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The Crawlian Supremacy

"The Crawlian Supremacy" (2006)

1. Planet Thralldoom (Intro)
2. Enslaved
3. Menace Of The Universe
4. Dunes Of Mub'Arass
5. Solar Ghosts
6. Trip To Helgnord
7. Viking Pride
8. The Oracle
9. Dawn Of War
10. March Of The Crawlians
11. Time For Deliverance
12. New Age
13. Fast As A Shark

1. Planet Thralldoom (Intro)

2. Enslaved

All over space we are taking control
Slaving all races wherever we go
Down on your knees, domination complete
Pain and submission to satiate our greed

Out in the stars
In a planet Godforsaken and lost
Out in the stars
Thousand years light far away from home

Civilizations we took from The Earth
Mines in Thralldoom is the end they will find
Forests of Helgnord for the viking tribe
Dunes of Mub Harass for the egyptian kind

3. Menace Of The Universe

Confusion, pain and chaos
The punishment and horror
Across the Universe

You’ll feel the whip of sorrow
The wrath of Ravial Tantrum
Across the astral plane

They came from a distant galaxy
Steeping into ecstasy
To rule the worlds

They came setting up supremacy
Storming with no clemency
Throughout the worlds

Forevermore you’ll suffer
In constant fear and sadness
Across the galaxies

We bring the threat and menace
A nightmare for the planets
Obbey our discipline

4. Dunes Of Mub'Arass

In this land of misery
Infliction and slavery
Too much blood was spilt
Our people died for liberty

Dust and bones over the sands
We must fight, we shan’t be bland

It’s the time to rise in arms
Won’t give in until we die
Call upon the Gods Of War
Onuris be our sacred guide

Time has come for revolution
Time has come for us to blow them away
Only victory or dying
The rebellion will break out once and for all

5. Solar Ghosts

6. Trip To Helgnord

Somewhere far beyond the dunes
In the land of ice
Find the King Of Helgnord
Go Masud, follow the runes
Freedom’s in your hands
Gather all the viking clans

Wind and sun, cold and heat
Travel through the arid sands of Dhalm
Ice and snow, rain and storm
Travel to the north and reach your goal

Thy command is my task
No time for hesitation
My mission will be over
The way is long and risky
I leave now, my master
I’ll give my life for Mubians liberty

We sneak between the shadows
We cross the enemy lines
No storm or heavy weather
Will stop us ‘til we die

Under the moons of Thralldoom
We are creeping in the night
Like serpents within shadows
To avoid the Crawlian sight

7. Viking Pride

Elders have told us stories
About the old Planet Earth
Roots of our people and culture
Dawn of the human breed.

Odin is guiding our trail
Sorrow and death you will find
The Hammer of Thor will not fail
We’ll exterminate all your kind

Too many years of damnation
Living in a mourning keen
The day of revenge now is closer
When we all be free like the wind

8. The Oracle

Lord Ravenous something is going on
The Oracle has seen a vision
Pictures of chaos, supremacy’s gone
The all seeing eye tells no lies

Rebels are gathering to start the revolt
Trying to change our fate
Future’s uncertain we must get prepared
Avoid the attack before it’s too late

The crimson sky light fades away
Turning to darkness
One deadly silence hangs about
Howling echoes mourn aloud
The moons will cry out to the stars
High in the heavens
All clouds above are dyed in red
Tears of blood will flow on earth

Prophecy is telling what you’re gonna see
Clear is the Spectral Sphere
Get ready the troops for the final outcome
Is coming The Day of sorrow and pain

9. Dawn Of War

Sun is rising in the sky
Frozen dew upon the land
UV rays melt the ice
On this day of war you’ll die

We are not afraid we won’t surrender
We are not afraid we won’t give in
Rather dead than living in sorrow
Rather dead than living in pain

Look at the armies of humans united
Standing on the horizon

Follow the sign of Helgnord
Morning has broken, Dawn of War
Heeding the call of the horns
There is no turning back, Dawn Of War

Don’t you dare to change your fate
Never try to put us down
You’d better give up and be a slave
Otherwise you’ll meet your grave

10. March Of The Crawlians

Weapons armed and ready
Legions sent to war
Storming without mercy
Kill and maim them all

They march to war beneath the star lights
10.000 soldiers
The clash is close the flag is waving
March of the Crawlians

Heolfor obbey my orders
Leave no sign of life
Bring me the head of Khalid
Ruin the viking tribe

11. Time For Deliverance

Lord, the battle’s on their side
Hate, I see it in their eyes
Base of Zoldiath has been wrecked
Hordes of humans everywhere

Bloodshed and dismay all across the planet
Decaying flesh for the scavengers
Victors cheer aloud in a jubilance chant
Wielding up their weapons to the sky

Thralldoom’s on fire, fire them all
Alliance has succeed
And mankind is victorious
Fire, fire them all
New age has been born
Now it’s time for deliverance

Blood and corpses on the ground
Death is lurking all around
Praise, invoke the Halig Gast
The Sublife waits for us

12. New Age

Many men are wounded
And some others passed away
Let us pray for the fallen ones

Great Moon is the witness
Of the day when overcame
Let us pray to the Gods above

And together we shall reign
In the name of human kind

We die but I swear that we will return
Life’s gone but I swear that we will

Spread the word of freedom
From the North right to the South
Tell our people that peace is at hand

Welcome to the new times
Of harmony and peace
And forever we’ll cherish this land

13. Fast As A Shark


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