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"Ice" (2006 Demo)

1. Highlander
2. Living In A Cage
3. True Fantasy Arctic Song
4. Sole Queen
5. Jet Love

1. Highlander

Under the blue skies of mountain Scotland
Once he was born to be last and the sole,
Born to receive heart and spirit immortal
Dreamed of obtaining the calm for his soul.

Hundreds of lives have been lived for his own,
Centuries passed since that fateful day.
Only the fortress's measuring flow
Gave you the force to become not the stray.

Battled for every drop of your power,
Had to remove all, who rose on your way.
You've got the wisdom's, imperious crown
You will be king of the world in some day.

Balanced for many times above the abyss,
Stayed on the border of life and of death,
Nevertheless you had won and not perished
You are still living - I hear your breath.

2. Living In A Cage

All mad shadows have choked
In their silent convenient cellars.
Only impetuous singing of birds
Will resurrect these fallen dwellers.

There is no rest from a shout
That is greets from infinite darkness.
It has weaned from the guiltiest ground
And it lives now in carelessness.

May be, it is only beginning,
Itíll continue all in all differently.

We will have to be always in struggle
For the living in outside of cage.
And this fight is always proceeding
Since the times of on ancient age.

Booming shadows always try to break off
The strong thread of the unfair play.
And they only will see the creation
That was once has been taken by pain.

Weíll live contrary to the craziest world,
Tired shoulders will never be bent.
They will not celebrate by a feasting
Our death. Weíll eternally leaving to stand.

May be, it is only beginning,
Itíll continue all in all differently.

3. True Fantasy Arctic Song

Much swifter then wind our arrows are flying,
Like diamonds are burning our swords.
Check how hard they are, if you are bold,
But if you canít - you should leave, not scold.

Our own way all the life have been taken,
We arenít afraid of heat and cold dust.
We donít believe in the God or the Devil,
But only the sword is the thing that we trust.

Itís devoted for ever and doesnít know mercy
To the one who became enemy for us.
Itís a friend, and the barriers donít frighten true friends
Through the dark of the Hell we together shall pass.

We shall not bend knees before anybody,
The freedom is only the value we know.
We donít have the rules, and those wonít have rescue,
Who wants to make our destiny glow.

4. Sole Queen

The wing of wind will stir the soul,
And get on my nerves as cold whiff.
Will settle in my heart a wordless snow,
Itíll kill my freedom, peace and belief,

itíll fill my mind with glaring dust
Banish away the string of ideas
Destroy the sides between life and your dreams,
And your dreams will prison you with cold, sharpening spears.

Itíll launch into darkness of serene nightfall,
And it will freeze you by winterís breath.
Then you will get into long and dark hall
Where the silence is sole queen.

Will build a wall from snowy needles,
Will penetrate inside, will lodge deeper
And it will calm in gentle embrace
By farewell kiss of an icy sleep(ing).

5. Jet Love


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