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Rise of the Shadows

"Rise of the Shadows" (2006)

1. Frozen Dreams
2. Infernal Legion Comes
3. The Burning Assault
4. Walking on Mystic Field
5. Rise of the Shadows
6. The Mountains Cold
7. The Last Vision of Gray Horizon

1. Frozen Dreams

inside my mind ; in the pale dreams
before the life and time
when the moon shone high
golden stars will shine up high
im flying far above the cold frozen lake
with dreams that became from dreamland
this how the lucky feel how the beatiful dream
i feel im free ; i see my eternal sanctuary
but sudden shadows devour my dream
everywhere will be darkdream
return to dark
teras run as blood
i walk away forever with frozen dreams
fall to despair with decay thought
frozen dreams ; broken soul

2. Infernal Legion Comes

infernal legion come from the longway
great legion from boundaries of hell
come from the world of hate
from the old thought and will show devoted
with bloody axe of hate and walking over the mist to start the war
master declared the war and invoking to destroy and command
to bestial ruin
the black massacre with infernal wrath
creatures will kill in the name of hell
and will burn in fire flames of hell
corpse of killed must burn in fire
infernal legion will come to kill
infernal legion come to devoted show
infernal legion come from the longway
great legion from boundaries of hell
on cocrete and dust with stormy walk
bleed in sands of war
see your septic end

3. The Burning Assault

when twilight end
darkstar rising
on the bleaky sky
fullmoon seeing on the sky
cold wind is blowing
hear the sound of horse riders
blaze in your sight
the last sight you'll ever see
its time of assault
burning assault
nothing can stop this
final attack
now there is no
no turning back
they are few but strong
burning assault
no time to escape
legion comes like storm
burning assault
battle hammers hit with force
hear their screams through flaming walls
the sword cuts through their troat
and dead bodies fall to blood
now fighters gone but mist of fire remains
victorious march playing but this sound is so grief

4. Walking on Mystic Field

5. Rise of the Shadows

under the bloodred moon in the cold night
of the another world; where the ravens fly high;
where lost shadows hide
you can see a perfect vision of freeze in the night
midnight dark sky open up
a fogy fullmoon release of shadows from dungeons
moon of abyssal souls for the years that have passed in raven sorrow
midnight passing and moon is fulfil
and raven come from hills
night emit raven shadows
raven that are blacker than darkness
they coming farabove your head
you still standing toward the shadows
just kneel in front of ravens shadows
you see an raven circle
above the open sky
circle of black voiceferous ravens
sing of death gather above circle
oath of abyssal souls with the old shadows
to commence a deep panic
your destiny will change in this cold dark night
in pleasure of torture and bleed
you will die under the funeral sky
forces of nature take your blood

6. The Mountains Cold

mountains cold
when i dwell at the mountains
frost and winters return to my eyes
under the gray sky
i feel sorrow ; feel the power of nature
a chiling wind of ice blowing
upon the mountainside i stand
my face painted by snow
this winter is forever
neverending snowfall
nocturnal path i follow lead me to
deepest dungeons from the throne of north
northern darkness walks with me
i feel sorrow
mountains cold

7. The Last Vision of Gray Horizon

at the endless way to horizon
my mind slave of pain
clouds over my head
the winter gray sky
with heartsick and sorrow
cold mine ; death feeling
I see the last vision of gray horizon
I follow this sign to horizon
to forget what i've been
to die ; to runaway
the tears in my eyes
my head is heavy but empty
everythings around me is void
from the past comes the storms
walking slowly and agonize
seeing my life that going through my eyes
my last step march to die
the last vision of gray horizon


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