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Carved From Empty Words

"Carved From Empty Words" (2000)

1. Officer Down
2. Outside Looking In
3. The Symmetry Of Hatred
4. Bathe My Wounds
5. Everybody Owes A Death
6. Fundamental Truth
7. By Whatever Means Necessary
8. Nothing Changes Nothing
9. Mid Death Crisis
10. Ultimatum

1. Officer Down

When reason dies behind closed doors
Face down in a cell in a pool of piss
It's time to fear what we should respect
It's time to question cause and effect
Striking with impunity
Hiding behind flags of immunity

When corruption rears its ugly head
The force of law becomes a farce
Personal ambition usurps justice
The rich protected at the expense of the poor
Would you sit on the fence, take no chance?
As those batons fall, turn a blind eye

In an ideal world
There'd be no need for law
No need for police
But in a society so sick
So obsessed with blind greed
Someone has to protect
The old and the weak

Officer down

Can we really afford to be so selectively blind?
If we dig too deep what would we find?
At authority's heart beats a dollar sign
Under such a regime we're all doing time
Striking with impunity
Hiding behind flags of immunity

Never say, you weren't warned
When they come to drag you away
To silence the dissident hiding in us all
They clench the fist of ordained might
From which side of the barbed wire
Do you want to see your life pass by?

When reason dies behind closed doors
Face down in a cell in a pool of piss
It's time to fear what we should respect
It's time to question
Cause and effect
Who teaches the teachers?
Who makes laws for lawmakers?
When they read us our rights
What about human rights?

2. Outside Looking In

I'll find peace within my life
Without the need to judge my friends
Before you start your critical preaching
Remember every carnivore's a potential vegan
True friends are hard enough to find
Without adding to the constraints what's in their diet
And you try to steal away
Their inherent right to choose

If all you do is divide and conquer
Curl up and die, the scene doesn't want you
I will live my life my own way
Whilst you crawl away, stagnate

You seek to judge me?
You don't even know me
So quick to pass the blame
Yet you won't even sign your name

This is not a judgmental song I'm not
interested in casting stones
But if SXE is about anti obsession Isn't being
obsessed with SXE missing the point?

Eating your words to save some face
Your destiny: to fall from grace
Scene elitists scaring kids away
With their snobbery and power plays
I will live my life my way
While you curl up and die

And every time that
They force their views
Someone else will lose
The right to choose
There is room for
Everyone in this scene
Pointless divisions
Are all your cliques mean

3. The Symmetry Of Hatred

As still as a tomb, where only memories roam
No birds sing here, yet silence speaks volumes
About tortured times, when man was blind
And innocence died at the hands of genocide

Lest we forget

Prayers fall upon ears of the dead
Drowning the bleat of sacrificial lambs
Condemned to an eternity of bleeding
Trapped in the teeth of demons

Fifty years on, the oppression remains
Haunted by the ghosts of the slain
And now we walk this cursed ground
The magnitude of suffering's like a shroud

Let the death camps remain
As epitaphs to pain

Or have we learnt nothing despite their deaths?
Do we credit ourselves too much intelligence?
Is the harbinger of pain but a heartbeat away?
Are we still ignorant and fearful despite what we say?

4. Bathe My Wounds

Sick of this shit
Been as low as I go
Now the tables will turn
Now everyone must know
The hunter's become the hunted
I will take you down one by one
No quarter will be given
Until this judgement is done

The last time that you stopped to think
You forgot to start back up again
Then you wonder why it is
I view you with so much ridicule
Well, all the seeds
Of hate you've sown
Are about to
Come crashing home

I swallowed my pride
Swallowed my pride once too often
I held my tongue, and walked away
I watched you hold your fucking court

A new disguise
A new disguise, the same old lies
If you think my hatred's unjust
Just wait and see how much I can give

Worm crawl away
Or burn in these flames
You cannot phase me
And I drink long and deep your shame
My very spirit is sick with hate
The desire for revenge eats me whole
You come crawling on bended knee
To taste my tender fury

I will not stop in this quest
To destroy all you have and love
If you think my hate's unjust
Wait and see how much I can give I sit clipping
The wings of angels
As they fall Forever smitten

5. Everybody Owes A Death

The eyes are the windows of the soul
And behind these eyes lurks a black hole
I often wonder who's really insane...
... the givers or receivers of all the world's pain?

I always seek to escape this place
But then I always come back for more
The only way to appreciate wealth
Is to dream of it in vain when you are poor

Everyone owes a death

We try to make sense of the unknowable
And what we find may be unbearable
We need to understand the bias of the lens
Through which we choose to view this world

And only then a semblance of peace
Some shred of meaning to clutch to our chest
Some token that our life meant something
As we shambled blindly towards our death

The cries of the damned welcome me home

Our 'life cycle' is just recycled life
We just take up space until we die
Our demise may as well be preordained
Is it anywonder we couldn't care less?

The black orb of another sun rising
Another day to watch our dreams dying
Sometimes I feel like I'm disappearing
Seeking comfort in banality

6. Fundamental Truth

Face the truth

Despised for being godless
Dismissed as being hopeless
But if there is a hell, we're living in it
So what's to lose by so-called sinning?

I wonder why
He was nailed up to die
Sorry to say It means so little today
Where is your god
When the innocents die?
Condemned by the righteous

Martyred for a lost cause
Sacrificed in countless wars
We played no part in that ancient drama
Yet your conscience insists (you still blame us)

2000 years of kissing ass
How much longer will this penance last?

You fail to see the hypocrisy
That riddles every word of those arcane texts
Are you really any better than me?
Yet you say you preach 'unconditional forgiveness'

I know he moves in
Mysterious ways, but I don't ever
See him moving at all
Condemned for all eternity
By the self-righteous few
For refusing to subscribe

7. By Whatever Means Necessary

Go your own way
Go your own way in life
And let me follow mine
And maybe our paths will cross again
In another place and another time

So confused by the bludgeon of bland routine
We resign our ambition to what might have been

If this is how it's meant to be
Who made these plans for you and me?
Who says that we cannot achieve
All the things that we believe?

There is no secret to inner strength
I need self-belief, and nothing else
I need some self-respect
Nothing less

Can you look at yourself and truly say
That you really acted for the best
That you carry yourself with true respect?

Pissing all over your ego's flame
I strive to do my own thing
An internal furnace fuels this dream
And only dead fish swim with the stream

8. Nothing Changes Nothing

We don't mellow with age
But our priorities change
Life is so brief a play
And years pass by in what seems like days
We battle against the currents
That would sweep us away
All grim reminders
Of our frail mortality

You'll wonder why, you didn't act sooner
When you had the chance

Your actions all laced
With the bitter poison of defeat
This onslaught of truth
Will engulf your conceit
Slow self-destruction
At your own idle hands
Staring down at your palms
Smeared with your own blood stains

Nothing changes nothing
Nothing you give and nothing you get
Nothing changes nothing
You'll never know unless you try

Just because I've not yet succeeded
Doesn't mean I do not care

9. Mid Death Crisis

Another day, another trial
Another eternity spent in denial
Of the fact that we mean so very little
Face up to your mid-death crisis
The darkness, it blinds me
The misery always finds me
The soul dissection
Try to ascertain mid-death crisis

We think we're living, I wonder why?
We're just killing time until we die
Is this all there is?
There must be more than this

If there's a light at the end of the tunnel
Then I must be facing the other way
All I can see is yet more turmoil
One long ordeal of endless grey
The turning of the century
Should have meant the world to me
But could've meant so much more
If the world wasn't just as fucked as before

Another year of nothingness
Another test of our strengths
How to deal with realisation
And face up to a mid-death crisis
Like a beggar, doubt comes creeping
Cloaked in ice, devoid of feeling
I try to learn to cope with the
Fear and guilt of this mid-death crisis

10. Ultimatum

I've fallen down

No one's perfect
Don't even try I don't care,
I Won't live a lie
Who broke the neck of my guardian angel?
Left him for dead in a pool of dreams?
Trampled me flat with their cynical disbelief
And carved their name into my self-esteem?

Can't you see I've fallen down?
You wanted a hero, but instead you got a clown
No one's perfect,
I don't even try I don't care; I won't live a lie
Can't you see I've fallen?

I teeter on the edge, staring into the abyss
Daring myself to jump and finally end it all
But even now I cannot admit defeat
Even though I have no further to fall

Can't you see I've fallen down?
And no one I know could care fucking less
And when they fall, I'll do my best
To seal their fate with no regrets


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