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"Duality" (2002)

1. Loophole
2. Bloodline
3. Telepathic Bug
4. Heading Nowhere
5. Be My Guest
6. The Dreamstorm
7. Awakening
8. Behind the Gates
9. Vinland
10. Omniscient
11. Ethereal

1. Loophole

Thereís always a loophole
In every possible ways
Your sins will find you out
Must hurry away
As trouble stalk you
A neverending chase (begin)
Luck will be your friend
Your only hope to be free
Youíll find your way !
Get out of this toil
Resort to subterfuge
Get out of this toil
Thatís for your own good
Like in old castles cells
Theres always a loose brick
You just have to be focused
Keep an optimistic point of view
Loopholes are everywhere
Be brave and bold
Seize the opportunity
To be your own master
Open your eyes and see
The things that no one notice
You never know indeed
Where youíll find the way
Youíll find your way !

2. Bloodline

In ancient time, ages ago
Our ancestors betrayed what life had given them
A profane crime against our humanity
A self inflicted curse born from a selfish soul
And thus, the lineage continued on the same path
Carrying the burden of fate and spreading the impure blood
Its our bloodline making us what we are and what weíll be
It made the past and forge our destiny
A strain of madness flows in our veins
A state of sadness
Exhume from our own pain
As it evolves, we degenerate wicked make us
Fall Cursed blood Venomous Make us Roar!!!!
As time passes
If we donít find a cure
An upcoming outbreak
No one will be secure
So we might just go
Following our grim destiny
Secluded and at peace
Banished from vicinity
We all took him for a living God I could see the horror on his face

3. Telepathic Bug

We donít understand, each other
The Telepathic bug stand between us
We donít understand, each other
Like old friends, canít we be strong together? Unknown interferences
Unexplainable connections
As time pass us by
We will live and we will die
Without knowing the cause
Behind this obscure phenomenon
Enemies without reason
Or friends with no bonds
This is the mystery of our sub-conscience
As computers, the human mind is unstable
Brain waves come and go
Matching frequencies brings enlightment
While others repulse everything
Unknown interferences Unexplainable connections
As time pass us by, We will live and we will die Without knowing the cause
Behind this obscure phenomenon

4. Heading Nowhere

Finally a taste of freedom
Liberated from this institution
A neverending incarceration
An overwhelming addiction
Flowing inside the mind
Somehow being needed
As it is entirely rejected
Itís a sad contradiction
Growing Hatred against myself
Just let me scream !!!
Only I decide!
I control my own life
And I refuse to be yours
My life ainít no game
Just wait and see
My life ainít no game
Just wait and see, cause I stand strong
Just wait and see, cause I fear nothing
I wish it could be this easy
But the further I get the more it hurts
I feel lost, I feel weak
Iíll be back someday

5. Be My Guest

Welcome, this is an invitation
A trip to your inner sanctum
A flashback trough your mind
It all begun with choices
Different ways of thinking
Numerous paths to chose from
A never ending maze of toughts
In your childhood things were easy
You had whatever you wanted
As if you knew what was on otherís mind
Later on, seeking goals blindly
A sudden impact called reality
Make your choices more important
Decisions are harder to take
Be my guest Iím your destiny
Let me guide you
Trough the confusion of existence
Time goes by, you get older
The future is not as bright as you tought
And you definetly donít know yet
What it will lead you to be
When you finally think
That youíre out of the tunnel
When at last your time is done
You understand it all
All this time so close
You had it all in the palm of your hand
Be My Guest!!!

6. The Dreamstorm

Lost in these empty realms again
Fear and sorrow
But somehow no one can hate it
For she is there
Seducing the ones who lost their way
In this dreamworld
Keeping mortal men in eternity
Feeding upon our phantasms
The dreamstorm is coming
For centuries people have dreamt
This forsaken land torned apart
No one believes anymore
She and her land slowly fading into infinity
If no one can dream anymore
Whatís it worth living?
The dreamstorm shall not be
Thee shall dream Imagination, passion
Keep this realm alive
As long as one is dreaming
She shall breathe within us
Her beauty shall never fade
With our emptyness
No one believes anymore

7. Awakening

Rage !
Earth is sinking in madness
Peace of mind is now only a dream
The world suffer, people dies
All this happening, still we close our eyes
Sometimes they talk about a brighter future
But seeing things as they evolve
We lay uncertain
And our fearís growing as the story unfolds
Now threachery is all we see
Pain is what we live in
All we hope for is salvation
To fully enjoy our life again
Prepare for the awakening
The inner-self that hides behinds
Your dreams
Stop thinking only about yourself
Itís about time to take care of others
Life is short
And friends donít last forever
Itís time to open your eyes
Time to finaly realise
Wake up!
We finaly know
Where the key reside
First unlock whatís kept inside
To brighten what lies outside

8. Behind the Gates

Inaccessible, unexplored
A forbidden land Iíve always looked for
Is it fiction ? Is it real ?
Is it gonna be revealed ?
Letís go Behind the Gates !!!
An obscure path concealed behind
I donít know what I might find
Break the lock, unchain the gates
Iím profaning this mystical place
Behind the gates the lost souls awake
Out of reach, Out of sight
They captured my mind until daybreak
Strange stories Iíve heard that night
Now accessible, now explored
This forbidden land that I opened the door
Is it fiction, or even real?
Is it gonna be revealed?
What fantasy hides behind the gates
What mystery lies before my eyes
My life is now behind the gates
The mystery now stands before my eyes

9. Vinland

This place of unearthly beauty
Vast lands go across infinite horizons
Places one could only dream of
As the winds carry our pride
We ride among thy vast forests
An army of warriors who donít know fear
Courage and wisdom flows through our veins
Oh Vinland! Land of the north
May the winds carry our pride
Proud sons of the north we are
Under the banner of the brave we live
For generations to come they shall hear us
Hymns of magnificent splendour
Riding across the oceans for eternity
Oh Vinland! Land of the north
May the winds carry our pride
Proud sons of the north we are

10. Omniscient

Once was born a child
Overminding us all
With such powers
Only in legends weíve heard of
The more he grew, the more he knew
Until he crossed the line of supreme consciousness We all took him for a living God
Accessing unimagined levels of knowledge
And then one day he knewÖ
For less than a second
He knew his destiny
His brain couldnít take the load
He was every mind at one time
He froze before his soul exploded
While his body fell down motionless
I could see the horror on his face

11. Ethereal

In the darkest times of life
Things get hard to understand
Shadows over our thoughts
Striking fear, deep inside ourselves
An intagible presence, altering reality
When misunderstanding
And sorrow stand strong
Itís the unseen and the unreachable
The blade that we canít feel
When itís cutting through our hearts
Pain, love, hatred, ETHEREAL!
A twisted vision or a nightmare awake
This chaotic influence emerge
We hate the one we loved
We fear the thruth
We hide or run away
All these things that you canít grasp
Resides in this secret plane of existence
Where mystical forces Manipulate our feelings Poisoning the soul of us, fragile humans.
Pain, love, hatred, ETHEREAL!


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