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Delusion Thunder

"Delusion Thunder" (2007 Demo)

1. Collide!
2. Star Insight
3. Absent Mates
4. Death

1. Collide!

Please don't kill me my master! I have the shining now,
Drown me in to the waters, let me be one of you.
Collide! Collapse! Let's ram'em down,
I see us, fallen angels in the ground.

Hallusion thunder, imagine your demons under, deeper into coma,
It's my home, a different state,
Wisemen have made the forces, a boiling clouds of thunder,
Deeper into coma of a soul and denise.

Select a bullet for me, you can try to kill me now
Though I'm out of ammo and flying so goddam high.

Collide! Collapse! Beware the eye,
after all, we are all under the same sky

(Darkness falls, catching as we drown into the ground.)

2. Star Insight

Stare at night, burst of stars and echo skyes, behold the stars, insight!
Hear right now, an evil eye, bleeding cosmic, dust explodes,

A funeral of somekind of hero, protected of the earth,
a spacelord in it's tower.

You invade, I break from my chains, people sowing weed in mars,
As turning into.. turning against the stars

Sunbeam bite, rising early, pluto on ice behind the galaxies!
Left a trace, a solar shore, rock by rock we go, explode.

3. Absent Mates

I paralyzed today, as i woke up this morning
Into the same state, that I was last night
Fallen down mentally, I grasped into those horns,
There are things out there and inside, that happens to be blank,
Truly, faithfully hollow, no one knows.

They don't see differenses, they don't see distances
To icons on the walls blooding red,
Something feeds you there and keeps you needing.

My hollow ego! Crying out loud, (loud)
Abuse your illusions, for the Absent mates,
Blank holes the train go, and pass by,
Waiting for the midnight hours, as long as you live

4. Death


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