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Dead Flesh

"Dead Flesh" (1993 Split)

1. Morgue Defilement
2. Deformed Beyond Belief
3. Un Hedor Pestilente
4. Necrorogasmo
5. When Blood Boils
6. Into the Cold Parmeters of Mind
7. Under the Tomb
8. Into the Organs
9. Darkness Prevails
10. Seizure of Dreams

1. Morgue Defilement

I love dissecting dead girls
their naked bodies excite my mind
the aroma of descomposition
is the best aphrodisiac you can find

With forceps I twist her nipples
I touch them thru my rubber gloves
I spread her legs along the table
to explore the dark genital zone

Sinking down my fingers - Into her cold cunt
it's wet by adipocere - She's ready to fuck
then I suck her fluids - and swallow the pus

Sodomized by my bisturi - She's starting to gush
Fornicate her bloody corpse - Gently disemboweled
Penetrate her intestines - Oh Baby I will cum!!

Festered Cavities I rape
getting pleasure on decay
she's a really obedient girl
she does all the things I say

When I'm gonna kiss her face
mouldy emaciated and pale
a dark crimson substance drips
from her swollen purple lips

Post mortem convulsions, violent spasms
because of the gases I get an orgasm

Obscene masturbation, with amputated limbs
a severed rotten tongue sucks my dick

My grisly porno-autopsy ends
ejaculating on her corpse
hot semen over her remains
emetic is my way of love.

2. Deformed Beyond Belief

Trying to reach beautifulness by (plastic) surgery
never mind the suffering that you could feel
the price of things you wish is too high
you will pay your greediness with your life.

Your body fierced by hooks and pins
slowly tighten your soften skin
forcing to limit pain is extreme

Snipping off your sinews, dislocating limbs
thorax is broken by fractured ribs
extremitied disarticulated
members stretched to be amputated

Dying screams
you are being deformed.
Deformed beyond belief
turning your body into
a shapeless mass of limbs.
Traumatic mutilations, you are...
deformed beyond belief

Grotesque monument of deformity
performed with the corpses of human beings.
Flesh, bones, intestines, skin and veins
mixed-up into a twisted pile of bloody meat

Artistic lacerations - Sculpture of remains
Perfect excoriations - erasing your face

Horrid, faceless, deformed beyond belief

Gloomy abominations - From the sickest mind
Macabre obsessions - Beauty of grind.

Twisted, limbless, deformed beyond belief

Chorus 1: Your body pierced...

When cranium is crushed by the hatchet
eyes fly ejected out of their sockets.
Skull is impaled in your spine.
Flesh of the torso carved with the knife.

Chrus 2: Dying Screams...

3. Un Hedor Pestilente

Él sentado - en su casa
junto a dos - cuerpos muertos.
Un hedor pestilente

Los dos están - destrozados
y sus tripas - por los suelos.
Un hedor pestilente

Su cara - ensangrentada
y un cuchillo - entre sus manos.
Un hedor pestilente

Cuando él llegó a su casa
la visión le perturbó:
Su mujer está con otro
y la mente enloqueció.

Odio, sed de sangre
Hambre, de carne humana.
Un deseo, asesinar.
Un final, muerte.

Él sentado - en su casa
junto a dos - cuerpos muertos.
De repente - todo claro
Él empieza - a recordar

Odio, sed de sangre
Hambre, de carne humana.
Un deseo, asesinar.
Un final, muerte.

4. Necrorogasmo

Poseído - perturbado
Obsesión - por los muertos

Recorriendo - cementerios
para muertos - él follar.

Tumba abierta - tienes suerte
hay un cuerpo - de mujer.
Sus deseos - satisface
sobre cuerpos - sin vida.

Podrida sensación
en su rígido interior.
Máximo placer
que no puedes contener.
El dolor excitación
en su mente sin razón.
Para el clímax obtener
hasta enloquecer

Fétida emanación
de carne en putrefacción
cuando su pene profana
una vagina muerta.
Jadeos espasmódicos,
fluído seminal.
Rabo ensangrentado,
coño reventado.

5. When Blood Boils

Nervous excitement running wild
extreme sensations evidence the killing machine
is out to grind.
Will tear your head and arms apart
rawness and sickness taking your hand
you will face away.

Killer instinct when blood boils

Discerning ideas flowing in mind
thinking about drowning somebody in a bog
a cadaver difficult to find...

Razor sharp when blood boils.

Despair, horror and pain.
Fear, terror and fright.

Naughty desires invading your thoughts
spill her blood and corrupt her soul
insalubrious inquest, her life to rot away
haunting is the rule, follow my way.

Discerning ideas flowing in my mind
thinking about putting her in a bag and burning it out
ashes are difficult to find...

Killer instinct when blood boils.

6. Into the Cold Parmeters of Mind

Like a terrible depredator
shadows oppressing my personality
frozen high moors hanging over me
embroiding my subconcious...

Like the utopic reality
amorphous shapes abunding within me
silent voices storming my inner self
reverberating until the insanity...

Art expression at all levels
distorting the truth
fermenting in me, the intensity
into the cold parameters of mind

Eternal solitude, infinite intensity.
Watching the true reality,
feeling how deepest this dimension is
carcasses permeating the true being...

Like blood in the inmensity
dyeing everything of reality color
I feel that the balance is broken
and my life it roots away in my inside...

Art expression at all levels
distorting the truth
fermenting in me, the insanity
into the cold parameters of mind.

7. Under the Tomb

Chorus A:
Part 1:
Let me see - through the dark
do you smell it? - sweat of pain
All these corpses - were in love.
Finally - inexisting bodies.

Part 2:
They were fucked in life
all those moments for this
they were fucked in life

Repeat: Chorus A

Chorus B:
Under the tomb
the corpse is rotten.
Under the tomb
you will be forgotten.
Under the tomb.

Your memeories are broken
Under the tomb...

Under the tomb
the Corpse is rotten.

Do you really believe what people say?
Coronations, hevaen are your salvation.
It's a pleasure to send you to the morgue
see the light that's never bright again.

Chorus C:
Have you seen this corpse?
Full of fucked deep fluis.
Are you living in Gore
just for living in fear-

Repeat Chorus C.

Repeat Chorus A. Part 1.

8. Into the Organs

Trespassing the limits of the morbid
white ties and that blinding light

Welcome to the World of God
Who is the blame: you or your creation?
Look at reality
only see dead arteries and deformity.
Your white robes are dyed in red,
it made by the fucking medicine.
Uncontrollable curiosity.
Horrific sights, I can see infinity.
Bodies fade into cold blue
so cold, isolated in gore.

Repeat Chorus

Searching in the bodies I will see the answer
imponenet death swells the flesh.
The anatomic orgy in all its splendour.
Let the organs emerge.

Macabre, bizarre, sadist.
All the feeling that you want
over the slimy labyrinth
or floody purgatory

Into the organs
I see the horror.
Into the organs

Full of hope waiting for your violet smile.
Smile for me and show me all eternity.
Take me to the mysteries of nothingness
to the abyss without end.

9. Darkness Prevails

Black crosses that
impose the truth of life

Providence of fate
Legions of Death

Get us back to life
to return into sin and satisfy
my revenge with your purity
Oh Father Satan!!

To the extermination of mankind
while the sun sets off
the tusks of the beast
provlaims devastation...

providence of fate
Legions of Death

We implore your anger
to spread it over the world
my revenge with your purity
Oh, Father Satan!!

Hell soon will arise
turned into demigod


He proclaims his coming
and the return of darkness
to drag down to the abyss
the creation of the crucified god.

10. Seizure of Dreams

In my mind
ideas and gloomy thoughts arise
that rule over my acts

Nocturnal races
takes part of my dreams
seizing in my fantasy
through bonds of terror

an verify that all is false.
and remember my dwelling in life.

Repeat Chorus

The abysm is still open
and my body is falling
just like a puppet
with its hacked threads

Black crosses

The macabre poetry
of a weeping music
breaks the obscene whisper
with the dismal sound...


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