,
She`s gonna warm you up with the dawning.

4. Kill Your Idol

Kill Your Idol
The Symphony of The Human Madness

The monologue of my I`m still seeing your skin and blood
reality: under my nails.
My reveries` death begins...

My reality meets my fantasy I`m not afraid ` cause I believe
and says: “May be...” my reveries and you exist.
But is it fear and shall I live
in my perfect world, so twisted ?

The aria of my fantasy: You feel my passion far away
and search a mystery in me.
I`m your dream and vision divine.
... together free in the eternity...

The pain and the fury of But where are you /where are you?/
my fantasy: To hold me when I cry, /I cry.../
To kill the monster
And for me, to fight?!

The masquerade: I don`t need your answer any more!
You could touch my fantasy, so lone
Pervert angel, you - devil in disguise
Kill my memories
born in faults and lies...No!

My reality fuses with my Come you, devil,
fantasy to create my madness: feed my own religion or
free me from this pain !
I give my soul ! I`ll pay !

5. Wonderland


Walk through the forest of magic
Go to the Wonderland
To find your death or glory
Your honor to defend...

6. Out of the Crowd

Out Of The Crowd

They are kneeling now in fear
caught in their confusions.
They can`t see you`re here
as a cult of their illusions.

Their hysteria is an objection -
symphony of love and hate.
Don`t await a different reaction,
realizing in their minds - don`t wait!

They are pushing and smashing.
Give them circus and bread.
They are happy to see you are crashing.
Get them out of your head.

Scene of theater - is it real?. . .
Play your role - got no choice.
Survive and stop now to feel.
There`s no one hearing your voice.

Your smile`s the malice of the crowd.
But you can only cry and shout -
Waiting for your sorrows` dying,
dividing of your soul.., it`s flying. . .

7. Save the Slave

Save The Slave

Every time I look in the mirror
I see our times` hero
as a slave of my ego...

I can travel through the time
from a world to another.
But I can`t find myself
in the reality of others...

Imagine me with phones
running in the streets,
chased by rules
and gaped as a freak...

In dark side of my mind
It comes to rape me !
And strength it`s hard to find -
someone to save me !

So the malice`s growing up
and I`m turning into a beast
till the human in me give up...

Save the slave !

8. The Crying Angel and My Fears

The Crying Angel And My Fears

Hey stranger, my angel !
Eat my heart and blind my eyes
But forgive me
There`s no place for you
in the castle of my dreams...

I can`t look in your eyes -
I`m drowning in their blue...
I can`t straight face to you -
I`m just a dust in your silent pain...

I`m chased away,
I`m a memory,
But is there punishment for me ?
Speak ! Speak to me !

9. The Myth

The Myth

Zeus gave order to gods -
mortal woman to be made from clay...
Pandora was her name.
And they had to give her a spell
instead of a human soul...
And the beauty must be sly,
to enchant and to entice...
To punish people, Zeus sent her,
for the fire they had stolen from Olymp.
High price they had to pay
for the boldness of Prometheus.

chorus: And all the oceans in the universe
won`t be enough to put out the holy
fiery Prometheus` sacrifice.
Hate your chimerical hopes!
Let be holy your souls!

She went to his brother
but he`d forgotten Prometheus` advice -
don`t take presents from gods.
So Epimetheus could not endure
Pandoras` mystical allure.
She brought an urn with evils
unknown for mortals until then.
And all disasters spread out when
Pandoras` curiosity prevailed.
And all the sorrows
conquered the human world.
But scared she closed the urn
and the nastiest evil couldn`t creep.
So explain me how the hope
as the most dangerous of evils
corrodes the human souls ?!
I said - the great wisdom of the faith
will make your dreams eternal.

10. Welcome


Be welcome knight, so brave
In my temple, in my cave.
You`re alive and passed through
The ancient path of the Moon.
Look for glory and treasures -
You`ve got `em both and the pleasure -
To be my dear guest tonight,
Taking up the challenge to fight
With the last dragon in you.
If you win, I`ll tell you the true
Story of your gentle soul -
Why you meet me, why you fall
In love with my rainbow eyes.
Are you ready to pay the price?


Tell me your misty dreams,
Talk about your shame and your sins.
Drink from my magic wine,
Relax in my whisper, so fine...
My tears will wash your pain away
And you will wish forever to stay.
I know you will be gone tomorrow
And the wisdom you will follow
`Cause with endless love I bless
Your power and you`ll be the best.
Sleep well and sing this song
When deep inside you - something is wrong.
Come back again to me
When you are ready to be free...


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