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March Through Darkness

"March Through Darkness" (2007)

1. March Through Darkness
2. Fatal To The Flesh
3. Soulscrape
4. One World Order
5. Measures Of Hate
6. Purgatory
7. Source Of Pain
8. Impaled To The Throne
9. Kill Or Be Killed

1. March Through Darkness

2. Fatal To The Flesh

Falling apart like a flesh eating virus
Is how I've ended up, I feel so weak
Eating me out from the outside in
There's not much left, my skin is so thin
Creeping and spreading throughout all of my body
The cells have given up, my heart is still pumping
I wish I could die, but my organs are fine
My body looks like a corpse from the sea.

Disfigured and suffering
In my very existance
My fatal flesh is something I can't contain
Now all that is left is just a quivering pile
Of bones and organs with nothing to work for.

Skin tearing
Eyes bursting
My ending
Is nearing

Trying to breathe, my lungs fill with the fluid
Of everything that has ruptured in me
Breathing is shallow, a terrible struggle
My own body is drowning me
Decaying away and I can't handle the pain
Another level of suffering
Why can't I die, why am I still alive
Am I awake or is it a dream?

Taking my life

3. Soulscrape

Music by Soul Scrape
Lyrics by Dan & Jonesy

Light beams impale
Your corpse to the hell
You have created

The sun shall set fire
To the world
Melt it to the ground
A coagulated infection
Called the human race

A Race
That prays on the weak
And cannot be erased
All will be defaced
Dissolving the waste

Relapsing mind
Will fold a brickwall
Of emotion
Blocking the way to
Eternal enlightenment

Soulscrape murders all
Destroy, crush, fuck them all
Their fate, we will decimate
As one, we will obliterate

As one

Rains fire throughout the soul
Of the human
Shattered existence

Cast the shadow down
Of internal light
Fisting its way to

4. One World Order

Music by Soul Scrape
Lyrics by Jonesy

One world order

Forced to lead a life they make
Manipulated by faith
We've torn the fabric thrown over all
The useless laws we will ignore

Attacked by
Our own kind
Our eyes are blind
Through headlines
Corruption, lies
Control our minds
Dictated by their ruthless minds

One world order

Leaks from the holes we uphold
A smoke screen deceiving all
They are all spineless communist pawns
One move away from their fall

They violate
And desecrate
The ones who reveal their roles
They have one goal
Suffer all
Resist and taste the brutal force

Fuck them all!

5. Measures Of Hate

Music by Soulscrape
Lyrics by Jonesy

Past is non-existant
I'm living in a present
Life as I once knew it
Has changed dramatically
The way the world is heading
It's ending everyday
There is nothing you can do to stop it
Take out a knife and slit it

Pain it will be sudden
Then you will see a shining light
Coming through the tunnel
Then it will be over

If you look through me
You will see nothing
A broken man
Without a life quality
The weak way out is how you plan to go
At least I won't be in this world anymore

Measures of hate
Seal my own fate

Is a useless comfort
A weak formality
My life as I know it
And endless point of agony
The strain and suffering
I've tried to defeat it
And I can't
And I would rather just end it

Extreme measures
I will take

Now the pain is over
Existence is no longer
I have taken my own
Grip on reality
Remains my human structure
Apart of me no longer
Falling beneath it
The coward inside has won

6. Purgatory

Music by Soul Scrape
Lyrics by Dan & Jonesy

Sentenced to wait between heaven and hell
Is a place where you soul goes to dwell
You've lived your life the best way you could
If you could go back I'm sure you would
But now the time is decide
Make up your mind, is it gates or is it fire?
Last chance, last time, take a look around
But your demons will drag you into hell themselves

My vision of a perfect disorder
Will never contemplate
The internal rupture and the resonating

Urge to kill
All things sane
Relapsing consequences
We have not yet grasped
For the ever changing mind state

Its been bleeding the way to eternal combustion
And wicked means of distinction
I'll slay

Is where you
Go when your dead
And decomposing

It's where the souls
Of the dead are
Purified by suffering
Repenting all their guilt

7. Source Of Pain

Music by Soul Scrape
Lyrics by Jonesy

And taken whole
A vicious cycle that you can not control
Exploding right in front of your face
And filling your mind with empty promises
And you will believe them once again
Burning a candle from fucking both ends
A permanent scar
Of nothing but failure
A pressure that's consumed me

Cuase I feel buried alive
My brave face is on the outside
Your torture has caused all my failure
No longer will you be decider
Of me

That will not scab
Can't stop the bleeding
I'm losing my strength
And I am tired of answering to you
You're becoming a walking issue
I hope that you realise
Before you demise
You're a soulless waste of air
Causing my despair

I wish you the worst
A clog in your black heart
While I am starving your mind
Of ways to leave your graze

Leave your graze

A cut, a mark
In anything human
A bruise, A break
In anyone chosen
So choose someone

8. Impaled To The Throne

Music by Soul Scrape
Lyrics by Dan & Jonesy

Into a state of confusion
The question
The belief

Mindless carcass
Follow the hollow
With our heads at our feet
Into the shrine of the human mind
Apocalypse will kill man kind

The search for diving wisdom
Is a quest within ones self
Institutions corrupt our minds
And take your strength for themselves
Suicidal laboratories
Breed destruction and decay
The army of the apocalypse
Teach self destructive ways

Their destructive
Ways of abusing us

Sent to
A lapse of delusion
The question
Will devastate


Dying is merely the end
Of the human experience

9. Kill Or Be Killed

Music by Soul Scrape
Lyrics by Jonesy

Pinned to the wall
Dragged across the coals
Emotional head fuck
With every nerve struck
And I'm sick of it all
Lost all control
Prepared to take a fall
The time is elapsing
And the will is collapsing
And it is taking its toll

Tortured souls
I've seen you all before
You are trying to haunt us all
You made the choice after all
When life or death is you call
There is something is us all
In a violent outburst
A vision of red
And a voice inside that says

Kill or be killed

There's blood upon the walls
More bodies throw in holes
I feel no guilt at all
A thread is a thread after all
And death will come to all
Of those who are involved
The stories will be told
A death toll will unfold

Victims rise
And countries will divide
Were trying to all survive
Fearking for our lives
When crossing the line
What will cross your mind
When the person in front of you
Is coming to slaughter you
And it is time to decide now

Kill or be killed

Lost all control
Prepare to take a fall
Strength beyond our call
No results at all

And I
I feel so numb inside
A dark place where I hide
And keep a file of vile
Scenes I can't let out

A mass slaughter
Evil eyes
To warp our minds

Take a look in my eyes
They reveal no surprise

Kill or be killed

Take a look
In my eyes
They reveal
No surprise
They're staring at
At the prize
A fucking piece of your heart


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