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Decrowning the Irenarch

"Decrowning the Irenarch" (2007)

1. Prolegomenon
2. Decrowning the Irenarch
3. When the Pillars Fall
4. Road to Austerlitz
5. Interregnum
6. Iulianus Augustus Apostata
7. In the Face of the Absolute
8. Thus Always to Tyrants
9. Mors Triumphalis
10. Brotherhood of Arms
11. Aftermath

1. Prolegomenon

2. Decrowning the Irenarch

Imperator pacificus - transgressing the law sacred
Superseded dominion - of mere human ordinance

For those who shall not yield
To the dictate of the irenarchís word
For those who shall not laud
The orations of his lassitude
For those who shall not bow
To the throne upon which such peace is crowned
For those impending few
Destined to seize his sword and scepter

Ara Pacis! A sword brought for thee
Upon the altar of majestic peace
Ara Pacis! Fire bought for thee
Within the temple of indolent peace

For those who consecrate the regicide
Will be through conquest reborn
For those bestowed with victory
Bestowed with a sword of peace in storm
For those who surpass the plebian will
Surpassing that which canít be opposed
Will one day hold the scepter
Of empire, axis of the world

Ara Pacis! Blood upon thee
From throats of the irenic see
Ara Pacis! Burn forevermore
By the fire of the stratocratic law

3. When the Pillars Fall

Let those men who do not fight
Feasting at the table of sloth
Where they spent their youth
There let them pass into old age

Weary through indolence
Not a glory to their name
The slaves of their stomachs
Who leave to us sweat and dust

Assumed the mask of virtue
Acquired a relish for idleness
Rotten with unjust pride
They pass their days till death

For as to all the arts of life
For as to all the arts of war
Is luxury a fatal vice
Destroyer of a shameless state

For a tranquil world
Situated in the embrace of silence
There is no pride in their crowned
For above their heads soar men of arms

Lifted torches light the pyres
This decadence - devastated

Si vis pacem para bellum
When the pillars collapse and fall

The land and sea, the root and branch
Of this empire shall be conquered

Si vis pacem para bellum
When the pillars collapse and fall

4. Road to Austerlitz

Europe, mother of men
In turmoil, on her dais of crumbling stone
Ten years of prolonged peace
The treaty, a testament to ruin

Three kings, exchanging sword and spirit
Three empires, two senescent flames
Spirit - the deathless prevailer
War - The father and the son

Tsar defend the aristocratic rule
With eminence, honour and humility
Franz II by the grace of God
The last Holy Roman Emperor

Great empire of Napoleon
Usurping legions cross the Rhine
350 thousand
Renewed hubristic martial pride

Tsar, press on in blessed battle
Unchain the Imperial Guard
Franz Archduke converge thy losses
Assemble Mother Europeís fate
Advancing force attend the fog
Veiled division of St Hilaire
The sun of Austerlitz is thine
May it tear the mist apart

Holy Roman Empire now prone in thy grave
Submission of a kingdom once great
New empire deliver thy sovereign domination
Europe supplicate to the will of an iron hand

To live inglorious
In defeat and disgrace is to die each day
To die in war in glory
Is to live forever

5. Interregnum

Woe to the hand that shed this costly blood!
Over thy wounds now do I prophesy,
Which, like dumb mouths, do ope their ruby lips,
To beg the voice and utterance of my tongue
A curse shall light upon the limbs of men;
Domestic fury and fierce civil strife
Shall cumber all the parts of Italy;
Blood and destruction shall be so in use
And dreadful objects so familiar
That mothers shall but smile when they behold
Their infants quarter'd with the hands of war;
All pity choked with custom of fell deeds:
And Caesar's spirit, ranging for revenge,
With Ate by his side come hot from hell,
Shall in these confines with a monarch's voice
Cry 'Havoc,' and let slip the dogs of war;
That this foul deed shall smell above the earth
With carrion men, groaning for burial.

6. Iulianus Augustus Apostata

Imperial grace bestowed by heavenís will
An emanation of the solar law
Iulianus Augustus by absolute right
A king - half dust, half god

Reinstate the fallen order from its bed of decadence
Extirpate the curses and the vices of the past

Enter the decayed palace of Constantinople
Fated victims of tragic malediction
Let oblivion rest upon that darkened epoch
The sinecurist swarms and the herders of nescience

Flavius Claudius Iulianus Apostata
Bearer of dynastic spirit
The sovereign reflector of deific truth
Immutable in thy providence
The ruler of all things, around whom all things stand
Preserver of the celestial truth
Eternal solar justice beyond the earthly claws
Maintainer of the fire undying

7. In the Face of the Absolute

Neither father nor fortune had ever wished
That the Bismarck would forever live

To depart from life
Distrait from suffering
Till the last breath
Till the last shell

Neither through fortune nor chance alone
Had ever a man immortality gained

Masters of the world, of the seas, through this, a pure distinction
Yet with no foot of earth their own, a mark of pure discipline
Humble suppliants to the bitter floods and waves of suffering
They who sit in judgment to the war and to the callous sea

When time grows cruel valour becomes the only light
That shines in sinking darkness
That remains alight through all blessings and all ills
Valour raises men high when fortune falls

This day will make wives widows, as the war wills
Purity of silence and pure honour will thus reign
Resolved to duty as the destroyers emerged
Pure devotion though death was absolute

Duty attend
In loyalty
Yield to nothing
Save dishonour

In accordance with the decree of fortune perish
And the will of blessed inexorable war

Fire unchain
Disable the beast
Condemn to the sea
Destroy the Bismarck

Withered her flower of triumph and mastery
Though valour remains more glorious to behold

8. Thus Always to Tyrants

Submit, obey, the scrolls of Abraham
Set in parchment and leaves and stone

Procurators of a law before time
Marching under standards of blood
Gloried in the wounds of creation
In an age barren of honour and pride

Submit, obey, the scrolls of Abraham
Rotting parchments and leaves and stone

The purgatorian storm shall sweep
The purgatorian sun shall rise
Tyrants, taste the sword of truth
Tyrants, inhale the fire of justice

Submit, obey, the scrolls of Abraham
Punish, destroy, the nonbelievers
Submit, obey, the scrolls of dissolution
Destroy, create, under this standard

9. Mors Triumphalis

In battle itself is the power to arouse and awaken supremacy
Beyond victory and defeat is the only virtue we surrender to

Enslaved, the powers of chaos and fear, and passion that blind the fight
Above pleasure and pain, and gain and loss, surpassing moral chains
In his cell, his pallid telluric confine, man subjects himself
Inaction, desire - secular defects that war shall transcend

Light against raw power, the divine path, a symbol of triumph
Conquered, the crisis of corporeal death - Victorious peace

Whether through gain or defeat, impulse shall always hinder
Death triumphant conquers indolence and manís emotions

Whether through death or victory, the ascetic shall always ascend
Death triumphant conquers storm, blood and misery

10. Brotherhood of Arms

Millions of the young
Strode under the black sky
Mobilized for glory
As their march echoed

Entrenched by the raw fire
Immobilized in that soil
Machines controlled the fields
Where honour could not

Obeisant to fate in the morning mist
The brotherhood of arms reached its journeyís end
No requiem or obsequies
For the anonymous fallen who rest in the soil

No recourse through the machines
Thrown into gun fire all maneuvers
The sunken road now nothing more
Than shell-holes filled with carcasses and wreckage

11. Aftermath


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