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Valley Of Punishment

"Valley Of Punishment" (2006)

1. Intro
2. Tasting The Afterlife
3. Mother Of The Unborn
4. Raging Essence
5. Pathological Surgery
6. Exiled In Obscurity
7. Valley Of Punishment
8. Condemned To Genocide
9. Digesting The Rotten
10. Bodily Dismemberment
11. Outro

1. Intro

2. Tasting The Afterlife

It's a demoralizing and never ending ritual
I fucked myself to the point of no return!
Condemned to a past with no future, only fear and paranoia!
Virulent poison flowing through my veins, quenching a thirst for my own destruction
Artificial substances quickening my unnatural death
Crawling on the floor, begging for some more there's no redemption
Injection to satisfy my addiction, polluting my insides to survive
Obligation to consume
This fatal dose, the deceiving cure, euphoria entwined with the final rupture
I have lost control over the fiction in my head, sucking up every drop 'till I'm dead!
Injection to pacify my addiction, polluting my insides to survive
Reflexion of repulsion!

3. Mother Of The Unborn

Why have you put me here?
I didn't ask to be a martyr
No chance of abortion, forever cloaked with incomprehension
I am refused the right to believe that any kind of future is promised to me
Beside the one she holds for her offspring, ending up like my brothers and sisters
Another cycle, another morality, to earn a path strewed with negativity
You fucking whore!

No one to interfere, no savior in all these years
To me my fate is unbearably clear, living in a restless fear, forever damned in a psychotic dimension
Prostitution conceived my body, you fucked anyone who didn't care to give you children you can't bear
Crippled, deformed, victimized intentionally!

Filthy, unclean, sadistic negligence is offered to me
Mother of the unborn, pregnant to feed her psychotic need for immaculate blood, shedding from her fetid womb

I was not killed immediately, like all the others I've seen, mercifully mangled at birth
Never showing mercy or decency!
Only a survivor? Will myself remain there?
I became a mere mockery, I only thrive reluctantly
Intense anxiety, a buried destiny
Incapable to stand anything which reminds me of you, even now that you got what you deserved, the fright won't dissipate
You have maliciously thought fit to mark me with an intolerable and unwanted heritage
Deprived of a normal way of life, I was tortured and treated like shit
Insalubrious fornication led to this unprecedented desecration of morality

Deranged... Obscene... Bathed in.... Insanity!

4. Raging Essence

From the grave I will return, sent back to devour
Now distant from the place I've been before, longing to slaughter some more
Here to invade your domain, my rage on you I blame
A reason to take my revenge, by putting you in desolation
Confrontation with a malefic rancor, vengeance unleashing it's deadly fumes
Surrounded by the odors of non existence, you have no choice but to endure my presence

Raging Essence!

Reincarnation; forces from beyond revived me under a dreadful form
Manifestation of fury has been set free
There's no time to be sorry as I avenge the pain you inflected me with
Your failure has begun...die!
Crawl on your knees and don't try to evade me!
Determined to put an end to your story, a voracious urge to disfigure
Unwinding crisis, can you smell my wrath?
Beneath a cross you will rot
Mother fucker you will pay!

Your termination is my ultimate goal, anything my mind will conceive without respite
Procedures of intense brutalization, smashing your fucking skull, obsessive reprisals
I anticipated the moment of mutilation
It won't be long so you must write your epitaph, because tonight I'm releasing my content to see your last facial animation

5. Pathological Surgery

Awakening in a hospital because of abnormal symptoms, putrid fermentation of my infections, degradation of my organs
Bilious leprosy, there's vomit all over me, deformity of the body
Pain intensified, exacerbation, injection is the only solution

Doctors cannot find what's going on, experimentation without result
Unforeseen disease, incurable
These anomalies are unstable, senses diminution, several hallucinations

Doctors cannot find what's going, experimentation without result
They try to kill the pain with morphine, impregnated, I'm still suffering
Saturation of medication shaking my entire being...convulsions!

As I bleed on the table, sliced up with a scalpel, unbearably in pain, my own screams drive me insane
Despite all they've tried, I'm still left to die in this horrible way, rapidly in decay
I'm chocking on blood through their extraction, piece by piece removed, cutting my torso region
Cauterization forced by electric heat, skeletonized!

Slowly wasted away, succumbing to my wounds
Predicting an endless doom, agonizing on my mortal throne, they're taking me to the morgue
Disgusting mess, no success, without progress
Degenerated surface, waiting to be resurrected
No need for autopsy, in this pathological surgery!

6. Exiled In Obscurity

In this end complete, just like an abandoned beast, I'm searching for the sun, there's no way I can run
Trapped in darkness, desperated and hopeless, cursed for eternity, exiled in obscurity

Nothing to feed on, paralyzed by fear, cadavers are lying on the floor
Banned from society, no society
Condemnation, incarceration!
Now that I pay I begin to pray
Sentenced laid down on me, sinking in oblivion without reason
Events of the past are all I see

Traumatized... I cannot believe they could!
Horrified... by the clamor of silence!
Traumatized... I possess resistance no longer!
Horrified... death is near!

Inhuman punishment, unjust imprisonment, deactivated from the archives
Inhuman punishment, unjust imprisonment, non-judgement for what I've done

Rats are waiting impatiently for me to die, tim now arrived!

Seeking for flesh, gnaw my skin blood flows out!
Claws, teeth, tore open, nerves going numb!
Craving for gore, running along my intestines!
No relent of their appetite, feasting!

Asking again for indulgence, pleads of the unforgiving
Imploring a wrathful jurisdiction, wake me from this true nightmare!
Abominably submitted to an infinite damnation
Deliverance is not an option for them, release me from despair
Pathetically vulnerable, done for, soon to be disintegrated
Theirs is the only crime perpetrated, wake me from this true nightmare! Release me from despair!

7. Valley Of Punishment

Chaos, blood, disparting, led by greed, animality, hypocrisy, human chase causing reification... extermination
Welcome to our salvation, natural disaster manifesting at its finest hour
Decimating one another, leading us toward judgement day
Weapons of mass destruction gathering together, revealing their meaning, bound by the creator

Masses drawn to annihilate, led by primal instincts to dominate
Nations of wide imperium ordering abrogation, havocking life itself, scolding abolition
Onward to extinction from within, battling forces of equal minds and rights
Why this concession of acknowledgment, the rules are made we're in a dogma of dog eat dog

Following the trails of entrails, entering the vally of punishment...

Dark clouds of vanquishment spread over the fields of death, aroma of burning flesh, cleansing its sweet success
When all is dead and there's nothing left to kill, total exploitation until it all rots away
Hope you all had a lot of fun but now it's too fucking late
It is now the end to this sordid story

You're all fucking dead!

8. Condemned To Genocide

Lies, lies... All these people betrayed for their sacrifice arrayed, no compromise for them
Born in a land of murdering, where families are rising in violation
False religious beliefs masking immeasurable grief, population in decomposition
Listen to the promises of the prophet that everyone praises and respects
Pollution of the mind, everything to despise
A malediction through imprecations

Lies...lies... All these people betrayed for their sacrifice arrayed, they're all condmned to genocide
Torn flesh, crushed bones, slit throats, blood soaked, suffocated in gas chambers, pilled in the pit of gore

This environment of abolishment is putrefied, perpetual chaos and carnage
Systematic elimination of differences, through executions and massacre
Carcasses thrown out carelessly, like the trash they were brought to be
Pitiless strategy, demented warfare

The black sun sets, dusk for the damned, procreation is now forbidden
Over-exploited human wrecks, collapsing on account of exhaustion
Cultures crash in iridescent flames, the blind march towards incineration, as the conclusion of atrocities drwas near
Persecution, mindless holocaust, hateful puppeteer, pulling strings of millions
Altered behaviors, acknowledge perfidious words of a dictator perceived as god
Condemned to genocide!

9. Digesting The Rotten

Learn to die! Introduced to the realm of putrefaction, breeding lives under whips and chains
To the face of god we turn and weep, in this day of the walking dead
Risen from the ashes, educated by this bullshit, no guidance out of this masquerade, existence of the miserable we inherit, given breath to suffer of what we made
Doctrines of power keep us at bay, murdering the light of a better day
Vultures are found where rest the bones of all the peoples annihilated by the thrones
We do not live, no more hope for the sons of treason
I found hell in the gasps between life and death
Lying in the dust, whence you came to a game of sins and shame, in this world of hypocrisy, without dignity; forced to digest this rotten society
I will no longer stand and watch them pouring it down my throat
Too late for rebellion with authorities so strong?
Doomed from the start to toil and weariness and the illusion of freedom
Rejection of the oppression and all we get for it is agony!
Bound with the strenght of unity, why don't we save ourslves from slavery?
Because although we can bring them pain, survival is the only thing we have to claim
Coming to the realization of what's really going on : materialistic way of life keeps our eyes beside the truth, medias prowl and spread their lies to shut us up and keep us down, even vomiting this propaganda, we're still digesting the rotten
The end of times coming to humanity, epidemic waves of sickness growing
Our wars for wealth through butchery will burn us all alive
By the fire of a bomb or a psycho with a gun, all the deeds of life in vain, a parody soon to be forgotten

10. Bodily Dismemberment

Grotesque humans walking on earth, metamorphosis
Instinct to kill what is alive, only one thing in mind : blood!
As I walk through the shadows between me and myself, thinking of what just happened, I can't explain how it felt
Alone in this massive orgy of destruction, fighting for my life, ambushed by demons
No place for fear and nowhere to hide, these things, quenching their thirst on everything they find

Grotesque humans walking on earth, faceless and decomposed
Instinct to kill what is alive, only one thing in mind : blood!
Trying to understand this unexplained phenomenon, ambiguity dwells within the unfathomable
Every attempt to comprehend all these events miserably failed, defenses are out and whole countries are becoming fields of fatality

I... will... bring... them... down!

Bodily dismemberment, limbs are rotting everywhere
Stench of corpses swiftly propagates, under heavens full of threatening angels
Enchanted with an evil spell, by a deity loyal to malice , now possessed by the place that we call hell, they're eating flesh with an appetite without end
Fatal infestation of desensitized animals, colonizing humanity to obliterate all wisdom

Brutal insfestations rising!
Multiplying like insects, post mortem mutation, horrid sickness
Catastrophic calamity, no one is under shelter
Exhumation from their tombs to further taint our reign in red
These infernal children are taking over, declaring themselves the bearers of... disaster!

Dramatic confusion, eternal insomnia, critical state of mind, solitude day and night, cacophonic noises are spreading wildly, furious ravages, gradual decimation
Nightmares becomy my walking sight, every sense of logic gone
Desperate loss of truth we know, the unbelievable revealed
Carnivorous urges apparently ruling, gruesome horde of the worm-eaten, contagious cannibals contaminate each individual, mysteriously plagued by a ruthless virus
It's overwhelming the frontiers of my rationality
Alone in this massive orgy of destruction, fighting for my life...

Paralyzed... the reactions of the few people left, commiting suicide
A community of withered hope, one by one transformed into ravenous monsters
Infants see their mothers go mmerderously mad, die and stand back up
This is a war without limit that we cannot win, its outcome calls upon our defeat

With an axe in my hands, bodies are ripped appart
Explosions of arteries, guts on me, no regrets!
I coldly amputate their necrosed and blackened members, their decrepit bones break easily
Headless and still standing, I must hack them to pieces
Razor sharp blade decapitation, pestilential bowels hanging from the stab wounds, decayed innards, splattered tissues, flying around the sweeping blows of my tearing weapon
They are given no chance to resurge once more
Predestined to be their bane, fuck the mind playing games!
All the bastard's masks are cast aside, I no longer pity those putrid ones that were known to me
It has driven me crazy but I'm still here, always on guard
Now the last laugh belongs to me
No one to save, only revenge to fulfill
Until... the next time!

11. Outro


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