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"Promo 2006" (2006 Demo)

1. In Search of Myself
2. Feel My Pain
3. Fading Away
4. S.N.S (Shadows Never Sleep)
5. Hatereal
6. Needless to Say
7. Wall of Names
8. Frostburn

1. In Search of Myself

As the sun comes down I am on my way
On this beaten path alone I walk in vain

I can not see where I might have been
I can't remember what used to be me

Will this never end
Am I on my own
How low I descend
Into myself I've grown

Untill a world comes to an end
I'll keep searching for myself
I will find the truth
'till the end I rebel

Through the swamps I crawl
Through these times I fall
I'll keep searching for
Something that is not yet gone

Thoughts are swirling around like a never ending storm
I am so screwed up, I wonder why I was born

All is meaningless or so I have thought
Am I giving up, all my life I have fought

2. Feel My Pain

Seeing and hearing I'm still quite amazed
Running and fleeing from all I hate
Can't find my way out of this place
All of my demons twisting at my face
Always crashing into myself
Can't I get out of this hell

Feel my pain
Come inside me
Feel my pain
Do you like what you see

Can't understand what I have done
Can't hold on I feel so numb
I wanna crush the world in my hands
Into to a dark sea bury all the lands
I am enjoying all of my pain
I want you to feel the same
In the end its all just a game
Just dive in, let go all the shame

3. Fading Away

I've walked through this snowy road too many times before
I've seen my world go down, can I built it once more

Trying to find my tracks
Some clue where to go
Depression fills me whole
I always miss you so

If this is really goodbye
Don't say you love me tonight
Let me stay for a while

Let me have this brief time
Once more feel alive
Tonight I fade away

I feel as dead as fallen leaves laying in the ground
I have no more strength, I see pain all around

Trying to find your tracks
Some clue where to go
Sadness fills me whole
I always loved you so

4. S.N.S (Shadows Never Sleep)

Fear blinds my eyes like all that haunts me
As the silence cries I know Im in too deep

'till the end of the world I'll follow you
Right before the end you know Im true

Please trust in me
I am for real
I am your pain
You so love and hate

I cannot sleep
You're killing me
I am in pain
For your love and hate

Once the flame was burning now only smoke is rising
To the ruins Ill hide from the shadows I rise

'till the end of the world I'll follow you
Right before the end you know im true

5. Hatereal

Burning all the bridges as I go
I wanna leave behind all I know
Take a step closer to perfection
I lay on the table waiting for my dissection

real hate for everything

Take me to a new life
End this fight tonight
I'll bleed till I die
Staining the perfect sky

Grim blindman leading the beholders
Cripple carrying on its shoulders
Don't wait for me I won't come back
This is my last voyage in a body bag

6. Needless to Say

I can see you coming
I can smell your fear
If you get closer
I can see your tear

Watching all the shadows
Like a scared little child
In your nightmares
I'm running wild

Needless to say, get out of my way
Moonshines and I'm on a pray
Needless to say, you are dying today
Tonight I'll stand on your grave

When your dream is ending
I am still very real
My arms around you
You still can feel

Night is getting closer
Light is fading away
Shadows growing darker
Soon we will play

7. Wall of Names

In my nightmare I saw you standing in front of my wall
I remember seeing you through my dream, I need you
You can write your name when I can see your pain
Im the only thing you'll ever need
You are mine to hate you are mine to play
I will try my best to make you bleed

Die for wall of names
Im your wall of names
Cry for wall of names
Bow down before my name

If I cant be with you no-one else wont be too
Why you walk away from me I did make your heart bleed

8. Frostburn


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