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Nazi Occult Metal

"Nazi Occult Metal" (1995 Demo)

1. Rite of Ragnarok
2. The Ibis of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came)
3. Riders of a Cold and Violent Wind
4. Jarl's Quest Eternal
5. Nazi Occult Metal

1. Rite of Ragnarok

Hail Loki

The powers of darkness are unleashed
Fire of Surt, engulf the world, Hail Surt

Hail Surt

Midgard engulfed by sea
Jormungandr upon the world
Let Naglfar be launched
The chains of Fenrir are rent asunder
And the wolf shall course about
An axe age, a sword age
The world sinks in ruin
No man shall spare the other
Come forth to receive the mark of fate
And prepare yourself for battle

The sun shall darken
Midgard shall sink in the sea
The Shining stars shall slip out of the sky
Vapour and fire shall rage together
til the leaping flame licks heaven itself
That the earth be renewed in splendour
And Surt shall endure
As Baldr endures
For the powers of darkness are eternal

Hail Surt

Hail Baldr

2. The Ibis of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came)

In the blazing fires of heat/hate
A voice doth quietly call me, Hugin
Burned by the pure torch of cleaning fire
Cracked by the cold eternal frost
No, I'll not look back
My gods have found me
With proud head held high
Fierce eyes of defiance
I call my gods anger/vision
Our gods will never die, the ancients
Their names are written in the sky, waiting...
Will you die for your god(s)?
Now it is time to die
I have die for mine
And they have given me power
Eternal, nocturnal, down...
Can you feel my berserk rage?
Delving in your mind, raging Viking glory
Thrown to the wind, scattered and returned
Wayed on the breath of a full moon
For battle now I cry
Call the Aesir
Call the Vanir
Call my father Odin, runic lord
The powers of my noble birth
Viking glory, Teutonic worship, oblation
Oh, primordial Panthalassa
For Panthalassa I moan
Return to the stars...
Enter our black circle

3. Riders of a Cold and Violent Wind

What if I were to give you the blade?
Would you...
Have the strength to wield it?
What say you to your convictions?
Are they...
A warm bed at night?
Or are they dark like shadows?
Who hunt you
And give you little rest, indeed
What do you think of the man
Who talks the loudest?
Is he fine?
Or do you see the fool in him?
I think perhaps
A man's actions
Speak loudest for
His nobility and virtue
The wind does whistle loudly;
through husks.

4. Jarl's Quest Eternal

What was it?
My eyes say
In eternity
Powers of boundless dark, obscurity
Haunting visions of the one I love
Transgress time
and space

Give me
My power
One I love
Stars will fall...
I thirst for power
One to be
The stars will

5. Nazi Occult Metal

Parvulesco I
Soldiers already lost in a war that becomes
Ever more total, ever more occult
We bear at the very edges of this world
The spiritual arms and the most enigmatic
Destiny of military honours
From the beyond: in the ranks both visible and invisible
Of the Black Order to which we belong
Those whom death has struck down
March on side by side with those who are still standing

Hitler II
When our party consisted of only seven men
It already had two principles
Firstly, it wanted to be a party with a true ideology
And it wanted to be the one and only power in Germany
This racially best of the German nation courageously demanded
To be the leaders of the country and the people
Whoever feels he is the carrier of the best blood
And has consciously used this blood to guide the nation
Will face this leadership and will not renounce it
This is the selectring ground for German political leaders
Its doctrine will be the unchangable
Its organisation will be hard as steel...
But its tactics will be flexible
Its total image, however will be like that of a holy order
It is our wish
That this state shall endure for thousands of years
We are happy to know that the future belongs to us
Long live National Socialism
Long live Germany

Hess III
The party is Hitler
Hiter is the party
Germany is Hitler
Hitler, SIEG HEIL!!!


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