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Forgotten Sunrise

"Forgotten Sunrise" (1991 EP)

1. Awaiting The Savior
2. Eternally Forgotten
3. Curse The Sunrise
4. A Wasted Cry For Hope

1. Awaiting The Savior

Begging to be saved as I fall to the alter
Her lifeless body still warm
I await the coming of the savior
He arrives to late
The battle is underway as I feel myself being torn in two
Many feelings,but I'm controlled by my hate
I remember the blade that ripped though her flesh
As she tried to escape
But she knew as I smiled
That I controlled her fate

I must be forgiven for all I've done
Because sin is a sin and sin is a pun

2. Eternally Forgotten

Birth is the start of death
The endless process of decaying breath
Time has taken its toll
And your lungs resemble coal
Your life's so important in your own eyes
There's no way to prevent demise
And when your still here
Chresih the moments you hold dear
Because all that you've done
Amounts to nothing when you're gone
And when you're found lying in shit
Few people will care one bit
Kiss the Dead man's face
To respect someone who finished the race
Are the tears from sorrow or joy
Or tradition taught when they were boys
Laid to rest beneath the earth

3. Curse The Sunrise

Reaching out, from beyond
He's dying to be killed
Screaming out, without a sound
The pain, it's in his eyes
Without a thought,his mind goes blank,
Blind stare confesses weakness
Rotting bones, decaying flesh
Makes him look almost human
Utters something only he understands
Watching, waiting, for the death of this stranger
That clings to life desperately
Forcing air into his lungs
Confused, he loosens his grip
As his mind slowly drifts away
Reality faces day after day
Screams in his darkness, his way, he can not find
A time to live, a time to die

You don't want to see his end
As if this wasn't it now
He takes a look into his past
And hopes this breath will be his last
You've fisnished the cycle you started at birth
When the Pains start to subside
Fewer are the tears they will cry
They visit Christmas, birthdays too...
And when there's nothing much to do
The visits become less frequent
And the flowers become Delinquent
Whomeever visited the last few times
Join the dead under the pines
Time has taken its toll
And your body resembles coal
Your life's now meaningless in your grave
The weeds on top you wouldn't save

4. A Wasted Cry For Hope

The warning is clear, we must heed the call
A time to act, harmony for all mankind
The air we breathe
The land we graze
The water we drink
Destroyed by man
The earth's not ours to do as we please
We rent our land, no one lives forever
You live in excess you love to waste
You kill for greed the traits of man
The misuse, the misuse of rescources
Supply, demand
You demand more supply
Equal guilt, equal guilt to all
Use of services, you've serviced their cause
What are you going to do
When the filth has caught up to you?
Is that what it's going to take
For you callous bastards to awake?

Listen to what I have to say
Learn to use the strength of knowledge
Rather than the knowledge of strength
Together we can rise about the filth
To live in peace and harmony...
THose of you, those who know the faces
Use denial, denial to voer your guilt
Act now!
Act against the status quo
Upon their greed
Upon which the world is built
You can hear
Yet,you do not listen
You read the words
Yet, you do not think
Aware of the facts
But nothing will change
Laissez-fair the policy of mankind


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