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Not for Human Consumption

"Not for Human Consumption" (1995 EP)

1. Darkside
2. Pain
3. T.L.F.
4. Respect
5. Comatose
6. From the Heart

1. Darkside

Every man has his breaking point,
but does that mean he's insane.
Mentally camouflaged thoughts of stone,
fueling his mind-fucked game.
Shot a mans cold-blooded heart,
right between the eyes.
Windows of darkness all around,
keep him hypnotized.

Can you look in his eyes,
are they filled with pain?
Are you murdered to sleep,
or is it all the same.

On the darkside, of your mind

Killing fields of deranged ambition,
shooting through his brain.
Psychopathic bullets confusing him,
was he the one to blame.
Piling bodies, decaying smell.
running through his mind.
As he screams running mad,
the dying all the time.

2. Pain

Pig faced babies, living on maybes.
Sodomize the dying, anal fuck confining.
Strangled youth screams to me, ripping out your ecstasy.
Kurt Cobain rejects fill out Generation X.

Words like needles, jabbing into me.
Paint the pictures, all dirty images.
I see your little scheming, wake up stop your dreaming.
I feel just like I should, pain feels so good.

Pain, I feel it
Pain, I need it
Pain, I bleed it
Pain, believe it

3. T.L.F.

Don't you judge me for the way I am
I'm as twisted as every man
Try to fuck me into your lower class
I'll make love to you on broken glass

I'll tie you up and tease you at will
Please won't you rape my body, mind, and soul
Just cover my eyes and take control


I'll bend you over and whip you go numb
Disgrace drips from your face, you know where it's from.
I hear your lubeless screams, they'll make me cum.

4. Respect

Lies of disgrace you're feeding me,
pulling at the teeth of society.
Draw the cord, taste the seed,
searching for the violent breed.
Cross the line, fry the brain,
load of shit, driving me insane.
Rape the innocent, strike the weak,
turning all into discrepancy.

What has come of this,
Pain and suffering is pure bliss.
Bow your head to me.
On your knees and respect me.
Respect me

Get in line follow me,
I will take you to immortality.
Drink the wine, suck the blood,
watch the fear now come in floods.

5. Comatose

I try to live in your world of pain
I try to swim in your sea of blood
I try to sleep on your bed of nails
I try to look to your eyes so cold

Paralyzed - Omitted
Paralyzed - Undead
Paralyzed - Forgotten
Paralyzed - Comatose

I try to save myself, I'm stuck on you
I try to spit on your precious face
I try to steal my life back from you
I try to kill your soul so dirty clean

6. From the Heart


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