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Spectrums Of Oblivion

"Spectrums Of Oblivion" (2003 Demo)

1. Darkness
2. Devils Horde
3. Spectrums Of Oblivion
4. Black Lord
5. Myth Of Satan

1. Darkness

When the night has come
When you're alone in the dark time
If each of your dreams become a nightmare
If each of your fears become a phobia
Don't be afraid
Don't try to run away
From this evil attractiveness
You are surrounded by the darkness

Life is a perpetual fight
Between God and Evil
The night follows after the day
And the day after the night
But the sun isn't eternal
One day will the chaos
Take his place back
And at this time will
The darkness reign

In the night live
Undecided people
Wavering between the men's realm
And the one of the night
In this kingdom where reign the evil
And the great beast dwells
Men's world isn't qualified
(by) Really good and bad
Whereas the darkness is extreme

Sometime a little voice in my mind
Urge me to something
In front of some mortal
I become angry
I would like to see some guts away
And my feasts become slaughters
In the darkness

It's up to you mortal
To choose between yours
Or shadow's land
Which will give you strength
And immortality
All your fears will disappear
But will make you enter
In a permanent fight
Choice is yours but think well
You have to know that
This trip is forever
Nobody has ever came back from
The darkness realm

2. Devils Horde

Gather each of the body's part
And bring them back to life
Keep the hearth in order
At the enemy's body
To be revived before down
Collect blood until the last drop
And sacrifice a girl
Who's nearly eighteen years old
Devour her hot and fluttering heart
In order to fill up the beast
Master of the hell's soldiers

And the silly spirit
Come from the beast mouth
Walking through the night
To let the darkness cover the earth
To let the nature recover its place
On this world of pain

Man has got eyes
To see humanity's cruelty
Man has got mouth to tell lies
And ears to hear those lies
A memory to remind this bullshit
Follow the dark angel
We're all the devil's black sheep
Born from Satan
We are the devil's horde

Rain is the tears of angel
Hurted by the demons
Thunder is their cries of pain
Satan guide us through the darkness
We are the death knights
Saw death in agony

When the sun gives light
The evil soldier are giving the death
To the one who want to fight
The devil's horde

You're welcome in the temple of doom

Enter in the devil's horde
The devil's horde

3. Spectrums Of Oblivion

Spectrums of oblivion
Returning from the land of death
They are fear , they are the end
This bunch of warriors
Chosen by Satan for their cruelty
But no one know them because
When they leave no survivor behind
They come from the heart of time
They come from the dark ages
Spectrums of oblivion
Kill for their revenge
Eye for an eye
Their law is respectable

Night takes place
Heaven fall down
And darkness dwells
The fall of God is
The advent of Satan
Satan master of hell

Following the trail of
The spectrums of oblivion
There are only death and sorrow
Desolation is everywhere
Rivers bleeding
And house burning
Tears run like blood
Heads like leaves in autumn
And the spectrums leave
To darken an other place

If the hand of God is
A sign of futile benediction
The one of the spectrums is
The sign of the end
The end of a reign

Spectrums of oblivion
Returning from the land of death
They are fear , they are the end of a reign
The Christians reign

4. Black Lord

Like an eruption of rage
Erupting from the hells
Into the earth
They take life
With their blades
Like a black crowís wings deplored
Slicing through the wind

The black lords
Cross the lands
Looking for the damneds
To the Satanís legion
For the war against
The fucking disciple of Christ
All enemies of freedom and wisdom

Listen far away
The din of the black lords
Rumbling like the thunderstorm
All together on step
High raise are the standard of Satan
They come to teach the knowledge
Forbidden by the paradise
Making all to fire and blood

Face of the truth about the church lies
Christians are lost
Following the fall of god
The black symphony of the hells
Ring out like an hymn in the heart
Of the black lords

Listen the electric sound
Of the metalís blade clatter
Following by the sword
Ripping the flesh up of the Jesusís slaves
Or slitting the head make it fall
In the sound of the ripen fruit
Falling to the ground and rolling
Rolling and never stop

Now hear the final
The crackling of the flames
Licking their church
Their temple of lies
The Christ cult is a poison
For humanity and society
And all legion of darkness are the antidote

Darkness is in their heart
And the evil dwell in their head
The black lords are legion
Legion of discord , destruction and death

5. Myth Of Satan


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