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Sons of Nihil

"Sons of Nihil" (2000)

1. Homeostasis (Intro)
2. Sights Of The Frozen Waterfall
3. The Last Glance
4. Layers Of Conscience
5. Ceremonial Burial
6. A Tear For Those Who Will Never Be
7. The Hope-Despair Cycle
8. Nature, Mother Supreme
9. Green Forest Of Gore (The Voice Of Chaos)
10. Enthropy: Towards The Nihil

1. Homeostasis (Intro)

2. Sights Of The Frozen Waterfall

A spirit besotted by ancients torments
Delusions of a depraved glacial realm
A visionnary now denies his own virtue
The frozen waterfall stagnancy is no more

« I see the storm, I feel the fears of thousands,
unconscious of their future existence
They suffered a lot under the boreal moor
Eyes closed, waiting deliverance… in vain !!! »

Guided throught their infinite innersouls
Riding the winding road strewn of snares
Forced to meet the origin of their black trend
These spiritual wrecks have sunk in the
Tumultuous eddies of the frozen waterfall

Looking at the twin moons,
The virtuous cloacked one says
« Listen to me mortal beings from the winter rain :
They will be released…
The seal is broken,
The dark flood is unavoidable !!! »
Unpredictable for all but one
Doomed hierophant without believers

Underestimated and persecuted
Forced to meet the origin of his black trend,
A visionnary now denies his own virtue

3. The Last Glance

«She climbs on the pyre, by herself
A mysterious beauty
Slender with exquisite black hairs
A look… Of sorrow and anguish...»

She is proud to be what she is
Or rather, proud not to be what they accuse her to be
By a nod she refuses to confess

While noticing me among the senseless crowd
She chooses to suffer
Instead of lying to herself
To shorten her trespass

They beg her, she denies again
By a gracious movement she puts down her arms
Keeping her eyes closed
She scrutinizes the firmament

She senses what she will join soon
Knowing that she will be united with the universe
The universe of my mind

At the third and last refusal
She looks at me for the second time
This is the last glance
It completely undresses me to my soul
A powerful light shines from it

As the pyre starts to kindle, the last glance give birth
To an infinite and instantaneous love…
As of tonight I know her since forever

I fall on my knees, bursting into tears
The unreachable devours me from the inside
Three denials and two glances will change my life…
And my death

4. Layers Of Conscience

The layers of conscience drift in time
Ordering themselves naturally
Beyond my grasp is the absolute Whole’s conscience
Like the finest sand there is
It slips between my fingers

I cannot have the chance to drink from it
If only to perceive
What my senses and my imagination
In their most keen moments
Have not the virtue of describing

One has to ride it backwards
Picking the clues that it leaves us
In the lesser levels
To finaly climb higher into ours
And attempt the childish comparison
Of considering the individual in a material scale
As the peak of the living conscience

A thought process that will nevertheless enable us
To understand that the awareness of our ignorance
Grows with the notions one acquires
And that the intellect blows in size
From one layer to another

I know that I am but a cell of an untouchable entity
And from my own layer of consciousness
I cannot feel the moods of the sum
Created by the wholeness of us all

So this whole, like me
Maybe complains about the fact
That he is but a fraction

I dream to glimpse one day this Whole absolute…

5. Ceremonial Burial

Alone in the morning ,at the earliest moment

The present the now, time of consciousness

I do not know where I am, and maybe I don’t care

I just realize that I am here to dig this frozen soil

With my very hands, naked and shivering

I am exhausted,starved and thirsty, seeking rest

I live a sacred ordeal

Mother Nature’s elements fight against me

Ice storms winds flaying my flesh

Doubts and questions slaying my mind

Nevertheless they can’t stop me

I am my own funeral cortège

Laying in my coffin vertically

The head towards the abyss

I wear mourning clothes

Crying for my ancient self

Seven feet under and above the ground

I perform my own ceremonial burial, alone

And I do it perfectly but instinctively

A nightmare bringing salvation

This dream still glitter for me

Grateful to the mystic side of me

Faithful to my dark way to be

I am sleeping

Dreaming about myself crying,

Seeing me dying

6. A Tear For Those Who Will Never Be

Mourning attacks me with its spiritual flay

And my wounds make me suffer for those

Who have never been

And who will never be

Their numbers are infinite or inexistant, as you wish

The chaos did not select them

And they are misunderstood because we are unable to imagine

To be ourself a part of nihil

There is no room for all those

Who are actually nameless

They could have been the ones you love

Let the imagination hidden in your mind breathe

And lets think about another universe

With the reality reflected in a mirror :

Some of them could have existed

Instead of our relatives and friends

Then we must ask ourself

As we are doing right now

Which unexisting entities could have replaced us

And those who will never be

Are, in this context, you and me

In the realm that is our home

If you already thought about it

Then we are the same

We lost ourself in insane paradoxical toughts

That may be harmful for our mind

I assume this consequence

And I drop a tear for those who will never be...

7. The Hope-Despair Cycle

Mixed Emotions…

As he runs through a path of misery

Pursued by remorse and despair

Dark thoughts entangle him day and night

Torn between hope and despair

Randomly cycling in his mind

Tunnel vision…

Directed by circumstances- induced emotions

That blinds him from alternative choices

He heads for ruin

«Skive off easy temptations or skid into the wall of insanity»


Your spiritual self is so hard to handle

Unable to coexist with your flesh

Your are swallowed deeper,deeper and deeper…

So close your eyes, take a deep breath

No time left to find yourself a way to be

Tell me…You really enjoy to walk on the edge of your destiny?

Ivory Tower…

Jump away from it now or never

Throughout the wormhole

Where the endless fall awaits

With a crescendo of nihilistic choirs

… piercing the silence…

That will gradually erase your mind

And permanently annihilate your suffering

You were among those who refused to live the paradox

You rather decided to leave it, as many other fragile minds

That was the easy path, you deceived me

You were charmed by the reaper’s voluptuous kiss

8. Nature, Mother Supreme

A realm of beauty filled with virgin magic

Forests upon forests of the pure and majestic

A land of white and gold, of silver and blue

Marble and carved stones, the wealth of a revered kingdom

Aside the throne, daughter of the queen

Caresses dreams of hers to be

Aside the throne, daughter of the king

Caresses the gift of immortality

The fire of lust burning in her eyes

The charm of sorcery guiding her destiny

Drinking from the fountain of the rotten woods

Bereft of light, touching nature’s black soul

Edging closer but slowly drifting away

Nature’s creatures closing on the prey

Untouched aura of countless lives

Overwhelmed, suddenly frail in nature’s hive

Feel the power of being among the beings

Feel the power of giving and dying…

A realm of beauty filled with virgin magic

Forests upon forests of the pure and majestic

A land of white and gold, of silver and blue

Marble and carved stones, the wealth of a revered kingdom

9. Green Forest Of Gore (The Voice Of Chaos)

Them… In a plane not so different than ours

They are back to the real life

A vicious circle between us, other living entities and « them »

Rotates, goes around and comes around today

Around my neck, a kind of vegetal appendix

From a mutant plant threatening my throat

By the way I will trespass in a few seconds

So I must hurry to explain what is going on here :

They form great cities and civilizations

Where there were great forests not so long ago

And innofensive vegetation

They destroy our buildings to gain territory

They pollute the air with toxic spores

We are all sick and some die early

They dismember us to create things

Ranging from insignificant tools to marvellous sculptures

They devour us and enjoy our childrens as dessert

Adsorbing corpses on their cuticles

Engulfing the souls in their core

So Nature’s way to retaliate is quite ironic

We are both swallowed through the quantic mirror…

Us on the other side, and them in ours

There is no turning back now because

The speed at which they regenerate and multiply

Makes all resistance futile

Trees of malediction, I despise you!

Green forests of gore, I curse your name

The chaos is back to balance the reigns

« Them » are its voice and its sword

I first thought that the entire occurrence was a rumor

Or an isolated incident, somewhere or nowhere

Up to their arrival near my home

I was happy and peaceful

But now I face the truth…

Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!!

10. Enthropy: Towards The Nihil

And this was then, we were pure, standing tall

So this is now, we are doomed, engulfed by it all

And this was then, evolving from nothing, we were living

So this is now, vanishing in silence, we are collapsing

A cycle is at its tail, the peaks are attained

Crumbling upon itself, all things coming to an end

Our wonderful universe is reaching finality, a fatality

Chaotic maelstroms erupting everywhere

…as if no more should be

A force so great that everything curves in its path

Swallowing entire vast systems reaching instability

Life is indeed a true miracle struggling to be

In the unshining eyes of the unavoidable Nihil

Massive stars crushing upon themselves

Burning the last remnants of a rich past

Darkness and obliveon is upon them now

Giant reapers for the void, rising the Enthropy

The straining accumulation of knowledge,

A response against a mounting pandemonium

The universe reaching consciousness,

Evolution of a complexifying chemistry

From high above the tower falls

A lost battle against ourselves

Utter chaos is here for us

Nihil will be the dreadful cost


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