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Red Heat Within

"Red Heat Within" (2002)

1. The Returner
2. Labyrinth
3. Desert Sun
4. Lady at the Rocks
5. My Sacrifice
6. The Wicked Game
7. The Lion and the Eagle
8. In Fever
9. The Longer Way

1. The Returner

Dust of a long-long journey
Covers my old black coat
And here I am standing
At the gates of my home
Feelings I’ve missed so long
Are now coming back to me
I kneel down to kiss the ground
And throw down my sword

I was traveller of hundred lands
And sailor of seven seas
But I couldn’t find my place
In this whole wide world
Good friends I offered help
And demons I sent to hell
They’re all looking down on me
My battles are fought

See, I have returned to start again
Giving myself another chance
Dreaming the future, I know how to live my life
Signs among the stars showed me the way
This is the place I want to stay
Doesn’t matter if the old Earth turns out of its course

2. Labyrinth

Years you have wasted
Groping around in the dark
Chasing memories which you've lost in this place
Is there the daylight?
Or just a vision you see?
Turning left then right, can't control your maze

There is a door, you can't find the key to it
Slowly your hope disappears
Was there a shine? But you can't return to it
Helpless you run from the ghosts you created

Why are the walls so cold?
Why are you alone?
Maybe you've got some friends beyond the iron doors
Prisoner in your own world
Seeking for the way out but somehow
This labyrinth means so much

Once you were free, can you remember?
Free from the walls made of sorrow and fear
Where is the key? (Oh, God, where?)

Friends you have trusted
This corridor swallowed them all
And the moor of your sadness is growing
Don't look behind you
Probably you'd see a man
From the eyes of whom black tears are falling

The place where time stands still
And silence is the king
If your heart is full of anger howl into the wind!
The key lies in your soul
You can try to find it but somehow
This labyrinth means too much
This labyrinth is your life

3. Desert Sun

With my last forces I try to climb that hill
The heat is rising, it's breaking my will

How did I came here? The answer is not found
The sun's burning harder and I can't hold my ground

It's scorching, it's tormenting me!

In the heat, my last reward
Someone's punishing me hard
By the rays of the desert sun
Burning sand in my eyes
I reach my hands out to the skies
To stop the rays of the desert sun

Oh, mighty tornado, please, blow me away
Be my redeemer on this judgement day

God of sand, I confess my sins!

4. Lady at the Rocks

On a winter morning
He sailed out with the promise
To return with splendid gifts from distant lands
It was twenty years ago
But she still can feel the caress of his hands

Night after night
When at the rocks the moon is bright
She walks the beach alone
Out on the sea
Far in the distance there must be
A ship on its way home

Closer is the moment
Her heart is beating faster
Sometimes he comes to visit in her dreams
Love can turn into agony
And she doesn't want to live for memories anymore

(So she will sail!)

5. My Sacrifice

This is a dark way
Painted with blood and tears
Like the path of my memories
Something has broken
I’m in a savage war
Nothing is like it was before

Soon the blade will rise to victimize
I'll find your trail, wherever you may live
The gods will like my sacrifice
And years go by, but I never will forgive

Out in the jungle
Where I know every rule
I'm the master and you're the fool
The source of power
Lies in my restless blood
Silent hunter’s your final cut

Those voices from the past
I knew so well
Keep calling, they whisper
Is it madness? I don't know,
But I don't care
I've got only one thing on my mind
I wear a mask, the mask of rage
You'll never know, you'll never see my face
But I'll make you remember!

6. The Wicked Game

Take a look around this place
Dust and ashes, we burned it up
What's the smile upon your face?
Do you really want to pull me down?

I wish that I could hide away
But the passion forces me to stay

Your love is a wicked game
In all of my dreams I can see you
I try to forget the pain
But it's always around me to make me remember you

Love is dancing on thin ice
Like a vampire you want my blood
But I'm a demon in disguise
Who's still hungry just as you are

Just run one of the ways you see
But you'll realize, it leads to me

My love is a wicked game
In all of your dreams I'm still with you
You try to forget my name
But it's written in your heart to make you remember this love

7. The Lion and the Eagle

It's roaring again
This is the rage of Melqart
Gods of Carthage, I follow your will
Some years ago
My father made me promise
To fight the Romans with fire and steel

And my oath I won't forget
I'll finish what he started once
We took Saguntum, made a passage through snow and ice
We rushed the Romans down with rage
And saw much anguish in their eyes
And I felt there will be no peace and no compromise

Here we are, the lion and the eagle
Two predators prepared to fight
With many bleeding wounds
We claw and we tear each other
Until one gives the final bite

I've lost an eye
Deep in the moors of Arnus
We beat the legions by Trebia with pride
Marching with faith
We reached the plane of Cannae
We fought in glory and Paulus has died

I look back on these years of war
All the bloodshed and the pain
And I can see the tired eyes of my warriors
Shall I storm the mighty walls
Or leave this wasted land behind?
It's a hard decision and it will steal my force

Face to face, the lion and the eagle
Two predators prepared to fight
With many bleeding wounds
We claw and we tear each other
Until one gives the final bite
With many bleeding wounds
We'll rival and fight forever
Until one loses all his might

Dreams never come true
I don't know what to do
The senate is asking me what I want to prove
They'll never understand
I fight for my own land
With them or alone, but I must make a move

8. In Fever

Ride , father, ride
Your child is lying in your arms
His body's in fever
Don't miss the path
Seek for a shelter in the night
He's getting much weaker, so ride!

Trees in the rain
Whisper the words of ancient mights
The call of the reaper
Ride, father, ride
Your child is crying in your arms
He's getting much weaker

In the darkest night a candle's burning out
Witness is only the storm

Father, please, help me
Darkness' surrounding me
I'm so afraid in the night
Father, please, hide me
He's reaching out for me
Save me from the king of the demons

The King:
Here I am, my boy
I am the one you've always waited for
I’ll tell you things you never heard before
Come with me, my boy
I am the master of forevermore
I’ll show you things you've never seen before
I'm your guide through the kingdom of shadows
This meaningless being has come to the end
Take my hand, my boy
I am the master forevermore

Son: Father, see, here he comes!
He’s so near
His crown is shining in the dark
Father: Noone’s there, little son
Have no fear
It’s just the wind…

Ride, father, ride
Your child is dying in your arms
His body's much colder
A shelter you found
But all is in vain, he's not alive
He couldn't fight longer

In the darkest night a candle has burned out
Witness was only the storm

Based on the poem „Erlkönig” by J. W. Goethe

9. The Longer Way

A secret shelter, a sanctuary
Is the temple of life, you'll see
Fading shadows, bridges burn
All the wisdom lies there to learn

There's a short way in the shade
Showing you an open gate
But if you want to find a place
Away from the dark
The longer way you have to walk

Hear the sirens calling you
Never trust them, their voice's untrue
A few companions are all you've got
Hard to find out who's a friend, who's not

There's a passage through the moor
Promising an easy war
But if you want to find some peace
Deep in your heart
The longer way you have to walk


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