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Sons of Chaos

"Sons of Chaos" (2007 EP)

1. War Cry
2. Chaos
3. World Decay
4. Journey Beyond
5. Mark Of Chaos
6. Reborn

1. War Cry

First blood taken from
The sons of our fathers
Here to fight, here to kill
On a path of destruction
Cryís sound, charging fury
This may be our end
Fear dwells inside of me
This trial must be done

Marching to our end
Locking horns with bane
As our battle strains
In hell I shall remain

Beginning of the end
Life or death remain
Our lives we live in pain
*Our lives we now regain

Defiance brings ferocity
Contempt in your beliefs
Ascend above, die below
The end will reap new sands
Cryís sound, charging fury
What lies before me now?
Dying screams of agony
Your last survivor falls

2. Chaos

3. World Decay

You see what youíve made
Father of life
You taste the fallen blood
Blinding your sight
You hear your child hate
Bringer of pain
In them resides no faith
Resistance fades

Watch the world decay
In this life betray
Heed my words that I speak to you
They cannot be saved

War breaks stand with me
For fill this prophecy
You cannot save who donít belive
You can only trust in me

Stricken down by your hand
The guilty shall fall to my demands
Feeble cries as I stand
Here in victory

You see truth in me
Kingdom of hell
Fool the almighty one
Fallen again
Confused with what you feel
Inside you choke
Join with me you will
Let go of hope

Rejected from the gates
Sent down to me
Abandoned by there lord
Destroying your seed
I hold the answers now
Suffer with shame
Now with me all will feel
Eternal pain

4. Journey Beyond

He cannot change this destiny
Of self destruction
The path thatís chose caused agony
Answers to no one

Deep within the hatred cries
For whatís become
But inside his spirit dies
The end has begun

Darkened days are finally here
Rise above the past
Bringing forth this time of fate
This life slips away
Darkness always calls my name
Darkened days are finally here
Rise above the past
Darkness always calls my name

Left ashamed for what Iíve done
God have mercy
It wont be long before Iím gone
Whatís left for me ?

I cannot change this misery
I see the path now
Cast aside your sympathy
Daylight fades out

5. Mark Of Chaos

Forced to walk a darker path
Banished from my home
I became the wonderer
In wilderness unknown

Blood was split over these hands
Revenge caused through spite
But through those times of yesterday
I found a sign of light

Now my skin is aflame
Blisters show the pain
Underneath my smouldered flesh
Shines new strength that you detest

Heightened senses have arrived
Left pathetic form behind
One of weakness in my soul
In this coven , my new home

That which embodies me
A burning fire in the sky
We posses the power of sight
Free of hatred in our eyes

Chaos marked the chosen son
Reign of chaos has begun
Our truth defines us all
Chaos burns deep in our soul

Father etched the chaotic sign
Upon the flesh and bone
To bare the mark for all time
Branded a follower
The mark of chaos

6. Reborn


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