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Befo Da Awbum

"Befo Da Awbum" (1988)

1. Blurr Hogs
2. Images
3. ABC's
4. Spazztic Puke
5. Fuck Yeah
6. Bouge Jonzin
7. Call In Sick
8. Bedrock Blurr
9. He-Not-A-Home
10. Unless....
11. Let There Be Blurr
12. Ace
13. Def Metal
14. Mexicalli

1. Blurr Hogs

(music-Marco,lyrics - Tito)

(Neato drum intro)
(Swell whistle)

Get them Zuke boyz
Lazy Zuke,Uncle Messy,too!!

(Swell whistle)

Hi! We're the Blurr Hogs
I'm a vocalist TAPE HEAD TITO
And i'm a blood sucking mosquito
Then on guitar we've got

Who's usually not-a-home now
But ofcourse we've got the rampaging red-head
Shredding the four strings we crave
And last but not least
Pounding skinz like a maniacal beast

And together all four of us
Are quite hysteric
If you can't handle the heaviest
You'll sure love the funniest
And the ugliness of our faces
Because we always go new places

(Swell whistle)
(Nifty handclaps)

Where no band has gone before
Play new places where no band has toured before
Also open new doors,strat new trends
For people to be in

And make up new ideas for people to follow
Because we are prepared to reach new heights
And exotic delights
We're ready for fame and fortune
The power and the glory

(Swell whistle)

Mee Haw!!

That's right we're the Blurr Hogs
And we're here to stay!

(Swell whisltle)
(Total Rock Star Ending)
Good night!!!!!
(Swell Whistle)

2. Images

(Music - Marco,Lyrics - Dave)

(Drums With Guitar Breaks)
(Acoustic Guitar)
(Distorted Guitar)
(Acoustic Guitar)
(Distorted Guitar)
(Acoustic Guitar)
(Distorted Guitar)
(Acoustic Guitar)
(Distorted Guitar)

Yes,There is a moral to this story
How corny it may seem
Be yourself ,buddy
We're on the same team,if you know what i mean


Poofed out,spiked long hair levi vest
Over a leather jacket and a Slayer shirt
Shaved head,bandana
Combat boots and suspenders

Short pretty hair,high water pants
Flowery shirt and a Swatch watch
High top tennis shoes,jogging shorts
Boston Celtics tank top shirt

Fila shoes,Adidas sweatshirt
Gold rope chains,gelled hair,Kangol hat
Long cape,curly read hair and beard
Yellow knee-high boots and a super smile

(Phaser On Guitar,Chorus On Bass)
(Repeat Intro)

We're all alike,we're all the same in our own way
Let's stop criticizing each other
Because we built this stupid game
Think of something new,be creative

I'm Tito the sailor man
I live in a garbage can
I eat all the worms and spit out the germs
I'm Tito the sailor man!

I'm Tito the laidies man
I live in a frying pan
You turn on the gas and burn off my ass
I'm Tito the ladies man!

(But that's just HIS image!)

3. ABC's

(Music&Lyrics - Eric,Dave,Marco,Tito)


Now i've sung my ABC'S
Next time wont you sing with me?


4. Spazztic Puke

(Music - Dave,Marco,Lyrics-Tito)


(Drum Roll)
(Bass,Kevin Puke)

I went to a party and got wasted on Bacardi
My eyes were too red,My head felt like lead
I was too damn baked,my brain was flaked and shaked


And then when I walked into a wall
It was time for me to take a fall
So i hit the ground with a big TWHACK!!
The kind of sound when a hammer hits a tack
As I looked up,I seen all kinds of stars
One of them looked just like Marz
And as I fell into a daze

The "Whirlies"hit me with a sonic faze
My stomach started twisting into a horrible knot
My nose was shooting out runny snot
And out of my mouth like Niagara falls
Gushed 2 cans of CHEP-BOY-AR-DEE
Spaghetti and Meatballs

(Kevin Puke)
(Solo - Marco)
(Trippin'Kevin Puke)

5. Fuck Yeah

(Music&Lyrics - Dave,Marco)

(Slow Begining)
(Ska Part)

Fuck yeah,this is the desert
Boner time!


Boner time,yes it's boner time
Yes it's boner time
Yes it's a BIG RED STIFFY!!


Shaykeys Devil,Shaykeys Devil
(Weird Effect)

(Surf Part)
(Heavy Part)
(Harmonica Part-Marco)
Fuck yeah,man that was really the desert!!
(Eric On Helium)

6. Bouge Jonzin


(Is'nt It Neat How This Song Jumps Right In?)

My name is Bub,I got a big tummy
When I pop my belly,people think it's funny
One thing that is not verry funny
I am broke I ain't got no money
So loan me a buck,that's why they call me......


"I am hungry,I am broke,will ya'loan me a dollar till'tomorrow?"(Bub)
"Fuck you,Bub,You'll never pay me back,don't give me that face of sorrow!" (Eric)
"C'mon,Marco,take me over to E.O's so i can get a half."(Bub)
"No,Bub,give me gas,Please don't make me laugh,HA!"(Marco)

You promise you have the shirts all made up
by this Friday nite
You've told us before,we don't believe you
The screens are nowhere in sight
No flyers for the show,no shirts for the show
You know what we say is right

(Slow,Sad,Cry Part)

Well,ya'know,I just ran into Bub
That fat ass lard again the other day
And he told me the same old story
I've heared so many times......

"Oh,gee,c'mon guys,loan me a couple of sollars:
You can afford it;I'll pay you tomorrow
Give me a ride to E.O's ,dude,front me a half,please,dude?
C'mon fellas,i'll pay you tomorrow,buy me some fries
I'm hungry,I'll pay you tomorrow,GEE,THANX!!"

"It's not my fault,I'm just broke and hungry
And i wanna get stoned,Oh,please,Marco,
Take me home,I have no money for gas,
But I'll pay you tomorrow,I promise
I'll pay you ALL tomorrow,please,guys?"

The moral of this song is :
Never front Bub a half
Never loan Bub a buck
Never let him pay you tomorrow......



7. Call In Sick

8. Bedrock Blurr

9. He-Not-A-Home

10. Unless....

11. Let There Be Blurr

12. Ace

13. Def Metal

14. Mexicalli


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