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Empire From Darkness

"Empire From Darkness" (2002)

1. Tears of Sorrow
2. Living for Agony Despair
3. Though Believe It
4. Fly Away
5. Eternal Truth
6. Last Wish
7. Warmth of You
8. I Never Forget You
9. End of Destiny

1. Tears of Sorrow

2. Living for Agony Despair

What? have I been dreaming?
Not ever knowing myself.
What I see is "NAUGHT"everyday.
What is need�H
Never even thought about it.
Lives never stop beating.
Creatures dedicate human something.
But fools destroy them for own satisfaction.
"What could you do�HWhat could feel?"
you,eith powerless.mindless and nothing more than a louse in mother earth.
And I stab my arm.
Standing on the depths of despair.
But still people gotta fight.
Breeding on this ground finding themselves so small face up to the sunny sun.
and survive.
Just like worms crawling on the ground
Just to live�E�E�E

3. Though Believe It

Renton's fuckin sky color ball.
People have fun the killing game down.
There for human throw away look like fuckin dast.
Many tree's diding shit.
The sea is dying black.
You don't know nothing.
The world isn't yours.
A lot of people is living that intertwining with linking.
Do you think so too?
Go to hell.
I'm fear of not fail to Jusus destory our fuckin mind .
So,This mother's earth is crying.
But I move it understood thing
All living thing dillight of existence.

4. Fly Away

People got right to choose themselves.
What did you see?
What did you feel?
You figure is trning eternally in a fake.
I will broken,I will destroy.
A bird his feather has broken.
That is you,that is you.
Great world which will never be liiked back.
Close my eyes and open your eyes.
yes let's fly!
Your are confused by uesless time and action.
Everything will be destoroyed.
Throw away everything and release the power.
Don't be afraid of anything.
I will take you.
Don't worry,Beconfident.
You can fly.
Higt up in the sky.
Close my eyes and open your eyes.
yes let's fly!
Can't you see?
The sky without glayness.
Higher than averything(everything)
I want to be higher,than that sky.
Let's go far away.(fay away)
Come with me.
To what extent where we can't see.
I believe you will awake.
Yes,right now let's fly!!
Nothing to lose.
We will get everything.
stand up,Now is the time.
Yes,right now.
Let's fly!

5. Eternal Truth

What should I belive in this passing by.
What should I receive sprit called REALITY.
Your future will go destruction.
The count for death has started already.
I wanna know.I wanna feel it.
Darkness go down anywhere Its unexpeeteetedly.
Sadness overfown everywhere Its suddnly.
I donÕt know to live mean.
IÕm herer forever.
What woild you do,if people took precious thing from you by force?
You might suffer from betrayal,saddness.,anger,cruelty and nausea.
So,ItÕs Òeternal truthÓ
My heart beaten by rain without leaving me the answer.
IÕm forgen like a wax figur�E�E�E�I
Beliving is the only hope.
Exist�E�E�E for eternal truth
Scream! Ever ofter�E�E�E
For eternal truth.

6. Last Wish

When I tired from wolk and lost way.
I felt deep sorrow,play seek celebation.
The two ways were both stood in the way,
I didnÕt have a courage to choice either.
The mighty pride front from myself was just a scrap of paper in hare.
So,I pretended remain calm.
But,it was not to late that there destruction.
I was defeated in everything.
You have precious break darkness can know see And forget a hope.
Barn fire earth.
Darkness and loneliness have given birth by your self.
Hit the darkness.So,winner us.
Can you see my everything.
If so,please teach me bout my arrive point.
I regreted what the time cannot to return and I beted LAST WISH.
Then,I overcame a pain,repentance,sorrow and more.
But,it was just control in my mind.
Time cannot return crush me�E�E�E

7. Warmth of You

The time was changing very fast,and I walked
A one of happiness I got that time.
Aii thing I had were destroyed by a one of unhappiness that like a robbed of something.
So,my all thing�E�E�E
You side face mirrored in the moonlight.
Made me mad also my everything.
If I was rejected to embrace you body,can I escape from howaday despair.
My heart still fell sense of touch I had in mind a midnight.
I hope my all thing that I never forget and precious do not melt away.
You fade away like fog.
Where do you going?
Please leave me alone.
If a time came back,I wish addicted your love just again�E�E�E
What should I doing hereafer ?
You could not teach me anything.
What should I do? What can I do?
You could not teach me anything.
I grasp the pendant you gave me and sink deeply.
When my sorrow will disappear?
But please don't melt way�E�E�E

8. I Never Forget You

I'm never forgotten it's only truth the saddness stabbed into my barren heart so deeply which hasn't removed.
I wonder what people observing in such ordinary day.
Would my death will be the end of all?
When I woke up,there were no humans.
People confused between honey and bitter.
Human hopes trap everyone down to hell.
Pleasure has end in dream and sorrow story stay there.
Kept standing my heart.So I'm here forever.
You just found a easiest way for yourself.
How will you see the future by such eyes?
I thought this will never end.
I suffered between sorrow and anger all alone.
I've thought and suffered.
But I couldn't find the answer.
I'm promised to my heart I think will be no end of this world but still...
I just carry on with endless sorrow on my back.
I just solely...straight ahead...carry on...
Ever though I suffer.
I carry all the sorrow.
I just solely...straight ahead...carry on.
Just carry on...

9. End of Destiny


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