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Prelude to Tragedy

"Prelude to Tragedy" (2006 Demo)

1. Spiritus Inferi
2. Nameless
3. Redemption
4. Carve My Agony

1. Spiritus Inferi

2. Nameless

Music: Void Mortem / WinterLitany
Lyrics: Gwrath Chaos

Oh my little toys
I have lost my childhood dreams
Surrended to the real world
Becoming what I need to be

All that I am
So far from what I wanted once
Hopes and dreams of a lonely child
Traped inside my empty soul

Nameless! That's who I am...

Shall I survive
To stand or die
Lost in this dark path
The blackness of my heart
My time is over
I'm falling high from the darkened sky
A whisper to mankind
I left my name behind

Once I thought I was the one
When I used to cry hopeful tears
But the light inside my soul
Faded away across the years
Now I lie to myself
Lost inside my living hell

Within the chaos in my mind
I lost the will to try

Nameless! This life I deny
Nameless! Let me here to die...

3. Redemption

Music and Lyrics: Void Mortem

Whilst the times despites the fright
And the cold wind blows to eternity
Surrounded by that same old doubt
Redemption lies... At the pale surface in thy eyes

Sought for numbness on this way
Petrified by grief that never passed away
Bend your soul on ice
Right there we rise
Right there we blight
And die
Under my arms again
(With this now I say)

Now bless the place were I surrender
In that old field where we stayed once
Forget the tears while you remember
Than you have sure the realm was gone

Recall that forlorn scene of pain
As the warmth of sins are reawakening
Holding on your final sentence
And crying for your long lost God
Redemption lies... Where the insolent mind dies

4. Carve My Agony

Music: Void Mortem / WinterLitany / Gwrath Chaos
Lyrics: Void Mortem / Gwrath Chaos

Inner sorrow
We´re lost again
For one life
Falling down
In tight disgust
Lost treasure
For you hide
In your deep dark
(In this deep dark)

Deepest silence
Crowned within
Disturbed relief

All that time is rubbered
Signed on this long grief
In thy last rebirth
My soulscourge

Carve on!!!

Loved ones
Or we died?
In silence
We´re crawling for this
Leave my being there
Right down
Into despair


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