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Disease of Worthlessness

"Disease of Worthlessness" (1999)

1. Inexorable Torment
2. Charred Beyond Recognition
3. Angelic Incisions
4. Target of My Fury
5. Disease of Worthlessness
6. Tithe In Blood
7. Feeding On The Weak
8. Immaculate Hostility
9. Purity Will Putrefy
10. Transcendence
11. Nightmares of Depravity

1. Inexorable Torment

Learned not to believe or put faith in anyone
Trust was lost never to be regained
You've taken all I never gave and devastated my mind
Raped my innocence and guaranteed my ruin
Blindfolded, gagged, and bound
It now unfolds
Placed where you won't be found
No one shall be told
I've endured this hell for far too long
Subjected to a life of anguish
Existence of inexorable torment
Live through it all to dominate
As I stand above you, you're begging in fear
There is no destiny, but this was meant to be
Premeditated plans acted upon
So I feel no remorse for whats been done.

2. Charred Beyond Recognition

I stand exhaulted
Before my common man
Blind and sweating
My pride is coming apart
Sense of being stripped away
Don't accuse me
Tomorrow is gone as yesterday
All I see before non-believing
Strain to hear
All their fucking lies
Bias me
Against preconceived fate
Don't deceive me
These ears are filled with hate.

3. Angelic Incisions

Perforated existence
Brought forth from divinity
Foaming mouths await more lies
Shift sideways in streams of reality
Betrayed by my own kind
To rot in sloughs of truth
Never realizing
The implications arising
Angelic Incisions
Leaving wounds of faith
Forever in debt of holiness
Vestal whore lying gutted
Relieved of her burden
The world spared of one more infidel
The entire world is rotting
From within heavens grasp
Internal retribution
The incisions flow.

4. Target of My Fury

I'll fuck you up beyond repair you stupid mother fucker
The only thing you deserve is to become my victim
Sliced ear to ear you bleed free, massive facial lacerations
I'm the source of your torment, I'm the one behind your suffering
Exterminate - I end your pointless existence
I broke you down - You're the target of my fury
I'm in control - Bitch I smash your fucking head in
I am your god - Your torture becomes my pleasure
Overwhelming feelings of accomplishment
Cleanse the world of the filth that plagues my line of sight
Put them in the ground, slaughter all the hopeless
Kill of imbeciles, fucking wastes of flesh.

5. Disease of Worthlessness

You deserve what will come you stupid fucking whore
I'm above your level and your state of worth
Pseudosexual acts leave me only wanting more
You will do fine as a worthless cunt since birth
Now I have you in my grasp, I feel your trembling body
Bleeding dry and defiled, a lovely mass no more
A mental abyss filled with her screams and pleas for compassion
Embraced instead by cold hostility, endure this torture
Abducted fucked and killed
To purge this disease
Killing off the worthless
To fulfill this need
Slow death, tortured, as I fuck your gaping holes
Ripping flesh and violating this stupid cunting whore
Dumb ass bitch of wotrhlessness lived up to potential
Satisfied this need to purge the disease of worthlessness
Writhe in pain you fucking bitch, I want to hear your pointless prayers
Relentlessly bashing your fucking skull in, violent acts and your life
Her limp body sprawled upon my bed more beautiful than ever
Decorated with crimson spray, purged of worthlessness.

6. Tithe In Blood

Which god do you kill for
Does he promise eternal life
My life forsakes my death
Blackened smoke draws heavy breaths
Which path did you choose
I chose to live my life in vain
Screams indicate pain
As I take my tithe in blood
I can't dispose of
This secular pain
Flowing forever more
This tithe in blood
Never doubt the leader
In fields of hypocrisy
Men pray to god
Begging and pleading for their death
Please hear my prayer
Life spills so freely
So won't you please accept
Give to you my tithe in blood

7. Feeding On The Weak

Causing massive sociopathic episodes and erotic homicide necessary to provoke
I create as I kill and I take what I need, never comrpomising myself
Endless open sores infesting everywhere, infecting the fucking air, mass contamination
Feeding on the weak to cleanse deep social stains, the dirt is then swept away
My foot is to her fucking throat
Now the bitch is choking vomit
Impulsation - Laceration
Cephalic hemorrhage
I release my foot from her corpse to look upon her new face I quickly fucking smash it in she died with deserved disgrace
Weak ass imbecile, stupid fucking bitch, you asked for what has come, the chore of death becomes mundane
Slaughtering all of the weak, I take pride in my deeds, I rise far above, the strong dominate
Eliminate all the filth that invades my fucking sight and on the weak I feed.

8. Immaculate Hostility

The world I see is fucking plagued
By this variation
Miscontent with social molds
Induces blind hostility
They all want to live
Vicariously through me
As a result I endorse
Immaculate hostility
When I round the corner
The person standing beyond
Had better meet my taste today
Or my beliefs will induce
Massive fucking hostility
This rage constricts my confined space
Blows will reign upon their face
As identities are erased.

9. Purity Will Putrefy

Slaughter the innocent
Kill the ones you love
Draw the untainted blood
To rise far above
Masses approve of fanaticism
Live by the rules or die
Soon to regret your choice of faith
Do as the fucking book says
Give up all your faith
Lunacy, such love for falsehood
So called convictions
Pathetic prayers helpless
Purity will putrefy
Will every fucking lie
Hypocrisy reigning
Char the believers' minds
Forcing all your opinions
Stupid fucks wasting your lives
Never content with existence
Weak willed believers
Fanatical imbeciles Congregation of sheep
Believe the fucking lies
Soon your soul will burn
Practice what you preach
Worthless fucking hypocrites
Repent on the altar
The altar of untruth.

10. Transcendence

11. Nightmares of Depravity

Raped into existence
Pain from the beginning
Begging for a living
Bath in pools of blood
Mummified ways of life
Visions of oppressed madness
Insights to unknown terrors
Will haunt you mind tonight
You will realize
Night by night it's getting larger
The hate in side
Deep in your past
Everynight I hope and pray
I won't live to see daylight
The sun exposes certain things
I'd rather leave up to the night
Just like a maggot
Your life is based on death
You were born to die
These nightmares intensify
Raped into existence
Pain from the beginning
You never made a living
Now you die
Raped into existence
Uncertain ending
Constantly pending
Now you die full of regret
Free at last.


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