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Life Erazer

"Life Erazer" (2003)

1. The Unholy (Intro)
2. Godless Reaper Of Souls
3. Son Of The Dead
4. Static Darkness
5. Life Erazer
6. The Slow Fall Of Death
7. Transcending The Fall
8. Blood Chapter
9. Devil's Speech
10. Pain Within
11. Fall From Grace (Morbid Angel cover)

1. The Unholy (Intro)

2. Godless Reaper Of Souls

Within every spoken word
I witness the truth
By demons and chaos
My dreams discovered
I cut the moral chains of life
And maintain the foundations of hell

Godless reaper of souls
Bringer of punishment
Godless reaper of souls

We, the evil ones
Who arose from the world below
With blood black as night
And the mark sealed within our hearts
Come to us now, gather for revenge
God you shall kneel and kiss the eyes
(Of the dead)

We the evil ones
Who bear the mark within our hearts
We, who arose from the world below
Shall gather for revenge

3. Son Of The Dead

In black days of hatred
Along with the spine of time
I walk in the light of the dead
Covered with dust, the lef\gacy of hell
Death now walks among us, wrath and despair

In the dark depths...
Endless pain forever
This war shall always be
Hade - made to last

The sight of the almighty
Brings fear into your heart
The shadows gather slowly
And await the final call
Covered with dust, the legacy of hell
Death now walks among us, wrath and despair

I, son of the dead
Faithful until the end
Forever in pain...
The blood boils underneath

I, son of the dead
Branded by the sign of hell
Forever in pain...
The evil soul burns inside

4. Static Darkness

Many shadows have gathered together
Where the dead reign alone
The pale sun caresses the open wound
As the cross falls to the ground
Empty hearts pray for forgiving
As their world falls apart
Holy preacher, crucified
Their fate too dark to behold
Let evil fly free tonight
Time went away never to return
I saw heaven's last day of delight

Demigods awake from their slumber
Servants of blasphemy
Hammer of evil crush the lambs of christ
Virgin drained of blood

Oh, eyes of possession
Stare right through my soul
Freezing cold, their presence chills my spine
Jesus (under the sentence of death)

Somewhere in the dark
A settlement is done
A sign is given
The dark falls splendid might
I am prepared to meet my soul
And vanish into oblivion
Jesus, under the sentence of death
...the seventh angell of sin

Evil came with the wind
The stench of bodies is the smell of revenge

Starlight and stardust
Sculptures of night
Stolen pride
Static darkness

5. Life Erazer

Life denial - burn with me
Behold the sermon of misery
May the storms of disaster
End my life

In solitude I burn
Eyes of possession glow
Stare right through my soul
Freezing cold

Goddess of damnation rise
Through the night of turbulence
It's the entombment of my soul
Angel cries...

Lucifer - prince of evil
Keeper of the underworld realm
Behold the sermon, cast me a spell
Thorns ripping my body apart
Welcome to watch me die

Life erazer - the poison of death

The stars are wicked
Oh yes I can tell
Bleed in the moonlight
Forced to erase myself

I hate the sight of every worthless life
I spit in the holy waters and kiss the angels goodbye

6. The Slow Fall Of Death


Falling away, shadows dwell
I am the born of hell
Lighten my burden, I won't resist
Their spirits unites with mine
As I bleed inside, I embrace the pain
Life vanished and forgotten

Born of evil, son of satan
Cast me back into the fire
Stained by blood, all life ends
Feeding darkness itself

Towards a fate unknown
I find no meaning, no inner fire
Only pain, tear up the dark
I sign my fate unto you
With the blood from my veins
Grab my hand, join my soul
The slow fall of death

Bow thy head before the mighty one
And speak upon the darkest one
Abandon your body to the fallen one
And you will experience everlasting pleasure

Disciple of death
Fill me the power
Earthly feelings die

Demon - fill my heart
Demon - hear my call
Demon - end my pain

7. Transcending The Fall

8. Blood Chapter

A long forgotten tale
Written by the hands of doom
Feared by the heavenly angel
Under banners of black, awaiting the sign
Angels hide in the clouds

Burning eyes, bleed in horror
History repeats itself, everlasting might
Godless child wake up from your slumber
While the dark force arise

The tears that fell, shall fall once more
The blood that flowed shall flow once more
Truth buried deep beneath
Blood chapter - written in blood

Demon, I summon you
The one who cricified life
Restless they wonder
Among the lifeless souls
No hope of light, the final line is drawn
The christian cries asound in the wind

A soul of fire and blood
From whom this gift shall be granted?
O long for you to come...
Welcome to the fire
Under banners of black, awaiting a sign
Angels hide in the clouds, while the dark force arise

9. Devil's Speech

Demonized - darkness eternal
Rape the light - turn to black
Demonized - take control
Bound to hell - smell of death
Buried in darkness, far from the light
Demonized - satan rise

I take control
I wrap myself in liquid fire
For you I spill my blood
Turn the page of hate - behold the horned one

Oh I praise the dark
Grip of desperation
I taste the demons demise
Behold the shades of death

Demonized - shadows in black
Rape the light - volcanic eruprion
Demonized - carnal lust
Nocturnal lust - embrzce the strength...
Bound to hell -...of the lord
Demonized -...of the lord

Unchain yourself from a false delusion
Be strong and discover the truth
For evil is lurking inside, and I will be the one to set it free
Crush the earthly limits, devastation fills my eyes
Destroy the chains that tie you down, I pray for death
As my body's being possessed...oh possessed...

Die, chained to your life...
Kneel to your god
Devil's speech seduces to all
I wave my flag of damnation
And laugh in rage as y body's being possessed

10. Pain Within

I speak in tounge, I turn to black
I await you precious end
In every tear I eyes are so cold
Darkened emotions blinding my eyes
...I am bound to darkness, a relic from the past

Oh, in silence they came
Revelation of doom
My spirits abide, solitude
I am the chosen one, my sense is numb
Taking my last breath, pain...

A masquerade of dying faces
Gather to behold
The art of self-destruction
And the experimentation of a bleeding soul

My mind a castle is...
Impossible for you to reach

I wake up cold in my sleep
Sorrow shatter my heart
I can feel my walls are bursting now
Oh darkness give me shelter
A trail of life will begin
Sex feet under, six feet under your skin

Pain, a question of emotions
The black winds shall deliver me
To a world without end
A soul is born to set me free
Welcome to the fire

Of sorrow and pain
My life will begin
I bow to darkness
The relic of past

11. Fall From Grace (Morbid Angel cover)

[Originally performed by Morbid Angel]

Hot wind burns me
Burning as I fall
Cast away
Speechless in the holy way
I survive
The scourge and banishing
To scorching land
I am lord, I take command

(Fall from grace)

Forgive me not
This knowledge makes me strong
To resurrect
The cities of the damned
All the treasure of sodom
Now belong to me - celebrate
Fallen angels take my hand

(Fall from grace)

Whores long for my flesh
And my desire
Lust annointing me now
Consume my soul

(I ride the flesh and the sinners of hell)
(I am belial)
(I bend knee not before my selfish desire)


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