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"Souljourney" (2006)

1. a year to tomorrow
2. transcrypted soul
3. silence
4. new better life
5. links
6. gift
7. out of control
8. crown of creation
9. outcome

1. a year to tomorrow

2. transcrypted soul

What happened here?
Where am I? Where have I been?
What is this strange feeling?
What is wrong with me?
My body... it can't be real!

Things getting clear
Memories slowly flushing me
Images and lights
Burning eyes
While my first sunrise

Oh! What mistake!
This damned technology!
Am I me or just a perfect copy?
I should be dead
Crushed with my ship and burned
Now I live but too diferently

Was a dream of human beings
And machines were tools
That could make it true
Lead to the perfect world

We watched the stars
And It was our dream too
To conquer all universe
Be over everything...

When I close my eyes
Asleep, and I remember
This machine awaits
For last of my breaths and takes
All memories from dying brain
All thoughts, atoms and cells
Takes everything and makes it information
And then I don't remember any more
And then a wake up... this animal body...

Maybe it's true
Each night we're dying
And every morning
We're borned again
Maybe each awakened
Is not the same who asleeped
Just like universe is not the same
With every tremor of atom

...or maybe I'm still myself, cause my memories defines 'me'...
...and maybe 'to be' means 'to change'...

3. silence

Can you hear me?
My weak voice?
Can you, talk to confused one?
Please tell me what I am
And what I have to do...
Put my life in simple order
Make my soul compliant to you
Lead me right
Let my mind be weary no more


Now I'm screaming to you up there
I'm begging you on my knees
Show me truths that I could follow
Send a sign for my free will
Don't close your eyes
Don't laugh, don't sneer
Let my pose to rip my guilts
Let me follow you blindly
Give me just a simple truth

One truth
One way to go through
A heart in place of stone
A faith
A life to live straight
No doubt when something's wrong
Set light
To make my steps shure
A bless to do what's right
Give me
All things I need now
A right to do what's right

{silence}{still silence...}
{please break this silence}
{take my fears away}

I am waiting for one your word
On my knees before you, lord
Face in dust while my body's rusting
Digging grave until I die

Don't close your eyes
Don't close your ears
Look at me, and see my tears
Hear my wishes faced to you
Make my life worthy to do

4. new better life

In the night I'm watching you
In the silence I hear your breath
In the darkness I'm awaiting you
Between shadows of your mind

Keep the line as straight as it runs
Step in fog and you'll be mine
Dreams aside, step in my dream
No return, no past is here

I'm your guide
In the abyss inside you

Welcome to place, where pain ends
No another morning without clear thoughts
Give me the chance to proove right my words
Look into the future, look around yourself

See madness and hopeless of human existence
Feel anger at God, who created us
I'll teach you all truths you really should know
And I will bless you, you won't be alone

Few simple thoughts lies in, under layer of humanity
Trying to posess the mind, gathering power from anchored pride
New life begins beyond gate ready to pass
New better world for only both of us

Let grow all your passions, release them, let flow
Make hundreds of feelings falling like snow
Take in mouth illusions, then spit them away
No suffer for others and no more obey

Don't cheat yourself, don't turn back again
Don't look for better offers, you'll fail
I know your needs and I know this world
So there is nothing more friendly than me

5. links

Watch me, I'm happy by myself
When I think what I am
I feel so good
And I know for sure
That God created me for some reason
And he created this world
Specially for me
Watch me... I am a lord
...I am... a slop filling this hole

"Try not to move
Searching the truth
It isn't correct
When puppet doubts
Lock yourself inside
Being own guide
Eyes in one point
On inner side of eyelids"

I am here to supreme the world
And I hold every link

There are two sides
Of links of supremacy
I hold one
And I lunatic in dream
I hold one end
But what's on other side
And who is really master, who's puppet?
(And where is really control?)

6. gift

Inside I'm stretched
Something's wrenching me
By my veins
Hunger tells me what i have to do
And I do it
One simple shot

But every time
When I taste
When I smell
I feel something strange
Deep inside me
New thought is waking slowly

"Look in his eyes and what do you see?
Look deeper before you will try to kill
See how his fear opens the gates
To understand of a loss, of a near end

Look in his eyes and try to see
Look, oh look... it's you and me
See what he sees when looks at you
The same fear behind mask of intelligence

Do you know where ends an animal
Do you know where begins a human
And what is a soul?
Have you a right to decide?
Gift that you have is a chance to understand
Of your integrity

Everything we do, we do it for our needs!

Behind eyes are fears and needs
Inside we are all animals
Fearing that we can be just killed"

7. out of control

8. crown of creation

They had no souls
their only right was to be my food
And I hunted
I was strong
So powerful and merciless
I was full of their meat
I was lord of everything
A really crown of... "creation"

Not so long time ago
And now I am so shamed
The gift I ruined
All steps I failed
And now I'm sick

How ironic are words
"The lord of world"
When even own body won't listen to me
Thirst and hunger and pain
Now rules
And always ruled

We were so wrong
With our meaning of God's words
Blinded by self
And false crown of mankind
I was just puppet too
On supremacy links

I am not anymore
(Lord of life and death)
I am not anymore...
(I'm just pure drifting soul)

9. outcome


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