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"Pulse" (2005 EP)

1. This Battle Is Yours
2. Symphony of Life
3. Nahash
4. Pulse
5. Save and Heal
6. Nowhereness

1. This Battle Is Yours

run, our world collides
faint bricks of paradox
climb the walls, in your heart you know that you must run
hell's taking over and our clouds are bleeding free
no return, it´s the way your life was meant to be

now encamp!
wonders to discover
don´t be idle

learn to grow you are a vagabond that needs to stand
hold your head up high when tears are shed
because this battle's yours

mankind just disagrees since all common sense has fled
blood cascades
deadly tides coming up
don´t crawl, head up, fist your hands
no loss will get you down
give demons reasons to frown
for they´d ruin your day
dispell colorless hollow ideals

defeats for the sinning brood!
then leave for the healing ports to be

bodies so tired and no treasures to save or to unearth
just a shell, without grace and all alone

when all you have is fallen apart
don´t burst into a spirit of rage
enjoy the wild rotation from one chamber to the other
don´t become heavy and low
because you have a willing mind and a ready soul
your battle now begins

2. Symphony of Life

welcome, this is you
roaming on your unknown track
symphony of life
courage flowing wild
essence for all fears to drown

heartbeats - quiet and slow
drums of war
the body's tired, days of cold
devils howl
you hide away all your scars
behind your pallid smile
you don´t allow your heart to rejoice and dance
you are lost
without a vision on your oneway street
climbing mountains with no top
you don´t move, you don´t breathe

find your healing path, survivor

stop bullets with your hands
and cause this hell to shake
forget the blood you´ve bled

fly, i´ll share your heavy load
vanish, emptiness of doubt
hold the key of choice in hand
break your sleep

feel (the) symphony of life
flooding veins and minds
an overture divine
when it all comes crashing down
defeats are carving wounds
wounds, piles of ache
claws piercing skin
stabbing in your back

you fly with fragile wings
while dreams collapse and fall
hope's coming to an end
while you are wasting gifts
living for today
abject and exposed in your void

answers you could find
once your journey has commenced on gliding wings
everlasting hold
turn your back and walk away
from the howling wind that blows
from waves devouring faith
leave the blind behind

everlasting day, wreckage to prevail
start to breathe

3. Nahash

nights smile eternal, you can´t see ahead
you forbid your soul to triumph
conceive while you grow
you´ll reap what you sow
it´s your challenge not to fail, will you fail?


form your visions, forge your key
don´t proceed to sit in silence
flashing schemes throughout your brain
keep your soul alive

it is you who must find the truth and find it on your own
fill yourself with meaning, lead yourself homeward
take a deep breath, because life is waiting for you


4. Pulse

closed, our eyes
we don´t feel right from wrong
when it all explodes
breaking the calm day by day, piece by piece

falling from the edge of guts
and all fears become alive
see hearts, feel fire

goddess, guard our crossroads
we can´t take control
we can´t measure sane and insane
teach us how to be
how to adore
things we cannot touch
we need your pulse
make us pulse

bold insects in your head
eating up all clear ideas
a state of emptiness
instead of living out all these cold and tragic scenes
choose reason and prevail
choose power and repel
or life's torn apart

feel the pulse and wander
we are free to wish and dream
visions loose

why are you still praising snakes
sending shivers through your bones
see hearts, feel fire
scorching swoons, burning wounds

use guidance down the track
keep your soul alive and hale
to unload weight and pain
forge boldness in your head, in your veins
feel your pulse... flow...

5. Save and Heal

passing time dulls your ache
ache you feel when your life pumps weak
find the sun that you hide
mercy stumbles around, grace is a shame to waste
troubles multiply your anger and suspend your growth

save your broken wings
and heal your wounds to revive
save and heal to sustain all the nails
to efface all that fails

you´re just sailing a sea without port
you're just hiking on unhoused ground - recourse lost
falling prey, to the wolves
a time of strife

a confusing place to be
greed is biting sympathy
sense your strength and arise
life´s not just a throw of dice
many summits left to climb
many roadmaps unfulfilled

navigate, you don´t need to be lead

6. Nowhereness


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